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  1. #8 pick need help for tuesday money league

    What about Dillon?
  2. Surprised there's not more WDIS already

    Normally I would say start one of the RBs, but the Denver D will shut down Miami and I wouldn't start LJ because the first week will be the "Holmes show." Just to prove that he is healthy. So I would start Givens (60-70yds and a score). I know the Pats spread the ball around too much, but I think that is your best option this week.
  3. Tiki?

    The situation with the NYG is kind of scary. It sounds as though Tiki will lose carries to Jacobs, especially on the goalline. I have my draft this week and can keep Tiki as a franchise player. We can only keep one player whom was draft in the 6th round or after. Other options aren't that great, Roy or Ricky Williams. Do I keep Tiki as a 3rd back and go RB/RB in the first two rounds or do I go RB/WR in the first two rounds and have Tiki as my #2 back? I draft 7th out 10 teams. Scoring system; 6pts for rush/rec TDs 1 pt for 50 yards rush and 1 pt for every 25 yards after and the same for rec.
  4. Tiki?

    Anyone else have an opinion?
  5. Tiki?

    Thanks guys. I was hoping everyone would tell me to keep him. I just needed some reassurance. All the backs are available except for McGahee and Jackson.
  6. 7th pick. Am i crazy?

    I have the 7th pick in my redraft, 10 team league and all along I have been debating on McAL, DD or Lewis. Assuming that LT, Alex, Holmes, Manning, C-Pep and Edge go 1-6. But I have been recently considering Dillon at this spot. Is this crazy? He is all but a lock to get 1,400 to 1,500 yards and 15 TDs. DD and Lewis scare me with all their injuries or getting injuried during the season and McAl I'm just not sure of the Saints and his desire. I also was considering Moss here and hope that Dillon would fall to 14, but that WILL NOT happen from what I hear from the owners that draft after me. I also tried trading down but had no takers or the deals were too weak. What do you guys think? Scoring system: 6 for rush/rec TDs and basic yardage bonus (no points for rec.)
  7. 7th pick. Am i crazy?

    Thanks for all your opinions. Any more?
  8. Please rate my team

    I think you have strong starters on both teams and OK backups. Your backup RBs may need help. I like TJ, but team 2 may need help especially if Green flops again.
  9. Chad Johnson

    Just preseason. I think the Bungels are going to breakout this year. Chad is a top 5 WR.
  10. Trade for an Eilte WR?

    I agree. Your WRs aren't that bad. I would wait. One of those rookie backs could exploded and their trade value will go up too.
  11. Here's the team Guys...

    Yeah, that was my first thought, your WRs, but I wasn't thinking you only play 1 each week. On the trade. I don't know if I would do it. I like Alex and Rudi but I think Perry will steal more than a couple carries a game. He looked good against the Pats the other night and he was their 1st round pick last year, so I see them using him a lot. I love LT and I can't wait to see Jordan as a #1 under Norv Turner ( good track record with RBs). But he could be a huge bust in the same breathe, but I doubt it.
  12. BEWARE! HAMMERIN HANK predicts blowout!

    I guess Hank being 7-3 in the playoffs doesn't mean anything. I had predicted the same score earlier in the week and I didn't lose any money this year. Final 27-10, maybe 27-14. Dillon the MVP.
  13. Super Bowl pools

    Just looking for any games or different pools to run at the parties. Are there any Super Bowl games or pools that anyone run or play in, other than the traditional 100 square pools?
  14. Who to run my league with?

    I have to agree with the other two, myfantasyleague. My league just switched this past year to myfantasyleague after several years of using cbssportsline. We just got fed up with the price going up every year. So I did the same thing you are doing, asking all the huddlers for their opinions and myfantasyleague was by far the winner. And after using the site for one year our league couldn't be happier. And as the commissioner I thought it was great. Easy to use and set-up and if you have any trouble at all the support crew of the site are very prompt and solve any problems that you aren't able to. Go with this site, you won't be disappointed and you'll save some $$$$ also by going with them.
  15. last minute help

    Who should I start this week? Scoring system; 6pts for rush and rec TDs 1 pt for the first 50 yards and 1 pt for every 25 yards after (both rush and rec.) RBs: start 2 McAL @ Atl Tiki vs Philly (in the rain) Taylor @ Minny Duckett vs NO Blaylock vs SD WRs: start 2 Holt @ GB (knee injury?) Clayton @ Car McCardell @ KC S. Moss @ Ariz
  16. last minute help

  17. WDIS (RB and DEF)

    I'd go with Minor only for the fact that TB's D will shutdown the run and on that note I'd say TB D is the play also. Checkout my post, thanks.
  18. Plummer or Vick today...

    I would have to agree, go with Vick. He'll have 100+ rushing and 200+ passing with a couple of scores. Checkout my post, thanks.
  19. snow in Denver

    Downpour rain and windy here in NE today. The rain is going to start at 1 and last until 10 tonight with wid gusts of 30-40 mph. Go with Smith.
  20. WDIS at RB and WR

    WDIS at RB and WR this week? Scoring system; 6 pts for rush and rec. TDs 1 pt for 1st 50 yards and 1 pt for every 25 yards after (rush and rec) RBs: start 2 McAl @ Atl Taylor @ Minny Tiki vs Philly Blaylock vs SD Duckett vs NO WRs: start 3 ( I already started R. Williams this week) so only two more Holt @ GB (injury and status unknown) McCardell @ KC Clayton @ Car S. Moss @ Ariz
  21. Boldin Worthy Yet

    No. Chad, Jackson and then Boldin, in that order. Checkout my post, thanks.
  22. Pull the trigger or not

    Yes. I don't think Jones does that every week. He could a one week wonder. He will be better next year. Checkout my post, thanks.
  23. Najeh Davenport on MNF

    Is Davenport even play himself? He hasn't play for several weeks. I think he is a too big of a risk. checkout my post, thanks.
  24. Go with Rudi. He may be up against the Steelers but he will at least get the number of carries to try and be able to do something. You just can't trust TJ and Smith.
  25. Tough WDIS questions

    Who I start at RB and WR postion this week? My league scoring system; 6pts rush and rec TDs 1pt for the first 50 yards rushing and 1 pt for every 25 after same for rec. RBs: start 2 LT @ Oak Tiki vs Atl F. Taylor vs Tenn Blaylock vs NE WRs: start 3 Holt @ Buf (sounds like it will raining) Clayton vs SF McCardell @ Oak Bennett @ Jax S. Moss @ Clev