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  1. I asked about the flex position earlier, but that got me thinking about the rest of my lineup. So here’s my question. Pick three, Diggs, Edelman, Keenan Allen, Damien Williams, Evans. Are they gonna use Allen as a decoy tonight? Everyone is saying they might! I was thinking Diggs Edelman and Williams. But I’d hate to miss out on Allen’s points! Thoughts?! Thanks guys!! Good luck!! Will help in return! @Montana is da Man @Tasandmnm @League_Champion @irish
  2. Lineup Help! Championship!!

    Thanks buddy! You too!!
  3. Tough call. I’d say Allen or Anderson for sure. If it helps you, I’m starting Allen for a championship too, and just trusting that the usage will be there. So I guess that’s what I’d recommend too. Anderson is on fire though, so I don’t think you can go wrong with him if you don’t trust Allen. Good luck!!
  4. Okay fellas, this one is for all the marbles, and I got to decide who to flex in both leagues! First league is a 10 person PPR, I gotta decide if I want to start Edelman, Evans, DJ (vs Rams-eesh not feeling that) or Damien Williams at flex. Second league is a 12 person PPR, I gotta decide if I want to start Jamaal Williams or Damien Williams at flex. Happy to help in return!! Thanks guys! Good luck this week!! @Montana is da Man @League_Champion @Lunderstorm @irish
  5. QB Help!!

    Thank man!! That’s what I’m thinking too!!
  6. QB Help!!

    Anyone else? @Montana is da Man @League_Champion @irish
  7. QB Help!!

    I really need the help this week guys!! The below is a combo of guys I have, and people on the wire. League 1 - Cousins, Winston, Keenum, Darnold, or Carr?? League 2 - Goff, Winston, Josh Allen, Keenum, Darnold, or Carr?? I REALLY need advice here!! In both championship games!! I am happy to help in return, just leave me a link! Thanks and good luck!!
  8. Flex Help

    @Montana is da Man you got any thoughts, buddy?
  9. Flex Help

    PPR, Landry or Ingram at flex? Also PPR, Edelman, Evans, or Lamar Miller at flex? Thanks guys!! Good luck this week!!
  10. RB/Flex help

    If Gordon sits, should I start Damien Williams over Wilson Jr, Gus Edwards, and Ingram at RB? If Gordon plays, should I start Williams over the above three plus Landry and Curtis Samuel at Flex?? Looking like Gordon’s not gonna play, so I likely just need to know if I should start Williams at RB over the other three RBs. My gut feeling is yes. Thoughts?? Thanks guys!! Good luck this week!!
  11. Flex and RB!

    12 team PPR First, Goff or Winston at QB? Second, need to pick one RB and a Flex from these choices: Landry, Gus Edwards, Ingram, Courtland Sutton, and Wilson Jr. Thanks guys!! Good luck this week!!
  12. Lineup help in the playoffs!

    Anyone else?? @Montana is da Man @League_Champion @starkers @Deez Nuts
  13. Okay guys, I really need some help. 12 team PPR. If Gordon comes back, I’m starting him and Chubb with Edwards at flex. If he doesn’t, I’m not sure what to do!! Is this the week Ingram bounces back?? Or is Landry a safer bet now?? Or do I trust the kid from SF? What should I do with this lineup if Gordon doesn’t play?? Also, is Chargers a better play than Saints this week?? Thanks fellas!! Good luck this week!!