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  1. same exact - as an excited Raiders and Carr fan I am sooooo tempted!!!! But gotta stay strong and just enjoy the game
  2. I'm a Raiders fan, and Carr owner....but this matchup and the fact it's on TNF scares me. And the weather forecast just ices it, I'm benching him for Rivers.
  3. Holding on to Denver D and starting them this week but worried about them, mostly because of their offensive offensive situation, and seems like a lot of tough matchups down the stretch against good QB's. Just managed to pick up Vikings defense that someone else dropped...home against CHI and NYG in Weeks 15 & 16...compared to Denvers D at NOS and home vs CIN.
  4. Yeah, I get it...I just seriously doubt we're gonna see anyone on here after the weekend celebrating or lamenting the fact they started Bernard over Gurley. I remember a few years back the list was done a little differently, with "unbenchables" or something listed first.
  5. Solid Fantasy Starts....behind Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill and Jeremy Langford, among others. Riiiiiight.
  6. Just went into the draft come the first 2 picks say pre-draft selections have been made, but the picks aren't showing up?
  7. Yep....I just tried to paypal as well...and it says not accepting payments at the moment...
  8. Damn, been so busy with other stuff forgot about this...we are cutting it close! Should we all be recruiting for those last 2 slots?
  9. Alright....finally getting excited for this! Renewed Huddle membership and everything!!!
  10. Looks like RG3 is helping - but doesn't seem like he'll be upright for long after seeing him take all those hits yesterday. I think Alfie Mo will be solid regardless of who's at QB - as long as they're not getting blown out. Schedule looks pretty favorable in that context, other than Week 13 at Indy.
  11. Cool, thanks for contacting the Commish
  12. Myself (Sex Panther) and a few other teams have 0's showing up as our scores, along with corresponding losses in the standings. Live scoring is still displaying the proper scores for the week. I don't know if this is some kind of glitch that will "fix itself", but wanted to make sure others were aware of it just in case.
  13. Week 3 and both Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are hurt, didn't see that coming
  14. Is this current - any update on Schlong's status?? Just want to make sure I'm getting paid at the end of the year!!!