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  1. Who would you guys play at flex?  

    Pick one,   .5 ppr


    1. Sanders vs Sea ( weather and Howard/Ajayi playing)

    2. Singletary vs Den

    3. Gallup @ NE (could have Gilmore covering him as Pats will double Cooper)

    4. Jamaal Williams @ SF (tough D)

    5. McLaurin vs Det (most likely covered by Slay)



  2. I have Mahomes.  If he doesn't play who should I go with?


    1. Wentz vs Chi

    2. Carr vs Det ( on waivers)

    3. Garoppolo @ Ariz ( on waivers) 


    Biggest thing with Jimmy G is that they play Thursday and I probably won't know if Mahomes or play or not by then.

  3. Ok so let me know if I am way over thinking this.  I am leading my game by 1.3 points and essential have won, but I have Juju left with my opponent not having anyone left to play.  My thinking is to bench Juju and take a goose egg and not take a chance of Juju committing a couple of turnovers which all turnovers are -1 point.  It is a .5 ppr league, but the way Juju's season has gone so far is I can see him do an end around on the first play and lose 10 yards, fumble and get hurt and not play the rest of the game (-2 points, I lose).  Is this over thinking or a genius move?

  4. Hey guys I may need some opinions on who to grab off waivers if Kamara doesn't play.  As of now I have Kamara and Sanders in my RB spots (Jacobs, Monty and singletary on byes). Below are the best options available.


    pick one;   .5 ppr


    1. C. Thompson vs Mia 

    2. R. Penny vs clev

    3. J. Williams vs det 

    4. Darrel Williams vs hous