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  1. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Thanks to Caddilac, I won already. Even though my #1 RB is Jamal Lewis and even with Joe Horn left to play.
  2. S.Davis

    Compared to who? Jamal Lewis isnt measuring up, neither is KJ or MaGahee.
  3. Brett Favre Looks Like An Old Man...

    I didnt play him this week. Am going with Collins right now, but he scored 29 points in our league...not so shabby for an old man. Have you checked the stat lines on...oh I dont know, Manning and Culpepper or even Bulger today?
  4. S.Davis

    I have him as a back up. I am 2-0 having won this week already but that is due to Caddilac, who I have played two weeks as a #2 RB. My #1 is Jamal Lewis I know I cant keep winning like this, but with Lewis on a bye next week anyway, I will have Davis in the lineup. His stats have been impressive though not dominant, except for the TD total which he clearly cant maintain. However, until someone figures out what the F#$% is going on in Baltimore, I dont know what choice I have. My WR are C Johnson, Horn and Steve Smith and I have Brandon Lloyd and Mushin Muhammad, so I guess I can look to package one of those to upgrade for another back. Davis has been a surprise, but given his history, I dont see why he cant stay productive until he breaks down. I dont know, but I am sure anyone who has Lewis or anyone who has Davis is facing these questions with a great deal of worry.
  5. Gamble Picks

    You have to sit Clayton AND Evans to play Jones?
  6. qb they both suck please your opinion

    Well, both of them stink. Harrington does not seem to have the talent to get the job done. But at least he is loaded with weapons to use. Brunell, still has some talent, but I dont know how that offense will help him use it. I think I would flip a coin. If forced to choose, I'd go Harrington.
  7. Choose one for WR/TE flex

    you know the season is early so crazy things can happen, but I too think the Cincy vs Minn game could be a shootout. If it were me I'd go with Houshyourdaddy. Good luck
  8. Anyone heard anything on TJ

    Your talkin about TJ Houshyourdaddy? He will be fine.
  9. I am going to puke...

    Maybe you should spell check before you post.
  10. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Lions really
  11. I think I would stand pat unless you could keep Ronnie Brown...there is risk to him either way, but he has three more weeks to make his mark while Ricky is on the sideline. If you could keep him for multiple years, I would consider the gamble. That said, I think Clayton could have a really big year.
  12. what's a Commissioner to Do?

    Cant say I would do this deal based on information you have posted. But as a commish, after week 1, I couldnt possibly find a reason to void this if the votes did not do it on its own.
  13. King Of The Mountain

  14. King Of The Mountain

    me too???
  15. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Jamal Steve Smith Priest