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  1. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    Yeah it’s non PPR... the guy who dropped I think pretty much did it out of frustration but nobody has touched him especially with the news coming out that McKinnon is suppose to carry the load this week...
  2. Alex Smith D Mac for Jordan Howard???

    My bad it’s suppose to be Melvin Gordan... I also own Jordan Howard for $15... but the offer was for Melvin Gordon
  3. Receive Dez for Kamara and Fuller? WHIR

    The non PPR would make me consider it... I doubt Fuller keeps up this TD to catch ratio all season... he only has 6 catches in 2 games... yes I know 4 of them are TD’s but still just 6 catches... out of all those completions Watson has had over the past 2 weeks only 6 of them went to Fuller... I’m currently trying to sell Fuller high in all leagues that I own him... I am in LOVE with Kamara in PPR but in standard I actually prefer Ingram... Mark Ingram is still a good RB and will still get the goal line carries... As far as Dez goes... no Zeke for the next 6 games... I think Dez gets some goal line fades and just over all more balls inside the 20’s Call me crazy but I like the trade dude!
  4. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    In my 14 team league Crowell and Murray are both on the FA’s list... How many teams are in your league and is it PPR or standard?
  5. I am in a 14 team dynasty keeper league with a salary cap of $125 I currently own Melvin Gordon $18 but I have been offered Alex Smith $3 and DeMarco Murray $12 for Gordon I also own Mariota for $7... do y’all think this is a good deal for me or would you stick with Gordon and Mariota?
  6. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    loeza83 makes a good point... if you can and have room to get both then that’s your best bet
  7. Dickson or Njoku?

    Safer option would be Dickson since he is getting almost every snap at TE... Njoku is still splitting time with Devalve if I’m not mistaken Help with mine
  8. McCaffrey or Duke?

    That’s kind of the way I’m leaning... Appreciate it
  9. McCaffrey or Duke?

    My other starters are CJ Anderson and Kareem Hunt... otherwise I would be playing both of these guys
  10. Flex help

    Help with mine
  11. Gillislee or McFadden?

    Help with mine
  12. Who will have the bigger game?

    Yeah your good there lol... I think Funchess and Kamara both have big games this week Help with mine
  13. Who will have the bigger game?

    I’m ALL IN on Kamara right now... I’m like 99% sure that’s why they traded AP Just so they could get him more touches... there were sites claiming Kamara would come out of the bye as the lead back before AP was dealt... Funchess does have a great matchup tonight too so I don’t think you can go wrong I’m curious to who your other RB’s are and wondering if I would play Kamara over one of those guys???
  14. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    I would say McFadden... my thought is that they were keeping McFadden healthy for this exact reason and that’s why he wasn’t playing at all
  15. Gillislee or McFadden?

    I would take the gamble on McFadden over Gillislee... you know what you got with Gillislee but you could hit the lotto for 6 weeks with McFadden