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  1. I think my roster is pretty set except for my flex. It is PPR. Thankful my opponent left Ingram and Andrews on his bench last night. I’m deer hunting this weekend so better ask now, thoughts on my lineup?
  2. I’m thinking Higbee but what are your thoughts?
  3. Who has the advantage?

    Well I’m down 10 so hopefully I can get a touchdown out of Jeffrey
  4. Who has the advantage?

    Right now I’m up 2.4 points but he still has Waller going
  5. If I can keep this close within 5 points or so. who has the advantage. I have Jeffrey to go tomorrow night, he has Carson going tonight?
  6. WR help PPR

    John Brown vs Bal Tyler Boyd @ CLE
  7. Pleas help choose a WR to start

  8. Hyde vs NE or Freeman vs NO
  9. WR help PPR

    So it’s a tough week for my wideouts. need 3 Hopkins vs NE Gallup vs Buf John Brown @ Dal Boyd vs NYJ Tate vs GB I usually don’t put questions with that many options but the top three I have listed all have tough matchups and Gallup and Brown play today Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. WR Help

    PPR also
  11. WR Help

    Need 2 Gallup @ NE Tate III @ CHI John Brown vs Den
  12. Trade help

    Would you trade Devonta Freeman for Prescott. I have Wentz 1 he sucks and 2 he’s on a bye.
  13. Kicker bye week

    So I have Zuerlein on a bye. The only 2 I’d drop would be Graham who I have in or Herndon. Carolinas kicker Slye is available and has pretty good numbers. Should I just drop Zuerlein. I’ll probably lose him but Slye has pretty good numbers.
  14. WR help PPR

    John Brown vs Wsh or Golden Tate vs Dal