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  1. I hope every one had a fun fantasy football season. And for those who didn't, better luck next year. I am in a standard keeper league and I need to keep 3 players for next season. Hopkins and Fournette are the obvious ones but I am looking for opinions on the 3rd. Thanks in advance
  2. Pick a QB

    Rivers is on a bye so I need a QB this week. The top options would be.. Bortles Manning Kaepernick Smith Carr.
  3. Oh I know its not great. But its what I got
  4. Who do you think I should put in for this week? Rawls might be eased into action, Hightower has a low ceiling. Thanks in advance
  5. My top choices are Eli Manning or Derek Carr.
  6. This might be dumb to ask, but I will ask it anyway. I am up 8.86 points on my opponent going into tonight and he has Lockett playing. I have an empty WR spot because of the bye, but I could drop Gillislee to fill it. I have a feeling McCoy could get hurt again tonight, but I could use the 5 to 8 extra points I could get adding a WR. What are my chances of winning with the empty spot. I know I worry too much but, yeah..
  7. Empty spot..

    I am over thinking it for sure.. the other top WR available are J. Kerley, A. Boldin, S. Shepard, K. Wright, Phillip Dorsett. Not good options I know
  8. Empty spot..

    I was thinking that.. But its a deep league and someone will probably get him. I might risk it anyway
  9. Empty spot..

    Yeah, if Forte gets hurt this weekend I wont be able to get him back. As long as a have Powell, Forte wont get hurt. And if I drop him, boom will go the dynamite
  10. Empty spot..

    No I only have GB defence. I would have an empty defensive spot if I grabbed a WR
  11. Empty spot..

    I need a WR for the bye week. The problem is I don't really want to drop anyone to get him. I have Gillislee (I dont want to drop him incase McCoy has another setback or gets hurt again, Powell (I have Forte so he is my insurance), and J. Rodgers. I am considering dropping my Green Bay D and picking up a WR. Either Brian Quick or D Heyward-bey. Any thoughts?
  12. RB mess

    Harris and Hightower. Hyde hasn't has any contact on his shoulder all week and doesn't look good to play
  13. Pick 2 RBs

    Any news on McCoy?