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  1. What a good dude and all the team owners who won and donated
  2. Wins but still complains. Classic. Like Vin Diesel says. Don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winnings winning
  3. Thank You Todd Gurley

    Traded for Gronk for Gurley after Week 1 in money league. Sometimes a trade can make or break a season. That definitely made it. I somehow lost last night in Dynasty with Gurley after putting up a 224pt week and a 226pt week (this was a bye week)
  4. My Xmas Miracle!

    I won and lost with last nights game. Luckily I won in the money league and lost in the dynasty.
  5. QB Woes in final

    It is very scary, lol. Dude picked up Foles despite having Brees and Stafford on bench, just so I couldn't scoop him up. Was thinking Truibisky cause you know CLE sucks.
  6. Carr vs Philly Garopollo vs JAX Truibisky vs CLE As bad as it is I think I may have to start Truibisky.
  7. Assembled the best team possible and still lost...

    Probably not, but maybe. I hope not. They both have been on fire this year. I had Bell, Hunt and Gurley blow up this week in my Dynasty. I was on a bye week lol.
  8. Assembled the best team possible and still lost...

    Had ingram and gurley. Pretty much won if for me just those two, lol.
  9. Dang... Nfl teams resting starters

    I hope Rodgers plays still I have him in my championship and Carr is my other option. But Carr is a pile of crap, not to mention playing Philly. This is how I lost last year in my DYnasty. All my studs were on Steelers and Cowboys and they had nothing to play for week 17. Meanwhile my opponent had lots of ATL players who clinched a bye week and you obviously don't want your players to rest for 2 weeks so despite them having nothing to play for they still played.
  10. Played MIA over Rams if it makes you feel better
  11. Hunt and Kamara no doubt about it Hunt and Kamara go late 1st early to mid 2nd next year. Maybe end 2nd early 3rd for Kamara Gurley goes top 5 pick. You get way better value with Hunt and Kamara and can use 1st and 2nd for stud WRs
  12. Who's actually playing Rodgers???

    He was a better choice than Carr for me so I had to
  13. Rodgers has been cleared to return

    LOL at the team who dropped him in our money league
  14. Which dynasty qb do I drop

    10 man dynasty only allowing 2 qbs Smack the commissioner to allow for 3 qbs? I thought I had struggles on dropping a QB
  15. Nick Foles week 15 fantasy stud?

    I can only roster 5 QBs I have Keenum, Wentz, Luck, Taylor, Palmer In order to scoop up Foles id need to drop one of them. Wentz and Luck are for sure out of the equation