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  1. Keep Cooper

    Is it worth keeping Cooper on my roster? I thought this would be a turnaround year for him. Thankfully I have others (Hill, Adams, Tate and Fuller). Would it be worth dropping Cooper and picking up someone like Boyd? It's a .5 ppr league. There isn't much on waivers for RBs ( Smallwood and Ivory).
  2. Fuller or Adams (WR)

    .5 ppr Fuller vs NYG or D. Adams @ Was (with rain and banged up Rodgers)
  3. Who to start? Pretty torn here 🤔

    Tate for sure with a full ppr
  4. I have both the Broncos and Texans. I think both will have good days today against their opponents (Oak and Tenn). But who will be best to own the rest of the season? Scoring; 1 point for any turnovers .5 point for sacks 6 points for TDs tiered scoring for points allowed
  5. Which QB to start

  6. Which QB to start

    Which QB to start in different leagues? league 1; 1. Mahomes @ Pitt or 2. Rodgers vs Minn league 2; 1. Mahomes @ Pitt or 2. Stafford @ SF
  7. Rank these Ds for the rest of the year

  8. Which WR the ROS

    Which wr would you want the rest of the season? .5 ppr 1. Will Fuller (Hous) or 2. John Brown (Balt)
  9. Get Kupp Give Crowder & Morris

    I agree with the two above. Krupp is the best player in the deal, but if there isn't a decent RB on the waiver wire it would be tough to give up Crowder and Morris
  10. Which one Lindsay or Wilkins

    I have Jordan Wilkins and Royce Freeman as bench back-ups. Should I drop Wilkins to get Lindsay or stay with Wilkins and hope he becomes the main man in Indy? standard yardage scoring and.5 ppr
  11. As far as fantasy goes rank these defenses/special teams below. 6 pts for TDs, 1 pt for turnovers, sacks, extra points for points allowed. 1. Texans 2. Broncos 3. Bears
  12. WDIS

    Which one should I start at flex? .5 ppr Tyreek Hill @ LAC or Royce Freeman vs Sea
  13. WDIS at Flex

  14. WDIS at Flex

    Anyone to break the tie????