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  1. WDIS-WR

    Tough Call, Its time for C-Pep to straighten up, I'd take a chance on Taylor if you have a strong enough to gamble with. Could pay off big.
  2. Holt owner didn't bite, However, Chad Johnson's owner bit for Caddilac Williams!!!!! I had to pay the $5 for the trade, but I'll gladly eat that. I'll make that back in spades when I win the Superbowl this year! Thanks for the advice fellas!
  3. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

  4. Just offered J. Jones for T. Holt, come on Fantasy gods, smile on me once.......
  5. Skrappy, that was my thought..........I'd struggle weekly on WDIS. I offered another owner S. Davis for D. Jax, see if he comes back with a counter offer.... If I could land D. Jax I would finally have a solid WR corps with Steve Smith. May cost me Caddy or Julius, but I think I can live without one of them.
  6. Local money league, standard scoring with bonus pts. awarded for Big plays. Did well drafting my RB's, but STUNK picking my WR's. Threw the following up on the block, just to see what offers came about: J. Jones S. Davis C. Williams Last RB is S. Alexander, and I don't think he is leaving my stable. here are my WR's Burleson (@#)*@#)*@#*@# why did I pick this knucklehead, I'm a packer fan!) S. Smith L. Coles R. Smith Another owner just offered me T.J. Houshmanzadeh for Stephen Davis, talk to me fellas.........pounce or hold off??
  7. In case anyone has missed it....

    Yea, he is knockin the snot out of me in one of my money leagues....... Old Fart still has it........
  8. Willie for Moss

    Hurry and make the trade before the drunk owner shakes off a hard night of drinkin............. Absolute NO-BRAINER. Do the trade.
  9. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    Beat me to it DMD, that is why you get paid the big bucks.........
  10. what do you need on MNF?

    I need devine intervention: Down by 12, he has Joe Horn and Dallas Def. I still have J. Jones. So, I need Horn to miss the bus, Brunell to beat McNabb's week 2 totals, And JJ to run for, lets say, 300 yds, 4 TD's. Yea, that will be good! He did it for me 2 times last year, C-mon JJ! do it again!
  11. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    I'll go 28-24, Dallas with a 4 Q run from J. Jones to take the victory. That and I need 4 friggin TD's from JJ to win my #$(*@#*@ game.
  12. Texans Fire Offensive Coordinator

    I couldn't agree more, then they promote the OL coach to fill the vacancy, seems that they are replacing the scape-goat with a guy that couldn't get the job done. OL has given up 13 Sacks in 2 games.
  13. ESPN is reporting. he will surely be missed..............
  14. Cbssportsline Records option

    Saw that....... It was actually a pretty nice addition, especially since we have been using the site for 5 years now. If we could only get them to upgrade the draft room.................................