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  1. Trying to pull off a trade

    Go for it. May not get accepted but I send tons of trade offers out and often have offers accepted that I wasn't sure would be. The Kamara owner is no doubt worried about this weekend and probably values Murray very highly as he often approaches RB1 numbers when he is the primary back. Send it off and good luck. Sell the fact that high ankle sprains are often multiple week injuries to the Kamara owner.
  2. He countered with this.

    I like the idea of trading away Ekeler and McLaurin but would not be targeting either Juju or Gurley. Not sure if they are true buy lows or if they are going to continue to struggle this year. Maybe package Ekeler and McLaurin for 1 stud instead of 2 players but if you go for 2 I would go for safer bets.
  3. Trade my DJ Chark for OBJ

    I would also hold Chark right now but as you now know the OBJ owner is selling I would try to pry him away for less in a 2 for 1 where you get OBJ but keep Chark.
  4. Chubb Trade Advice

    I like it for you
  5. Right now have Conner in but thinking about putting Josh Gordon in against Giants D. My lineup this week: Dak Chubb, Carson Deandre, Boyd, Chark Kittle Conner OR Gordon Thanks
  6. Dak for Ryan?

    I would be giving Dak and Henry and receiving Matt Ryan
  7. Great deal for you in my opinion. Not sure why that other dude is paying up so much for Gurley
  8. I would definitely take Carson and Chark for Gurley
  9. Should I do this trade??

    I’m not so sure about Boyd for Williams straight up. I’m staying away from the Chief’s backfield and Boyd should continue to see a ton of targets. What other RB does he have?
  10. Dak for Ryan?

    Picked up Hunter Henry as a FA and been trying to trade him today (I have Kittle and Herndon). One guy countered one of my offers with Matt Ryan for Dak and Hunter Henry. This sort of seems like trading for the sake of trading and I’ll admit I’m addicted to trading. Is Ryan enough of an upgrade or should I stay put and drop Herndon and sit on Henry to back up Kittle?
  11. Who would you offer?

    Not sure a 1 for 1 would benefit him because he has absolutely no depth. Which Robinson does he have? Im assuming Demarcus. Try to make a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 and see if he bites. Maybe Freeman/Howard (probably an extreme long shot for him to take this) or Freeman/Howard/Gordon and possibly get back someone with upside like Tate that underperformed. So that would look like Freeman/Howard/Gordon for Zeke/Tate. If I were in his position I would be looking to trade Zeke for multiple players I could start so I would take that approach with him and you wouldn't have to give up OBJ (assuming he eventually has value).
  12. Buy low on Mixon?

    10 team.
  13. Buy low on Mixon?

    Guy offered me Mixon for Carson a few days ago which I declined immediately. He has Russel Wilson and Wentz. I have Dak and Winston. Thinking of countering with Carson for Mixon and Wilson. Mixon seems to have a better upcoming schedule than Carson. Thoughts?
  14. Fair trade and would you do it

    I definitely don’t like it for you. I feel like trading for Gordon/Ekeler is like trading for 1 player because I’m assuming you wouldn’t play them at the same time at any point. Next year they could both be RB1’s on different teams but like it was said above you would definitely be giving up on this year
  15. Have been looking to upgrade at WR. Was offered Mike Evans for James Conner and Josh Gordon. I kind of like it but am worried Gordon will start exploding. Should I take it?