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  1. So what happened?

    Dam you Boone....I would've won with ur numbers last week vs GB
  2. So what happened?

    Notice Boone doing well today
  3. Do i win it all? Part 2

    It is....and still bruhs at the end
  4. Do i win it all? Part 2

    Anyone trash talk? I rag on my opponents....yet congratulate when they win....I list the final to a team called mighty zebras.....I call him striped donkey....lolol
  5. So what happened?

    I had no other option....Laird? I had Boone in flex but what killed me was combined 12 points between hop....A Miller....Boone I'm collecting my 2nd place winnings tomorrow
  6. Comes down to Monday Night

    In clutch times Minn is horrible...should have been better blocking...even dalvin would have had bad game....we made right call with Boone
  7. Looks like EVERYONE was wrong about Boone

    I know...but i scored142....he pops 169....I had Fitz/Gesicki combo...he had Lamar/Andrews combo....his kamara goes off finally....he was more consistent....I had hop/Anthony Miller/Boone combine for like 12???? Oh well...have to swallow 2nd n take 2nd place prize $$
  8. Looks like EVERYONE was wrong about Boone

    Yep...... experts better have lost thier championship too like me
  9. Bruh....if that miracle happens it'll be a Christmas miracle and we shall post victory together
  10. Bears crapped the bed.....I'm toast...need 31 by boone
  11. Monday night Chances.....

    He certainly has the ceiling and I'm in a similar situation but I'm down 30
  12. Won my first championship!

    Alrighty!!! , Celebrate....brag... Talk it up
  13. Boone or Laird

    I started Laird during by Bye...dumpd hiz azz afta