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  1. In a .5 ppr league would you make this trade or is it crazy?


    I get;






    I give;



    M. Sanders


    It's a keeper league and Kamara and Adams are not eligible to keep while Gordon, Ekeler and Juju all are potential keepers.  I'm 1-3 and have to turn things around fast.  Is the trade fair or do you think I can more for Kamara or with that said should I just stand pat?


  2. In a full point ppr league would you do this trade?


    I get;

    Amari Cooper 

    give up;

    Aaron Jones


    We have a starting lineup option where we can play just 1 RB and 4 receivers (any combo of WRs and TEs) and my #1 RB is CMC.  Kelce is basically my #1 receiver.

  3. Another option possibility;


    I have Evan Engram and Njoku.  I don't need two TEs.  Is Njoku worth keeping on my roster?  I guess what I'm saying is would you drop Samuels or Njoku if you really wanted to get Hardman?  Also, should I consider keeping those two and maybe drop Wil "glassman" Fuller instead?

  4. What would you do?  Stay put or go for what could be the super sleeper?


    I have Curtis Samuels on my roster now, but with Tyreek Hill now out four to six week and Mecole Hardman is on waivers.


    Its a half point ppr league and I have Mahomes as my QB. Hard man would add depth as I already have Adams, Thomas, Dede, Fuller and Gallup on my roster.  We play three WRs weekly.


    Keep Samuels or pick up Hardman 

  5. My league forces us to draft 2 TEs, but we don't have to roster 2.  So I currently have Evan Engram and Njoku for TEs.  Should I wait and see how each players team uses them or cut one of them (thinking on dropping Njoku) to pick up a up a sleeper in the likes of Deebo Samuels, Mecole Hardman or James Washington.  There is many RBs available. The ones that come to mind are Mattison (minn) or Jaylon Samuels (Pitt). The league is a .5 ppr. The following are the WRs I already have.


    1. Devante Adams

    2. M. Thomas 

    3. Dede

    4. Fuller

    5. Curtis Samuels

  6. Am I over thinking this?  It's a full ppr league.  WDIS?


    1. Jones @ Chi


    2. Tyler Lockett @ SF


    I feel like I have to hit it big, after Mahomes and Hill under preformed.  Lockett has the higher ceiling and Jones has the higher floor, but has the tougher matchup.

  7. I have Gordon.  It still sounds like he is very questionable or even doubtful to play tonight.  If he does play, I know you always play your studs, but do I play a stud with a knee injury?  My other options to play are the following;


    full ppr:


    1. Aaron Jones @ Chi

    2. S. Ware vs LAC ( he is also very questionable to play)

    3. T. Lockett @ SF

    4. Ekeler @ KC ( doesn't sound like he is going to play)