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  1. Veto Advise

    It’s nice to see after all these years that people still think vetoing trades like this is an acceptable practice. Some things never change I guess.
  2. Free fantasy football

    aol has actually not ben too bad for their first year. During week 1 on Sunday the live scoring was down all day. But, they seemed to have fixed the issue because it was fine this past weekend. Overall, I have no major complaints.
  3. Atlanta player fined!

    Only douchebags who wear Roy Williams' spamshirts on Sunday.
  4. The Huddle contradicting themselves

    I think that I heard something a while back that those were two different articles with two different writers who have two different opinions. there were also rumors that Peyton Manning was a solid start this week and that someone by the name of Ladanian Tomlinson would also make for a good RB option in week 2. Just some stuff I heard.
  5. Couple of Questions

    I agree with Navin as well.
  6. Advice on a trade proposal

    Thanks nhoops.. I will look at yours.. Any other takes?
  7. I have the following starting roster in a 10 team league: Manning Rudi C-Mart Wayne S. Smith L. Evans McMichael Longwell Panthers D In addition to the above, we start a flex player. I have Ronnie Brown, Mike Anderson, Stephen Davis as my flex options. I was offered Ricky Williams, Fred Taylor, Pearman and the Ravens D for Rudi and Panthers D It is a standard performance league with bonuses for longer TDs. I would have Ricky and Brown locked up as Miami's backfield then with Taylor and C-Mar as my 2 starting backs. My Defense would improve obviously as well. Any thoughts? -Scourge
  8. Hey Bob Cunningham

    I ate my crow in an earlier thread.. I stand humbled and corrected!!
  9. Eating crow

    I agree with you 100%.. What I am saying is that I did not see Trotter throw a punch. I watched that replay about 15 times last night. He grabbed Mathis' face mask and they wrestled around a bit. That was all I saw.. Mathis threw the "punch" if that is what you want to call it. I thought the whole thing was rediculous. They both should have acted more professionaly, but I did not think there was enough going on to warrant ejection.
  10. Eating crow

    Falcon's fans, Congrats to you guys. The Eagles managed to shoot themselves in the feet at almost every opportunity last night. Your D looked great as I knew they would. Still, we should have put up more points and won that game. Best of luck the rest of the way out. i look forward to the NFC Championship against you again this year. The Trotter and Mathis ejections were bogus. Neither should have been ejected over some well-warranted, pre-game emotion. Especially not Trotter since the officials said that throwing punches was the reason for the ejections and Trotter threw none. Atlanta was able to efficiently run the football with Trotter out of the game. After that hit on McNabb's sternum, he was not the same. Tentative, unsure... He was definately rattled. McNabb usually starts off slow so no concerns here. Kerney is a beast. The Eagle's D-line did a nice job of "containing" Vick for the most part. All things considered, the D played well overall. The Eagle's O-line concernes me a littl. Again, they start off slow like their QB.. So, we will see what they look like against SF on Sunday. Akers missed 2 49 yard FGs. I am not concerned about this either, but I don't think in a game like that early in the season you go for that 1st one. If you miss, you are killing yourself in field posistion in a defensive game for the rest of the half. Again, good luck to Atlanta the rest of the way. I am sure we will be talking more smack in the playoffs.
  11. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Was it Suzie Colber?
  12. Hey Bob Cunningham

    Relax zippy. I was just busting balls. I had this game marked up as a big fat "L" for the Eagles leading up to the preseason. The way the first team has played, including Owens, I don't see how they lose this game now. Besides, I don't embarrass easy.
  13. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    HOLY CRAP!! I am doing a draft right now and this Cowboys homer just drafted Bledsoe at 2.01 in a 10 team draft.
  14. Hey Bob Cunningham

    Besides, we are talking about the Falcons, not the Steelers. I have no issues with The Steelers. Don't hate..