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  1. Flex

    Who to start at flex? pick 1 ( .5 ppr) 1. Cohen vs Minn 2. Fitz vs Oak 3. Kerryon vs Car
  2. Would you rather......

    More help
  3. Would you rather......

    Debating my flex spot position this week. I have Cohen in there right now, but not as confident with him as I was a couple of weeks ago. I have Tyrell Williams on my bench vs a weak Raiders team. Larry Fitz is also on the waiver wire and it seams that the Cards are planning on using him more in the offense. So my question for all of you is should I stick with Cohen or replace him with Williams or go and pick up Fitz and put him into my lineup? Scoring is a full ppr
  4. Pick one to start @ flex

    Who to start? Pick one or the order you would start them Full ppr 1. Cohen vs Det 2. Tyrell Williams @ Oak 3. Golladay@ Chi 4. Lockett @ Rams
  5. Flex spot

    Who would you start for a flex spot out of the following? Pick 1. Full ppr 1. Tarik Cohen vs Det 2. Aaron Jones vs Mia 3. Tyrell Williams @ Oak
  6. Who to Flex

    Who should I flex out of the three below? pick one, .5 ppr 1. Tarik Cohen vs Det 2. Larry Fitz @ KC 3. Greg Olsen @ Pitt
  7. Better the. ROS

    In a .5 ppr league who is the better player the ROS? 1. Larry Fitz or 2. M. Valdez-Scantling
  8. Flex spot

    Jones seems to be the new Steve Smith. He either has a huge game or it's like he didn't even play. With that said I'd go with him or Sutton. I think both teams will try and feature them somewhat to show they don't miss the guys they traded away. (Tate and DT) So My order would be; 1A Jones 1B Sutton 2 Moore
  9. I have Melvin Gordon in two of my leagues. If he is unable to go tomorrow who should I start in leagues 1 and 2? (Flex position) both leagues are ppr league 1; 1. Sutton vs Hous 2. Tre'Quan Smith vs Rams 3. MVS @ NE League 2; 1. A. Jones @ NE 2. Ekeler @ Sea 3. Sutton vs Hous 4. T. Williams @ Sea 5. MVS @ NE
  10. Mahomes or Rodgers

    WDIS? Mahomes vs Den or Rodgers @ Rams
  11. Flex

    Who would you start? .5 ppr; Start 1; 1. Tate vs Sea 2. Fuller vs Mia 3. Crabtree @Car 4. Howard vs NYJ 5. Hines @ Oak
  12. Streaming defense

    I have the Panthers against the Eagles today. It's a very windy day in Philly with gust 40 mph. Should I stay with the Panthers and expect a low scoring game or continue to stream defenses? Available D's; Colts vs Buf Cowboys @ Wash Eagles vs Car Lions vs Mia
  13. Who to flex

    Who would you play in the flex spot? Full ppr Pick one; 1. Tarik Cohen vs NE 2. Kerryon Johnson @ Mia 3. Kenny Golladay @ Mia
  14. Mahomes or Rodgers

    I went with Mahomes. Had Mahomes and Hill combo in both my leagues and ending up with weekly high scores in both. Having Melvin Gordon and playing Cohen in both leagues help too.
  15. Mahomes or Rodgers

    Last minute help