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  1. Collins or Dilfer

    tough call - I'm going with Hasselbeck over KC, and in your situation I go with Dilfer
  2. Tiki for Cadillac

    Tiki gets no respect.
  3. Did Theezman and Crew

    Sharpe talking on and on and on about Moss Sharpe talking about how he "really likes" what the Raiders defense is doing. No, he REALLY likes what they're doing. He REALLY, REALLY likes what they're doing! Sharpe talking about Gonzo the Great blah blah blah, almost as bad as Theisman
  4. is Chambers hurt?

    or is he getting used by Ty Law?
  5. Jamal Lewis

    As my #1 draft pick, he's heading for my BANNED list in a hurry...
  6. OUCH!

    I'm losing 92-7 at halftime of game #1. I've only got a couple guys going so far, but up against McNabb, Ward, Steelers D...
  7. Detroit Chicago Game

    And how bout those NOLES!?!?! Beating a solid BC team last night!
  8. Detroit Chicago Game

    Bears D is awesome - hope Ogunleye is ok. Orton looks great. Lions are looking very dejected.
  9. Who to start as 3 wr

    I'd go with Curtis
  10. start Dunn or Larry Johnson?

    Yeah, it's tough. I figure Dunn might have 20 touches for 80-85 yards, but LJ definitely has a better chance at scoring. Leaning towards starting LJ just for the heck of it...
  11. Two hot hands. One spot.

    I agree with the consensus - just wanted to point out it's FAST Willie, not Slick...
  12. I just dropped McCareins in favor of keeping Givens - but it was really a toss-up. I like the Pats chances to be a higher scoring team, even if Brady does spread the wealth...
  13. Shut up M Irvin