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  1. I hope every one had a fun fantasy football season. And for those who didn't, better luck next year. I am in a standard keeper league and I need to keep 3 players for next season. Hopkins and Fournette are the obvious ones but I am looking for opinions on the 3rd. Thanks in advance
  2. Pick a QB

    Rivers is on a bye so I need a QB this week. The top options would be.. Bortles Manning Kaepernick Smith Carr.
  3. Who do you think I should put in for this week? Rawls might be eased into action, Hightower has a low ceiling. Thanks in advance
  4. Oh I know its not great. But its what I got
  5. My top choices are Eli Manning or Derek Carr.
  6. This might be dumb to ask, but I will ask it anyway. I am up 8.86 points on my opponent going into tonight and he has Lockett playing. I have an empty WR spot because of the bye, but I could drop Gillislee to fill it. I have a feeling McCoy could get hurt again tonight, but I could use the 5 to 8 extra points I could get adding a WR. What are my chances of winning with the empty spot. I know I worry too much but, yeah..
  7. Empty spot..

    I need a WR for the bye week. The problem is I don't really want to drop anyone to get him. I have Gillislee (I dont want to drop him incase McCoy has another setback or gets hurt again, Powell (I have Forte so he is my insurance), and J. Rodgers. I am considering dropping my Green Bay D and picking up a WR. Either Brian Quick or D Heyward-bey. Any thoughts?
  8. Empty spot..

    I am over thinking it for sure.. the other top WR available are J. Kerley, A. Boldin, S. Shepard, K. Wright, Phillip Dorsett. Not good options I know
  9. Empty spot..

    I was thinking that.. But its a deep league and someone will probably get him. I might risk it anyway
  10. Empty spot..

    Yeah, if Forte gets hurt this weekend I wont be able to get him back. As long as a have Powell, Forte wont get hurt. And if I drop him, boom will go the dynamite
  11. Empty spot..

    No I only have GB defence. I would have an empty defensive spot if I grabbed a WR
  12. RB mess

    Harris and Hightower. Hyde hasn't has any contact on his shoulder all week and doesn't look good to play
  13. Pick 2 RBs

    Bilal Powell Peyton Barber Mike Gillislee Tim Hightower
  14. Pick 2 RBs

    Any news on McCoy?
  15. He is offering Mike Gillislee and Tim Hightower for James Starks. I know Starks is hurt but he figures to be the main man maybe next week. The other who will be in a committee at best. What do you guys think?
  16. Just offered a trade

    I Would have to drop Jacquizz Rodgers or Don Jackson, so big loss there.
  17. Next Year..

    I'm a very outside shot to make the playoffs this year, so I am looking to the future. The guy in first is looking for a RB and he is asking me if I want to get rid of Forte. We would swap pics for next year and we also keep 3 guys from our current roster. He has Ameer Abdullah stashed on his IR and he would trade him. My question, is Abdullah worth keeping for next year? Is he better than Forte? Its a deep league and quality RBs are hard to find Thanks in advance
  18. Next Year..

    We have 3 keepers, so the first 3 rounds go to them so he is offering his 6th round pick and he would get my last (14) round pick. He also has CJ Anderson who I don't see as a keeper either
  19. Trade advice

    Looking at Matt Forte and Greg Olsen for Lamar Miller and Kyle Rudolph. Who wins the trade?
  20. Phillip Rivers against Denver or Carson Wentz against Dallas?
  21. James Starks

    Do you think he will be the main RB when he returns in a couple of weeks?
  22. Who to start

    My RBs are decimated with injuries. I have to choose between Dwayne Washington and I just picked up Don Jackson for this week. Who should I put in?