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  1. I have Crowell plugged in right now but I’m a little worried about his ankle. Callaway should have more opportunity with Higgins out. What say you?
  2. Conner for Ingram?

  3. Trade proposal

    Nope. Lamar Miller is horrible. I traded for him last season and he gave me like 8-10 points every week. He spent a majority of his time with me on my bench. That’s a horrible offer for you.
  4. Ingram&Cook for Barkley

    Cook's health is a huge issue and Ingram's production is still not known (although he's probably at worst an RB2). Ending up with Barkley/Gordon as your RB in a 12 team league and having your WR group (very solid overall lineup for a 12 team league) would put you in an awesome spot. If I'm the Barkley owner though I'm not taking that deal.
  5. McCaffery Trade

    What about McCaffery for Ingram and Hopkins?
  6. McCaffery Trade

    10 team PPR. A guy in my league wants McCaffery. I’m thinking of asking for Ingram/Kelce or Ingram/Cooks I have: Brees David Johnson, McCaffery, Royce Freeman, Carson, Eckeler, Chubb Thielen, Boyd, Funchess, Allison, Mike Williams, Keke, Engram, Vance McDonald Should I pull the trigger on either of these?
  7. Help me trade AWAY Gurley

    What if I add another piece and also ask for Davante. Like Gurley, Tate for DJ, Michel and Adams?
  8. 12 team PPR. I'm very thin at RB with Gurley, Carson, Crowell, Penny. I'm looking to trade Gurley for at least 2 startable RBs. Its a deep league and the waiver wire has no RB talent. The team most willing to make a deal with me has the following players I would consider in a deal: RB: Jordan Howard, David Johnson, Sony Michel, Kerryon Johnson WR: Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson, Demariyus Thomas TE: Jared Cook My WRs are: Thielen, Tate, Cooper, Callaway, Ryan Grant, Mike Williams Can anyone think of a deal involving me sending Gurley (by himself or in a package) that would make me better. I have tried several different proposals with other teams where I send an WR for RB help and no one is biting.
  9. Offer for Ingram

    I want to try to trade for Mark Ingram by offering a combo of 2 or 3 of the following: Chris Carson, Royce Freeman, Austin Eckeler, Geronimo, Funchess My RBs: CMC, DJ, Carson, Royce Freeman, Ekeler, Chubb My WRs: Thielen, Funchess, Boyd, Mike Williams, Allison, Keke, What would be a reasonable offer to make? The other guy is 0-4 and can use help at both RB and WR
  10. Gurley Trade

    Ok. I didn't have a great feeling about that one. What about Gurley for Sony Michel/Jordan Howard/Kerryon Johnson. The spectrum of how that deal could go ranges from super horrible to pretty good so I'm a little hesitant on that one also. The guy who has been engaging in talks with me has those guys.
  11. Best Waiver Add

    That is such a sweet waiver wire. I'm trying to trade for half of those guys. I would take Sony Michel and Kerryon Johnson but it depends on your needs. What does your team look like?
  12. Worth using top WW add?

    How many teams in your league? What is your record? #1 is a big deal and you probably won't get to it again this season. You'll have Fuller and Coutee competing for points for you. If your waiver wire is deep I wouldn't spend my #1 pick.
  13. Kamara for Barkley/Julio

    I hear you. I would have trouble parting with Kamara but if I were in your shoes I think I'm pulling the trigger. I dropped Chris Hogan this week which makes me furious because I spent an early draft pick on him. I don't see Luck being consistent. I have Royce Freeman on a couple of teams and he looked really good on MNF. If Lindsey gets hurt, Freeman is a slam dunk RB2 with possible RB1 upside (maybe). I would pull the trigger.
  14. What is your record? Getting TY and Cook could be a huge win for you if they both got/stayed health. If both end up as inconsistent headaches, you'll kick yourself. If you are in a good place record wise, the deal makes sense. If you are already struggling and can't afford to wait around for these guys to contribute I would be a little hesitant.
  15. Kamara for Barkley/Julio

    Kamara is a beast and will be for the whole season but getting Barkley and Julio is a pretty good return. I would make that deal. Are you sure the other team wants to make that deal?