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  1. With Henry out who to start?

    With Henry out who do I turn to Instead to start in his place out of the following? .5 ppr 1. Hunt vs Ravens 2. Lev Bell vs Steelers 3. Kerryon Johnson @ Broncos
  2. With Henry out who to start?

  3. Mahomes in the snow

    I know it's the playoffs and you play who got you there, but what do you think about playing Mahomes in 5-7 inches of snow? My other options; 1. Mayfield @ Ariz 2. Carr vs Jax
  4. Mahomes in the snow

  5. WDIS RB - pick 2

    Who to start at RB? pick 2. .5 ppr 1. Miles Sanders vs Giants 2. Singletary vs Balt 3. J. Jacobs vs Tenn ( may not play) 4. Snell @ Ariz 5. Jamaal Williams vs Was
  6. Flex spot

    Who to start at flex? pick one. .5 ppr 1. Miles Sanders vs Giants 2. Singletary vs Balt 3. Robby Anderson vs Mia 4. J. Crowder vs Mia 5. McLaurin @ GB
  7. Flex help

    Which one? .5 ppr 1. Jamaal Williams @ Sf or 2. Gallup @ NE ( rain and windy)
  8. Flex help

    Who would you guys play at flex? Pick one, .5 ppr 1. Sanders vs Sea ( weather and Howard/Ajayi playing) 2. Singletary vs Den 3. Gallup @ NE (could have Gilmore covering him as Pats will double Cooper) 4. Jamaal Williams @ SF (tough D) 5. McLaurin vs Det (most likely covered by Slay)
  9. Mahomes replacement week 12

    Which QB to play this week while Mahomes is on a bye? 1. Wentz vs Sea 2. Mayfield vs Mia 3. Foles @ Tenn 4. Darnold vs Oak
  10. Flex help

    Who should I start in my flex spot? .5 ppr league 1. D. Adams @ LAC 2. J. Williams @ LAC
  11. WR WDIS

    In a full ppr league who would you start? 1. Beckham jr vs Den or 2. Gallop @NYG
  12. Minshew or Carr

    Hey guys WDIS at QB today? 1. Minshew vs Hous or 2. Carr vs Det
  13. Which QB

    I have Mahomes. If he doesn't play who should I go with? 1. Wentz vs Chi 2. Carr vs Det ( on waivers) 3. Garoppolo @ Ariz ( on waivers) Biggest thing with Jimmy G is that they play Thursday and I probably won't know if Mahomes or play or not by then.
  14. Smart or over thinking

    Ok so let me know if I am way over thinking this. I am leading my game by 1.3 points and essential have won, but I have Juju left with my opponent not having anyone left to play. My thinking is to bench Juju and take a goose egg and not take a chance of Juju committing a couple of turnovers which all turnovers are -1 point. It is a .5 ppr league, but the way Juju's season has gone so far is I can see him do an end around on the first play and lose 10 yards, fumble and get hurt and not play the rest of the game (-2 points, I lose). Is this over thinking or a genius move?
  15. Pick one for RB2

  16. Pick one for RB2

    I have Josh Jacobs, but he is questionable and has a 4pm start. My other choices are M. Sanders or Singletary. wdis? .5 ppr 1. Jacobs vs Oak 2. M. Sanders vs Buf 3. Singletary vs Phil
  17. Please help! WDIS

    Anymore help
  18. Please help! WDIS

    Who would you start out of the following in flex spots? pick 2 (full ppr league) 1. Hyde vs Oak 2. OBJ vs NE 2. Jordan Howard vs Buf
  19. Help

  20. Help

    Hey guys I may need some opinions on who to grab off waivers if Kamara doesn't play. As of now I have Kamara and Sanders in my RB spots (Jacobs, Monty and singletary on byes). Below are the best options available. pick one; .5 ppr 1. C. Thompson vs Mia 2. R. Penny vs clev 3. J. Williams vs det 4. Darrel Williams vs hous
  21. Help

    Would any of you guys play Thompson over Sanders?
  22. Fair trade

    In a .5 ppr league and rosters aside I just want know what you all think on whether this is a fair trade. D. Adams for Fournette
  23. Best replacement for Engram

    As you all know that the TE position is slim. I’m in a .5 ppr league and my TE Engram is ruled out. I missed out on Everett and Herndon so what is basically left is Jared Cook, Noah Fant, Tyler Eifert and Vance McDonald
  24. Fair trade

  25. Fair trade

    Any other thoughts