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  1. Trade Advice

    Agree with the fair trade comment. I think it leans your way if you really need rb depth and wr depth. But trading Barkley if you don't have another solid rb1 option could be rough. Imo Davis is cannon fodder.
  2. Trade Advice

    I dont like you trading cmc in full ppr. Try brown Ingram or just Conner? I wouldn't target cook unless you get him cheaper...Conner could still be a beast and the Steelers not planning atm for bells return.
  3. Better add: Mack or Drake?

    I was really high on drake at the beginning and let down by the dolphins decision making. But I think ros drake is still better and has a higher chance of being a featured back and gore slows down (if? May be immortal).
  4. Brees or Rivers

    Ah I know people was benching him. I dont follow Rodgers and the guy who has him in our league is like 1 and 5. My bad...but still Rivers.
  5. Brees or Rivers

    Aren't people benching rodgers?
  6. wish I played with dummies
  7. Karryon Johnson

    I like that for you.
  8. Josh Gordon for Kerryon Johnson

    I personally like Gordon Ros, and dont like Johnson much. But...I don't think you can afford to lose the RBS depth cause freeman isn't coming back.
  9. Mixon or Fournette?

    Fournette if he ever returns. That's the gamble you would be taking though.
  10. Brees or Rivers

    Rivers. Has played well even against stout defenses. Would have had a bigger game if not pulled during the Cleveland match. NO has looked better but was struggling with good defenses and Baltimore has one of the top tier secondaries atm.
  11. Where can I improve this team?

    I'd pair wentz Edelman and go for a rb1. Or wentz breida for a rib upgrade. I would definitely rather have Mixon or Michel in my flex spot.
  12. Pick up Wilson or Trubisky?

    Wilson 100 percent.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Still hasn't updated in our site for some reason. Looks like its drake.
  14. Dlavin Cook with snap county restrictions. Or Kenyan Drake against the bears.