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  1. Duke ar Chi Parker at KC Robby home vs LAC
  2. Lets hope....thx bruh
  3. Now im streaming Atlanta. Need 24 pts to take down the giant in our league......any chance?????
  4. Shouldve used rams ugh
  5. Rodgers or Goff?

    But.....ull feel better if goff stinks it up from sea D. I benched Goff for bortles
  6. Rodgers or Goff?

    Ouch.......csnt say anythn to that....my bad
  7. Diggs, Dede, or Hogan?

    Dede..... I'm also starting him so we can either gloat or we can drink our sorrows together
  8. Rodgers or Goff?

    Rogers will destroy
  9. Lucked out with Kareem and Tyreek last night now need ur help to continue a major upset of the season long leader... Pick 1 pls Duke home vs Bal Hogan at Pit Robby at NO with Bryce Petty at qb......