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  1. My team needs help!

    In my opinion you may not be able to ship out Des or car because both of them are pretty down at this point you need to make sure that they have a good week first and then try and ship them out. Honestly if you were to offer me a trade I probably wouldn't go for it. You can try and get somebody who has had major injuries to their quarterback and have Dez as kind of a bonus freebie. Maybe look for somebody who had Jameis Winston or maybe Buffalo Bills quarterbacks and see if they would bite.
  2. Woodhead??

    Absolutely....im in exact same boat
  3. Lacy home vs was Ellington away at SF
  4. Doyle home vs Jax or J White home vs Atlanta thinking patriots will have to play from behind a little more and do their thing with J white
  5. Trade question

    i dont see a benefit for you. agree your team is tight, mariotta can go down at anytime, and doesnt look like zeek gonna be suspended this year; also, they are trying to sell high on AP like all the experts are saying, if DJ comes back during fantasy playoffs, he'll be the man, no way i'd dump M evans either
  6. Not the best QB spot right now, but what do you think? Winston/Fitz at Buff Goff home vs Arizona Thx
  7. Ugh....what say u...thx
  8. Tough dilemma.....what say u
  9. So far Parker, thanks
  10. Pick 1: J Crowder at Oak D Parker at NYJ or C Hogan home vs Hou
  11. I have both baldwin and devante parker as WRs........... Winston at Minn Cutler at NYJ R Wilson at Titans
  12. Trade Help (D. Johnson issues)

    i dont think u need to do this........in a PPR league especially. B Allen will be the next up Woodhead. You can run with J Mixon and bench Gore until you need him, but I'd keep a PPR RB and of course J Reed is J Reed unless he gets hurt.