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  1. WOuld you trade Julio for?

    I felt this on an emotional level hahaha
  2. John Ross or Tyler Boyd

    Boyd. He's a must start every week as it is imo and starting slot receivers against Pittsburgh should be easy money.
  3. I know youre not trying to convince me that Allen Robinson is better than Julio. Lol.
  4. Definitely not a lateral move at WR. This game is clearly an outlier. Yes, ARob has WR1 potential if he plays at his absolute ceiling but he and Julio aren't even in the same stratosphere in terms of talent and production overall. ARob to Julio is a massive upgrade imo, you just don't have the RB depth to make this deal. ARob will be fine this year and you need the RB depth.
  5. Should I make this trade?

    I think I did too. The trades ended up being fournette/woods/mattison for kelce/guice/Gallup.
  6. Should I make this trade?

    I’m pretty excited to see how that game goes. I’m comfortable with boyd/Westbrook as my wr2 this year so I accepted it
  7. Should I make this trade?

    So do I, and I love guice. Sounds like They’re sitting AP week 1.
  8. So I just traded fournette for kelce straight up. I’ve just been offered guice/ Gallup for woods/mattison. My my current wr is Evans, woods, Boyd, Westbrook, Allison and my rb are Barkley, Coleman, penny, brown, Royce freeman. I font like goving up woods especially in .5 ppr but I think I need the rb depth
  9. Sooo AB

    What do you guys think will happen to AB for the rest of the season if the Raiders cut him? Should I look at moving AB for a really low price in hopes someone takes him and I can get value before this gets any worse? I still have Hopkins, T.Y, Landry, Marvin Jones and Allison. I just really cant decide what to do with him lol. Side note unrelated to fantasy; this whole situation with AB sucks. He used to be one of my favourite players but he's been such an awful person over the last year. I've seen a lot of speculation that it's signs of CTE or other issues from head injures. Hopefully that isnt the case...
  10. Malcolm brown is the handcuff to have imo since he’s probably one your waivers and won’t cost anything
  11. Is this a good trade?

    Yeah, thinking about sending ertz/pettis for OJ Howard/Conner and just seeing what happens. Hopefully he’ll accept or at least like that as a starting point
  12. Is this a good trade?

    That’s true but like you said I need RB help. He’s also got Barkley, Conner, Jones. Would you move ertz if you could get Barkley or Conner back in the deal
  13. Is this a good trade?

    You’re meaning you wouldn’t offer ertz I’m guessing?
  14. Is this a good trade?

    I’d be offering ertz. And we’re allowed a 3 spot practice roster for rookies. Knox is on that, he’s not officially rostered