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  1. Champ round A. Brown question

    You too bud!
  2. Champ round A. Brown question

    More true words never spoken thanks again for the replies.
  3. Champ round A. Brown question

    Was afraid of that ... any thoughts on K. Allen and that whole debacle?? Thanks for the response too.
  4. As title states, I'm in the 2nd week of our championship round in a 10 team ppr league with the following team: QB: Foles RB: Mixon, J. Richard WR: A. Brown, K. Allen, R. Woods TE: C. Herndon D: Saints K: H. Butker Bench: Kamara, Ingram, L. McCoy, J. Nelson, D. Hamilton I am up by 13 points but with the possibility of Antonio not playing I had planned to sub in Jordy; thoughts on Jordy or Hamilton if no AB? Also what is the trust lvl of the Chargers and K. Allen this game; should i look to sub him out as well? Thankx in advance!
  5. Trade for OBJ?

    Have the opportunity to possibly pick up OBJ and Sony and send Kamara and Shepard, thoughts on this trade? Thanks in advance! 10 Team PPR currently 4-2 QB: Brees, Goff RB: Kamara, Ingram, L. Miller, Powell, Conner WR: K. Allen, J. Landry, E. Sanders, S. Shepard, J. Kearse TE: Kelce, Burton
  6. Play Kamara and Ingram ROS?

    Thanks for the reply folks; just wanted to get a bit of reassurance of what i was feeling.
  7. So I've been riding the Conner train thus far and sitting at 4-1; Bell looks to return week 8 so that ship most likely will have sailed. I drafted both Kamara and Ingram, once back from bye what are the thoughts of just rolling both of them out as my 2 rbs, assuming Conner takes a back seat? Thanks in advance! 10 team PPR QB: Brees, Goff RB: Kamara, Conner, L. Miller, Ingram, R. Freeman WR: K. Allen, J. Landry, E. Sanders, Q. Enunwa, S. Shepard TE: Kelce, Burton Def: Panthers K: Gould
  8. K. Allen question

    With K. Allen being banged up, would it be a good move to sub him out for S. Shepard being in a great match up and no E. Engram? Thanks in advance! 10 Team PPR Brees Kamara, Conner, L. Miller, Ekeler, M. Ingram K. Allen, J. Landry, E. Sanders, S. Shepard, K. Cole, Q. Enunwa Kelce, T. Burton Browns DST R. Gould
  9. WR/Flex Help

    Thanks for the reassurance
  10. Lockett or Cooks or Fuller V - no PPR

    Agree with Montana actually even though you'll have both WR eggs in Houstons' basket.
  11. WR/Flex Help

    Maybe i'm over thinking this but I'd like some outside thoughts: In a 1pt ppr league and I have K. Allen, E. Sanders, K. Cole for my WR's (played J. Landry on Thurs.) and L. Miller as RB for lineup consideration. 1 WR spot left and 1 Flex spot left; question is with L. Fornette likely NOT playing, would K. Cole be a possible sub for K. Allen (going against Rams) or L. Miller in the flex: Thanks in advance
  12. Must win to get into playoffs!

    Thanks for the input! Man i just don't know oh and i forgot to mention i have to win by 13 points to overtake in overall points to get in; don't know if that changes things. Here is my opponents team: QB: Carr, Newton RB: Shady, M. Ingram WR: A. Brown, Watkins TE: T. Kroft Flex: J. Rodgers K: Zuerlein D: Bears Thanks again for input!
  13. As stated in the title I need to win my matchup this week to get in, it would also knock my opponent out of the playoffs (friendly work rivalry). Current Lineup: 12 Team Standard QB: Goff RB: Kamara, Burkhead WR: Baldwin, R. Anderson TE: Kelce Flex: ??? K: Boswell Def: Saints or Lions Bench: A. Smith, T. Coleman, O. Darkwa J. Ajayi, T. Ginn, C. Davis, C. Coleman So Huddlers help me put down my enemy and head into the playoffs; who should I flex??? Was leaning on C. Davis (although he burned me last week, started him instead of Anderson!!!) he gets the Texans good matchup. Freeman is back and Geno is starting makes me nervous for T. Coleman and O. Darkwa
  14. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!
  15. So I have the Lions and Saints D. Should I play either of those this week or pick up the Chiefs off the WW, and which of or use all 3 for the playoffs (still fighting to get in but not its not out of the question) Thanks in advance. Happy Turkey Day!!!