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  1. Won my first championship!

  2. Manny Sanders or Shepard?

    I am also starting Kittle. Would that affect your decision at all? Now that the season is coming to an end I want to thank you Montana is da Man. I’m pretty sure you have posted on every question I have asked this year. Thanks for taking the time out to give your input to so many.
  3. Going nuts trying to make a decision. Also have Deebo and Tate. Please help.
  4. Was going to flex Boone but it’s risky now without Mattison ruled out. I could flex Singletary instead or: Shepard Tate Deebo Manny Sanders Pascal Higbee. Ill also be plugging one of those WR in as my WR3 so if I flex a WR I also have to have a second WR option
  5. Which WR?

  6. Which WR?

    Need help figuring out who to play as my third WR. PPR. Have DeAndre and Julio as my other WRs. Sterling Shepard Golden Tate Emmanuel Sanders Deebo Samuel Zach Pascal Thanks!
  7. Dak or Cousins?

    Leaning Cousins playing at home indoors this week. Only caveat is that my opponent in this round of the playoffs is playing Amari Cooper. Would playing Dak help neutralize Cooper in the sense that if Cooper goes nuts Dak will also likely have had a good game?
  8. Darnold or Jameis?

    Have Jameis in right now but there’s 20mph winds in Jacksonville
  9. Need WR help

    I also have Sanders and Deebo and don’t know what I’m doing. I would definitely NOT play Golladay. Baltimore’s secondary is nasty and Sanders seems to maybe still be a little sore. I would watch the injury reports very closely this week. Right now I would lean Deebo.
  10. Jameis over Dak?

    Right now have Jameis starting with Dak on bench. I’ve clinched playoffs but a good win this week would get me the bye. Leaning on the ceiling of Jameis in a better matchup. What are your thoughts? Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Jameis or Darnold

  12. Jameis or Darnold

    Going to sit Dak again this week. Picked up Jameis and Darnold. Leaning Darnold against the Bengals.
  13. Tate or McLaurin. I feel I need floor more than ceiling this week.
  14. Darnold over Dak?

    I’m in NJ and the weather is pretty bad here right now also. Just started raining harder. Thinking I might play Driskel at this point.