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  1. QB WDIS

    New report in philly The winds will die down to 10-12 mph by kickoff I have Dak in my lineup now but don't really like and/or trust him. I would love some more help. Thanks
  2. WR WDIS

  3. QB WDIS

  4. QB WDIS

    Also I just read that it will be a 20 mph wind for Philly game on Monday
  5. WR WDIS

    Who would you start at WR this week? start 2. ( .5 ppr ) 1. Thielen @ GB 2. Tate @ Cinny 3. Hill vs Mia 4. Kupp @ Tenn
  6. QB WDIS

    Who would you start at QB for the championship? 1. Foles vs Oak 2. Dak vs Sea.
  7. WDIS QB and WR

  8. WDIS QB and WR

  9. WDIS QB and WR

    Who would you start his week at QB and WR from the list below? QB; 1. Rodgers @ Car 2. Dak @ Oak 3. Foles @ NYG WR; .5 ppr ( pick 2) 1. Thielen vs Cin 2. Adams @ Car 3. Hill vs Chargers 4. Tate vs Chi 5. Kupp @ Sea
  10. QB and Flex WDIS

    A few more thoughts
  11. Flex in a full PPR: Perine or Wallace?

    Tough one. Chargers D has playing very good lately and the Steelers D has been struggling. Normally I would lean towards a RB than a WR that depends on a homerun, but I like Wallace here because of the Steelers struggles of late and that Wallace likes to play good against his former team.
  12. QB and Flex WDIS

  13. QB and Flex WDIS

    Two questions Who would you start at QB and Flex spot this week? QB; pick one 1. Dak @ NYG 2. Winston vs Det 3. McCown @ Den Flex spot; pick one. ( .5 ppr) 1. Melvin Gordon vs Was 2. Kupp vs Philly 3. G. Tate @ TB 4. Adams @ Clev
  14. JuJu or Sanu?

    Another vote for Sanu
  15. WDIS in PPR this week?

    Wow! A lot of stuff there. I'd go with Rivers at QB. Then I'm thinking Krupp and Diggs along with Miller