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  1. Fournette or Collins

    Pump the brakes on Cle Run D...Yes they've been good this season , but take a look at who they faced. The only RB of Fournettes ability was Bell, who was rusty from not playing in preseason. Fournette will be fine, if he plays...Plus Jamie Collins is done for year which was big part of their D
  2. Which TE

  3. Agholor or Lee

    Nelson....The Boys have been torched by the slot wr, plus no Darren Lee middle of field. Lee @Cle = weather
  4. Big Ben tonight?

  5. Robert Woods or JUJU Smith-Shuester?

    Juju. . .Dont sleep on Vikes D...Woods could see Rhodes from time to time.
  6. TE help WHIR

    Brate (Fitz doesnt realize hes on Bucs) Kroft (has best matchup) Hooper (targeted often)
  7. Week 11 Defense?

  8. Evans for Julio?

    Julio no question
  9. PPR: Pick 1 JuJu @Ind Kupp @Hou Ginn @ Buff
  10. Dede Westbrook

    Stash him........Hurns , Lee =Blah Play actions btw Fournette / Dede = productivity
  11. Bills or Rams

    I like both of them this week @ NY teams
  12. Who is the best add?

  13. Ivory or Brate in the FLEX

    Ivory even if Fournette plays . Last weeks performances can very likely happen again for those 2. Indy is the 2nd worst D against the run For what its worth, Bills D has given up TD to TE yet