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  1. WDIS? Thanks in advance!
  2. L Murray, N Chubb, J Howard

    Well, no changes needed to my roster if this notion holds up. Thank you sir
  3. I need to sit one of these RB this week, STD scoring. Any advice? Thanks is advance!
  4. Playing for the championship this week.... Ryan (something to play for) or Jimmy G (no playoff implications)? Jordan Howard vs Min or Carlos Hyde vs LA? and ... do I dare start Fournette? Vernon Davis or Charles Clay at TE? Thank you sir!
  5. Week 17 Rankings question

    Unfortunately my league plays all 17 weeks and I am in the finals ... My question is, do the ECR rankings generally take in to account if players will be rested or is it a straight up evaluation as they would start and play the whole game? Very frustrating having to guess at which players might be limited based on the playoff picture Thanks
  6. Powell or Mack ROS???

    STD league, thx in advance!
  7. Hyde, Abdullah or Kamara this week?

    thanks ... before last week it would have been a no-brainer but worries about RBBC in SF now
  8. standard scoring, this would be a flex play so looking for a volume/safer player. Thanks in advance!
  9. BTW, I think you are also "taking a chance" by starting Eli ..
  10. Have the same dilemma with Wilson in the mix as well. I'm going with Mariota ...
  11. actually add Farrow into the mix as well if Gordon is out .... this is for FLEX
  12. One of my leagues give a point per rushing attempt ... crazy but it is what it is. Who gets more volume? Thanks