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  1. Which QB?

    J. Winston or R. Wilson? Who do you guys like tomorrow?
  2. I know its been talked about already. But what is everyone doing with James Connor? Should I hold him and hope for the best or should I try and trade him for maybe a McCoy or someone under performing? Gathering thoughts
  3. I am working a guy for a trade. Fournette and E. Sanders for Thompson and Graham. I have Olsen on the bench but he is hard to trust to stay healthy What do you all think? Its a standard league My team right now is T. Brady D.Hopkins A. Cooper C. Davis J. Connor D. Freeman J. Graham C. Thompson T. Cohen G. Olsen G. Allison M. Crabtree M. Mack
  4. A guy in my league really wants Chris Thompson. I could probably get Fournette off of him but who knows how long he will be out again. Would you guys do that trade? It’s a standard league and my other rb’s are Freeman, Connor, Cohen, and Mack
  5. I get L. Fournette and J. Crowder and he gets D. Hopkins and D. Freeman The rest of my WR's are A. Cooper C. Davis M. Crabtree G. Allison My other RB's are J. Connor C. Thompson T. Cohen M. Mack What do you guys think?
  6. Will Bell holding out for who knows how long, what do you all think of the RB's on the Steelers? I know Connor will get the first shot, but we don't know how he will perform. Jaylen Samuels and Stevan Ridley are next on the depth chart. Any chance one of them could take over the job?
  7. Someone dropped Matt Breida

    Yes pick him up
  8. Green Bay Packers WR3???

    I read that he is currently hurt. I was looking at Geronimo Allison actually. I think he could make some noise
  9. I drafted Cordarrelle Patterson with my last pick. But I am now looking at Geronimo Allison, Ryan Grant, and Tre'Quan Smith. I think Allison could have a good year. Who do you guys like best? I'm in a standard league
  10. Not Impressed...

    Yeah RB's were flying off the hop. I was left with Freeman by pick 2. Maybe freeman and Crabtree for Fournette and one of his lesser recievers
  11. Just drafted in a 12 team, standard league. I had the 8th pick in a snake draft. Here is what I picked out of the pile QB - Tom Brady WR - DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Cory Davis, Michael Crabtree, Cordarrelle Patterson RB - Devonta Freeman, Rex Burkhead, Tarik Cohen, Marlon Mack, Chris Thimpson, James Connor TE - Jimmy Graham K - Harrison Butker DEF - LAR What do you think. I'm trying to work a trade for Fournette, but the guy is asking for a lot.
  12. Keep 3

    Good to have football back. I am in a 14 team standard league and I need to keep 3. QB - Phillip Rivers WR - DeAndre Hopkins, Mohamed Sanu, Michael Crabtree, Kelvin Benjamin RB - Alex Collins, Leonard Fournette, Jamaal Williams, Jerick McKinnon, Chris Carson TE - Greg Olsen, Evan Engram Fournette an Hopkins are easy. Seeking advice on the 3rd
  13. I hope every one had a fun fantasy football season. And for those who didn't, better luck next year. I am in a standard keeper league and I need to keep 3 players for next season. Hopkins and Fournette are the obvious ones but I am looking for opinions on the 3rd. Thanks in advance