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  1. Waiver order help!

    Okay guys. I'm in a must win situation, and I need help with Waiver order. I need a QB to stream, and the only active RBS that I have this week are Aaron Jones, James Conner, and Jamaal Williams. I'm going after Mayfield, Darnold, and Driskel in that order. So, I need help with the following: 1. Jaylen Samuels is the way to go over Bo Scarbrough, right? I need him in case Conner doesn't play, cause that would be the better choice, right? 2. Do I go for RB or QB first off waivers? If I go for Samuel, and Mayfield gets snagged, I still got Darold that I can pick up. But if I go after Mayfield first, and someone snags Samuels, the only serviceable RBs that I will have left to choose from if Conner doesn't play will be Scarbrough and maybe Jordan Williams. Who do I go after First? Mayfield or Samuels? Thanks guys!
  2. I need a streaming QB, and this week determines whether I go to the playoffs. I need to pick a QB. Driskel, Mayfield, or Darnold? Tannehill is there too, but these three feel like they have more upside. Thoughts?? Thanks guys! Good luck!
  3. Gurley for Jacobs?

    Yeah he does!
  4. Gurley for Jacobs?

    I don’t think they’ll go for it, but I think I’m going to offer Gurley for Jacobs. That’s definitely an upgrade, right?
  5. 10 team PPR. Need one to start. Thanks guys!!
  6. Okay guys, I only have one receiver (Julio) not on bye this week. I need a receiver, and I think I have to drop Cooks for DeVante Parker. Is that crazy?? My only other choice would be to drop the Rams D/ST, cause I have Saints D/ST also. I know it seems excessive to have two defenses, but that means I probably won't have to stream ROS with both, and it sounds like it could be weeks before Cooks plays again. Is this the right move?? Let me know what you think!
  7. Adams or Ekeler??

    Davante Adams or Ekeler at flex?? Is Adams gonna be on a snap count?? Need help here guys!! Thabks!!
  8. Trade Wentz for Cousins?

    @Montana is da Man @League_Champion you guys got any thoughts on this? You both usually give me very solid advice.
  9. Got offered Cousins for Wentz. Thoughts? I do really need an upgrade at QB. Thanks Irish!
  10. Got offered that trade this week. Thoughts?
  11. Last minute flex help??

    Thanks guys!! Sounds like Lindsay is unanimous!!
  12. Lindsay or Jeffery this week??
  13. Hey Irish! I need some streaming help for Andrews' bye week. Hock (vs. Giants), Rudolph (vs. Wash), or Vance McDonald (vs. Miami)? PPR. Thanks!!