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  1. Cam or Jameis?

    Have Cam now but Jameis is available on the wire.
  2. RB Help

    I would bench Fournette also. The bottom line is that those are 4 STUDS. Fournette will always be an injury risk in my mind. I imagine tonight’s game will be low scoring also which is why I would start the other 3 guys. Whatever you decide you will be in very good shape at RB.
  3. WR Help

    I would also go Fitz
  4. Which 2 WRs to start?

    Lost Sanders. Have to pick 2 of the following. Full point PPR. Allen Robinson Boyd Josh Reynolds Curtis Samuel Dante Pettis Thanks in advance. Will happily respond to your posts.
  5. Reynolds over Boyd?

    Would you start Josh Reynolds over Boyd this week? Full point PPR.
  6. Drop someone for Ware?

    Yes quickly
  7. Smith or McGuire? What say you?
  8. Trade Help

    Where did you hear Slay was out? That changes things a bit for sure. I know I’m downgrading at WR and tight end but I feel that Mixon is a huge upgrade from Carson and solidifies my RBs. I would then have Julio, Sanders and Boyd as my WR with DJ and Mixon as my RBs.
  9. Trade Help

    I’m in 7th place at 4-5 and need WR help this week. I’m thinking of proposing: Send: Thielen, Kelce, Carson Receive: Julio, Mixon, Kittle My team RB: DJ, Mack, Kerryon, Carson, Ito Smith, Elijah WR: Thielen, Emmanuel Sanders, Boyd, Allen Robinson, Maurice Harris, Trequan Smith For this week I am starting Boyd, Harris and Smith at WR which is why I feel like I need to make a deal. I think this deal would help me this week and be prettt even for the rest of the week. What do you guys think?
  10. Got offered AJ for Mack

    Montana you’re always there when I need advice. Thanks.
  11. Got offered AJ Green for Mack just now. Was going to start Mack this week and would have to start Kerryon, Carson, Ito Smith or McGuire in his place. Other RB I’m starting is David Johnson. Seems like an awesome deal but I’m worried AJ might be out longer than expected. I’m also in 7th place and not in a great position to stash guys. He would also throw in Mike Davis which would help me as I have Carson.
  12. Cooks for Ingram??? PPR

    The fantasypros site and app have a nice tool. You can import multiple teams and leagues and it has nice waiver and trade tools. I payed for a premium subscription so I am not sure what is available for free. The subscription is well worth it in my opinion.
  13. Cooks for Ingram??? PPR
  14. Cooks for Ingram??? PPR

    I would want a lot more for Cooks. CBS fantasy sports website has a trade value chart which compares players values and although it is based on somewhat arbitrary opinions, Ingram and Cooks’ values aren’t close.
  15. Sell high on Mack or hold?

    Thanks for the input! I posted the offer. I also am not too optimistic he takes it. Is the overall feeling that I should try to trade Mack if I can? Between injuries and schedule I feel like I should but I wish I was a little stronger at RB.