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  1. goalie merry-go-round

    My guess is that Belfour will end up in Philly.
  2. Granato to Avs

    What a load of B.S. Their custom? Like they are so much morally better than anyone else because before last year they never had to pony up the big dough to keep anyone. Get a grip and get off the holier than thou soapbox. thumbs_d
  3. Granato to Avs

    Detroit is more likely to go after Guerin than Selanne. I see them making a big push for CuJo when Hasek retires, and I'd actually rather see them go hard after Holik than for Guerin. With Igor likely gone and Yzerman out until at least January adding Holik would just make the Wings that much stronger up the middle with Federov, Datsyuk, Draper, and Holik.
  4. nik lidstrom

    Are you feeling well Az? I believe that's the first complimentary thing you've ever said about a Red Wing. eek!
  5. Which of the 3 Wings Cup teams was the best?

    only if it was the baby of a redwings fan, eh lerxst? brow seriously though, all he was saying is that being crippled in an accident doesn't turn an a$$hole into a saint. Exactly. Like I said before, there are MILLIONS of people who have it a lot worse off than that a-hole, so do not ask me to feel sympathy for him. It sucks what happened to him, but it must be nice to have all that money too to get the best doctors money can buy, a luxury 99.9% of the handicapped world doesn't have.How can you seriously call him an a-hole? Just because he was a tough physical defenseman? He was never lambasted around the league as being a dirty player like Kasper or Marchment. You should have sympathy for anyone that is put in that situation reguardless of if they have money or not. What a classless thing to say thumbs_d
  6. Conn Smythe? curious who you think

    I don't know, second in the playoffs in scoring while playing on one good knee. I think that deserves plenty of consideration, not to mention the great job he does on faceoffs, etc. Without his clutch goals in the Vancouver series we never would have made it to the second round.
  7. Conn Smythe? curious who you think

    I still say it's Yzerman.
  8. 5 best games of the playoff year

    No rip on you, just my opinion.
  9. 5 best games of the playoff year

    Carolina's come from behind against Montreal should be up there as well.
  10. Kudos to Carolina on a great run

    I thought the Canes played some of their best hockey in the beginning of this one, but once they had to abandon their system because we were up 2 goals it was all over. Hopefully they finish it out in front of the home fans in Hockeytown. BTW, that was a cheap shot by Fischer, he should be suspended for a game for that cross check to Westland's face. Intentional or not you must be more in control of your stick, and in this case it didn't look all that unintentional. thumbs_d
  11. The Professor takes the Canes to school

    When did I ever "bash" the Canes or say they didn't play a good game? I said the Wings had more and better quality scoring chances. We hit the post 5 times, not the outside of the post mind you, the inside. The Canes played well and stuck to their system but if you thought they played a better game than Detroit overall I think you're mistaken. Of course I was sweating it near the end, because I thought Detroit played a very good game but hadn't gotten it done on the scoreboard. Carolina is playing their system to a tee, getting some luck (which I believe you make your own luck sometimes), and getting great goaltending from Irbe. Why is it if I say I think the Wings played better overall and had more quality scoring chances it's presummed that I'm "bashing" the Canes and saying that they didn't play well? You Canes fans have a serious case of Rodney Dangerfield. thumbs_d
  12. Carolina is done

    Actually Lerxst Hates the Wings, he's a St. Louis fan.
  13. Stanley Cup Finals Game 2 Discussions

    Bull**** he told him. If Bourque hadn't ok'd it Sinden wouldn't have done the deal. He'd still be wiping egg off his face if he had done Bourque wrong. There would have been fan revolt in Boston.
  14. The Professor takes the Canes to school

    SOG are never a good guage of how well a team is playing. Try looking at quality scoring chances instead and you'd see the Wings far ahead of the Canes in Game 3.
  15. Stanley Cup Finals Game 2 Discussions

    What a crock. Bourque wanted to go to a team with the best chance of getting him a cup. Colorado offered a good enough package to Boston and Bourque ok'd the team. The Wings and Hasek did the same. It's amazing the rose colored glasses you have when remembering this scenario. thumbs_d