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  1. I have Dak.  Four weeks ago I thought I was good to go and roll with Dak the rest of the season, but he has been a puddle lately and can't trust him now and in the playoffs.  McCown and Mariota are available on the waiver wire.  Should I grab one of these guys and if so which one?


    McCown vs KC

    Mariota vs Houston 

  2. Good problem to have but who would start?  


    Pick 2;   .5 ppr 


    T. Hill @ NYG

    Shepard vs KC

    G. Tate @ Chi

    Thielen vs LA Rams


    I could replace Melvin Gordon at the flex position with another one of the above players.  What do you all think?

  3. Is Marshawn worth keeping on my roster?  I also have Bell, Gordon, Kamara and Powell.  It's a .5 ppr league and players available on the waiver wire are below.  Should I drop Lynch for any of them for the rest of the season?





    J Stewart


  4. Is Mariota droppable? I have Dak as my #1 along with Goff.  I will ride Dak the rest of the way, so I guess my question is, should I keep Mariota or Goff as insurance or even better maybe drop both?


    Also, should I bother carrying Lynch anymore?  I have Bell, Gordon , Kamara and Powell as my other RBs.

  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for some help and advice on who to start at QB and WR this week.


    QBs; pick one


    1. Mariota @ KC (weather is going to be very cold)

    2. Stafford @ NYG (Giants playing good D lately and Stafford finger scares me)

    3. Palmer vs NO (normally Palmer would put up 300 and 3TDs against NO, but has struggled some this year)


    Taylor vs Clev and Flacco vs Philly are available on waivers


    WRs; pick 3 ( .5 ppr)


    1. O. Beckman vs Det ( clearly in my line-up)

    2. T Hill vs Tenn ( going against a bad Tenn secondary but very cold weather)

    3. D. Inman vs Oak ( scored in his last 3 games)

    4. S. Smith vs Phil ( Philly has struggled against the pass lately)

    5. S. Watkins vs Clev ( Browns are terrible, but weather could play a factor)

    6. AJ Green vs Pitt ( most likely not playing and if he does how well???) Not really considering him




  6. I'm an AJ Green owner and was looking for a couple WRs to step in. My sign. is below but I'm planning on dropping Fuller and Coleman to pick up Parker (Mia) and S. Smith (Balt), along with Miller (out) Ebron (in).


    Also, Sammy Watkins is available and I was thinking on taking a flier on him for the playoff stretch. Who would you drop to pick him up out of the choices bellow?


    1. TJ Yeldon

    2. James Starks

    3. Eli Rogers



    .5 ppr league