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  1. Top Waiver PIck Up for This Week????

    I'm picking up penny. But only cause there isn't anything better. I'm pretty set on RBS and if he is used great, if not it doesn't matter.
  2. Last Second Flex Choice

    I like cooper. I'm crazy but I do.
  3. Still torn at FLEX and TE

    Ertz and Elliott
  4. What 3 to start?

    Mixon fournette chubb
  5. flex start

  6. RB Play this week

    Yeah I think Martin was well. And I would also hate myself. Nothing on the wire better?
  7. Pick 2 of these 4 to start

    Chubb Fournette. He has had a lot of rest he will be fine.
  8. David Moore over T.Y.?

    Moore is meh
  9. Doyle or Graham?

    I think you got it right
  10. Would you rather......

    Yup drop William's. I'd still keep in Cohen though.
  11. WDIS @ my flex in a PPR?

    Yeah McGuire is your best bet
  12. Dalton or Mayfield?

    Both of them will need to be throwing to win, but I would definitely play dalton over mayfield. The browns have not been great on offense.
  13. Colts or Bills DST?

    Bill's. Jags have fournette back.