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  1. Who would you start his week at QB and WR from the list below?




    1. Rodgers @ Car

    2. Dak @ Oak

    3. Foles @ NYG


    WR;     .5  ppr ( pick 2)


    1. Thielen vs Cin

    2. Adams @ Car

    3. Hill vs Chargers

    4. Tate vs Chi

    5. Kupp @ Sea


  2. Two questions


    Who would you start at QB and Flex spot this week?


    QB;  pick one


    1. Dak @ NYG

    2. Winston vs Det

    3. McCown @ Den


    Flex spot;  pick one. ( .5 ppr)


    1. Melvin Gordon vs Was

    2. Kupp vs Philly

    3. G. Tate @ TB

    4. Adams @ Clev


  3. I have Dak.  Four weeks ago I thought I was good to go and roll with Dak the rest of the season, but he has been a puddle lately and can't trust him now and in the playoffs.  McCown and Mariota are available on the waiver wire.  Should I grab one of these guys and if so which one?


    McCown vs KC

    Mariota vs Houston 

  4. Good problem to have but who would start?  


    Pick 2;   .5 ppr 


    T. Hill @ NYG

    Shepard vs KC

    G. Tate @ Chi

    Thielen vs LA Rams


    I could replace Melvin Gordon at the flex position with another one of the above players.  What do you all think?

  5. Is Marshawn worth keeping on my roster?  I also have Bell, Gordon, Kamara and Powell.  It's a .5 ppr league and players available on the waiver wire are below.  Should I drop Lynch for any of them for the rest of the season?





    J Stewart


  6. Is Mariota droppable? I have Dak as my #1 along with Goff.  I will ride Dak the rest of the way, so I guess my question is, should I keep Mariota or Goff as insurance or even better maybe drop both?


    Also, should I bother carrying Lynch anymore?  I have Bell, Gordon , Kamara and Powell as my other RBs.