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  1. We keep 3 players from our roster to next year. Who do I keep out of this bunch? R. Wilson D. Hopkins C. Ridley D. Pettis K. Coutee W. Fuller L. Fournette C. Carson S. Ware G. Kittle I guess I'll have to wait and see that happens with Fournette. He is been a headache to own, maybe I can trade him at the draft. Hopkins is obvious. What so you all think?
  2. unless Conner comes back and plays, I have the choice of Marlon Mack or Tevin Coleman. Standard league, who do I plug in?
  3. Can only play one of them. Who should start and who should sit this week?
  4. Fournette didn’t help me out here. Who would you start this Sunday? Blount in a great matchup or Ware in a bad one? Standard league
  5. Pick 2 RBs

    Standard league, Blount, Ware or Carson. One needs to sit
  6. I have Conner but I have a stacked team. (Sacrificed picks next year). I have fournette, ware, Mack and Coleman. Should I drop Coleman, who has been terrible, and pick up Samuels who has a great match up this week? I could also drop Corey Davis (loaded at wr too). Or stick with what I got?
  7. One of them needs to sit. Who do you like this week?
  8. Should I trade away James Connor and get Zek Elliot? With Bell returning possibly it could be a committee
  9. Chris Carson or Mike Davis

    I’m in the same dilemma. I’m waiting to see. If Carson doesn’t get a full practice in I think I’m starting Davis
  10. I was offered A. Jones for C. Ridley. Should I accept? It’s a standard keeper league. I’m 4-5 right now and my rbs are Collins, fournette, Richard, Carson and Davis. WR are Hopkins, Coutee, Ridley, Kirk, Harris and Fuller on IR.
  11. Who do you like this week? One of them needs to be on my bench
  12. I am in a 14 team standard keeper league and we keep 3 players from our rosters this year to next season. I am 3-5 right now and I have a guy at the top that wants Nuk. I could probably get a decent keeper and a 1st round pick for him. These are our teams MINE HIS R. Wilson Ryan Hopkins, Coutee, Ridley, Allison, Kirk Gordon, Lockett, Valdes-Scantiling, Beasley, Beckham, Fournette, Collins, Carson, J. Richard, Yeldon Lindsay, Michel, White, Hyde, Hines, McKinnon Kittle Gronk He has offered me his 4th round pick (so a 1st rounder as the fist 3 rounds go to our keepers), Gronk or Gordon and McKinnon for Hopkins. What do you think? Either my keepers are Nuk, Fournette and someone, OR Gronk/Gordon, Fournette and McKinnon and 2 first round picks next year. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any replies
  13. RB ROS

    I would keep Mixon. There is no guarantee Fournette plays after the bye and is an obvious high risk to get hurt