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  1. Trade Advice Christian McCaffrey

    By a landslide? Or a close call?
  2. Nelson Agholor or Will Fuller?

    Man say Fuller just cause of Watson’s abilities
  3. Who wins this trade? Team A gets Christian McCaffrey AND Brandin Cooks Team B gets Joe Mixon AND Jarvis Landry 12 team 1pt PPR
  4. Ajayi or peterson

    AP... I’m just not big on Ajayi... not because of the talent but because I feel like the Eagles are going to work in all their RB’s
  5. Flex for tonight

    Yeah I like all 3 of those guys over Ajayi... most likely for the foreseeable future unless the Eagles decide to actually consistently give Ajayi the lions share of the carries
  6. hows my team?

    I like Mixon and Sanders this year a lot... so if Michael Thomas and David Johnson do what they are suppose to do then that’s a solid team
  7. Start Lamar Miller or Jamaal Williams?

    Lamar Miller
  8. Mccoy trade

    I own McCoy in one league and I’m really high on McCaffrey this year so I’m actually going to offer a guy Keenan Allen and McCoy for McCaffrey... I know I’m losing a lot giving up Allen but I have confidence in my other WR’s and I can only play 3 anyways Tate, Edelman, Corey Davis and Emmanuel Sanders (bounce back season for him)
  9. Bernard, Morris, or Howard?

    Howard and Morris
  10. Help with mine please

    Help with mine please
  12. TE Starter

    Help with mine
  13. TE Starter

    I think they both have really good games... I just really like Henry

    I would go Goff... dude seems like the real deal!