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  1. More Aaron Jones

    Montana, you have answered Jones in all or most of these post. Is there something you really like about Jones against the Bears defense or is it just who the other choices there are that you keep saying Jones?
  2. More Aaron Jones

    Am I over thinking this? It's a full ppr league. WDIS? 1. Jones @ Chi or 2. Tyler Lockett @ SF I feel like I have to hit it big, after Mahomes and Hill under preformed. Lockett has the higher ceiling and Jones has the higher floor, but has the tougher matchup.
  3. Flex help (Gordon out)

    With Gordon out who should I start at flex? .5 ppr 1. Jackson @ KC 2. Larry Fitz @ Atl 3. Josh Reynolds vs Philly 4. A. Miller vs GB
  4. Gordon???

    But go with Gordon if he plays?
  5. Gordon???

    I have Gordon. It still sounds like he is very questionable or even doubtful to play tonight. If he does play, I know you always play your studs, but do I play a stud with a knee injury? My other options to play are the following; full ppr: 1. Aaron Jones @ Chi 2. S. Ware vs LAC ( he is also very questionable to play) 3. T. Lockett @ SF 4. Ekeler @ KC ( doesn't sound like he is going to play)
  6. Who to flex

    Which one of the following to play in the flex spot? pick 1; Full ppr 1. Cohen vs LAR 2. Ware vs Balt 3. Ekeler vs Cin 4. Lockett vs Minn
  7. Another Ware question (Flex spot)

    Anyone else
  8. I picked up Ware in two different leagues. Who would you start in each league? League #1; .5 ppr 1. Ware @ Oak or 2. L. Fitz @ GB League #2; Full ppr 1. Ware @ Oak or 2. Ekeler @ Pitt I also start Mahomes and Hill. I know KC is a juggernaut offense, but can you play too many of them?
  9. ROS

    Which 2 out of the 3 would you roster the rest of the season? Larry Fitz Tyler Lockett Josh Reynolds
  10. Flex - Cohen, MVS or Sutton

    Cohen Sutton MVS
  11. Dak or Stafford

    WDIS??? Dak vs Wash or Stafford vs Chi Lamar Jackson is available, but not confirmed the starter this week.
  12. WDIS @ QB

  13. WDIS @ QB

    I have Mahomes on his bye this week so I'm left to scramble. My backup is Stafford. He hasn't been great this year in fact websites have said that he is droppable. So should I stay with Stafford, the Loins and Stafford usually play descent on turkey day or go to the waiver wire? Below are my choices. Place in the order that you would start 1. Stafford vs Chi ( I already own) 2. Dak vs Wash 3. Jackson vs Oak ( but may not start) 4. Winston vs SF 5. Mullens vs TB
  14. Flex

    Who to start at flex? pick 1 ( .5 ppr) 1. Cohen vs Minn 2. Fitz vs Oak 3. Kerryon vs Car
  15. Would you rather......

    More help