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  1. Eagles or Texans??

    Should I go Eagles D (vs Giants) or Texans D (vs. Bills) this week? Thanks guys!!
  2. Texans or Eagles D today?

    Thanks guys!!
  3. 10 team, PPR, need a win. Which D?
  4. Lineup help!

    Thanks man!
  5. Lineup help!

    10 team PPR. I need to pick 2 of the three. One at RB2 and one at Flex. Hyde, Lindsay, and Edelman. Thoughts?? Feeling Lindsay and Edelman, but I am open to suggestions!! Thank!! Good luck this week guys!!
  6. Trade Help

  7. Trade Help

    Thanks man!
  8. Trade Help

    @Montana is da Man @League_Champion he said he’s interested. If he’ll take it, should I do it?? I’m just wanting to make sure I’m not giving up too much!!
  9. Trade Help

    10 team PPR. I have DJ, Miller, Drake, Hyde, and Kerryon Johnson. I also have Kittle and Ebron. Because of Drake’s poor usage, I'm thinking of offering Ebron and Drake for Lindsay. It seems like a lot, but I'd love to own Lindsay, and I'm not using Ebron. Thoughts??
  10. Trade Drake for Lindsay?

    Thanks man!
  11. Trade Drake for Lindsay?

    Awesome! Thanks man!
  12. DJ trade

    Shoot! That’s a tough one!!
  13. I would not do that trade. Gordon is the best he has ever been. He’s number 3 rb overall, and you can’t trust anything Bell says right now. Also, Gronk is SOOO injury prone. There’s no one short of Gurley or Kamara that could get me to trade away Melvin Gordon right now. Especially Bell. But that’s just IMO.