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  1. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    Who has the better year...Andrews or Waller??
  2. have bye week blues

    Shipp unless JJ is magically named the starter. Forget Moore until he is named the outright starter bye week six.
  3. Because of I need a bye week kicker and DST, I am in a tough situation... Here is my roster Starters CPepp Dillon Parker Ward Plax M.Anderson (flex) Heap Kicker (open none on roster at moment) Ravens DST BENCH M.Bennett, M.Moore, R.Dayne, J.Bettis, Bengals DST, J.Walker, K.Curtis, J.Wiggins I will need to use Wiggins and the Bengals this week - so they must stay. My options are to cut one of the Vikes RBs, R.Dayne (who may take over in Denver), Bettis, Walker, or Curtis Walker is a keeper - he stays. I do not want to cut the Vikes RBBC until I see who emerges... Curtis is a nice keeper player for the next three years I want to stash That leaves me with Bettis or Dayne to cut.... Who goes? Bettis or Dayne....one must be cut so I can pick up a kicker. I like Bettis as insurance for Parker I like Dayne because he could be the 1,000 yd rusher in Denver if Anderson falters help
  4. Straight up, forgetting all other players on my team...is this an upgrade? Keep in mind, I can keep Palmer and Johnson for another year next year and i get his 5th round pick next year..he can keep Plax and Walker from my team. Cpepp, Dillon, and Green cannot be kept. I am obviously down on CPepp and Dillon...and I understand A.Johnson is in a messy situation also I know before the draft..this deal looks like a absolute joke we me getting screwed.. Wake me up...tell me to keep the faith in Dillon and CPepp. I just think Dillon looks slow and has a very tough schedule. Cpepp is nicked up, his number one WR is hurt, and Tice is an idiot. Moss cannot cover up these issues anymore. Should I hold what I got or pull the trigger?
  5. my team CPepp Dillon Parker Ward Plax FLex (M.Anderson/R.Dayne/M.Moore/M.Bennett/K.Curtis) Heap Kicker Ravens DST here is the trade I give M.Anderson and Dayne and Curtis I get I.Bruce Will this improve my flex position? Am I better off keeping Dayne and Anderson for a while to see how it plays out? In effect, Bruce becomes my #2WR and Plax is my permanent Flex player. HELP.
  6. Should I trade Parker for P. Manning

    Would you still trade Parker for Manning if Parker was a keeper for the next three years and Manning was not a keeper?
  7. My team CPepp Dillon W.Parker H.Ward Plax M.Anderson/M.Moore/M.Bennett (Flex either WR or RB) Heap Kicker Ravens DST Bench R.Dayne, J.Bettis, K.Curtis, Bengals DST, Wiggins I give M.Anderson and K.Curtis I get I.Bruce Is my team stronger with Bruce plugged in as my flex player rather than Anderson or Moore or am I better off keeping what I get to see if one of the RBBC members takes the job outright.
  8. Quick Help Needed

    I have W.Parker and M.Anderson I also have J.Bettis on my team Would you rather have Bettis or R.Dayne as your backup RB? I only have room for one....
  9. Serioulsy, is there any hope for Culpepper?

    Looks like the Palmer owner is trying to play a little hardball... He also wants Plax in the deal... Here is the new deal I give CPepp, M.Anderson, Plax I get C.Palmer, A.green Keep in mind Plax is also a keeper player. Am I giving up way too much and selling CPepp way to low?
  10. Serioulsy, is there any hope for Culpepper?

    Here is my team....it may help you make recommendations... CPepp Dillon W.Parker H.Ward Plax M.Anderson/M.Moore/M.Bennett (awful) Heap Tynes (or whatever kicker I grab that week) Ravens DST Bench A.Battle, J.Walker (keeper), J.Wiggins, J.Bettis, K.Curtis With the trade.... I end up with this team Palmer Dillon Green Ward Plax W.Parker Heap Kicker Ravens DST is this better than what I got?
  11. I know it is bad to sell low....but, there are exceptions. For example, I know there are people who STILL believe Dante's bad performances over the past two weeks were isolated issues rather than a prediction of what is to come for the rest of the year. I fear that if I do not move him now and he sucks again, those fools will figure out what I already know....the Vikings are in real big trouble and will be all year. With that said, I am inclined to trade CPepp to one of these blind owners who might still give me some value in return. For example, would you make this deal... I give CPep, M.Anderson, K.Curtis I get Palmer and Green/Davenport Palmer and Davenport are keepers... What do you think of that deal? Am I crazy to move CPepp now?
  12. No laughing necessary....just advice needed

    Unfortunately, I already have both these gems on my roster...and with the death of J.Walker, need to use one as my flex player. M.Bennett - likely to spontaneously combust on field, have only 10 carries, and lose every possible goal line carry to Money Moe Williams. Anderson - playing in extreme pain, will lose carries to Bell and Dayne as pain meds start to wear off, may not even see the field in the second half.... K.Curtis will have lots of balls thrown his way... WDIS at flex?
  13. RB advice

    caddy is nursing a bad ankle...but his knee will most likely not explode during the game. S.Davis, even if healthy, faces a tough Pats Run D that held L.Jordan in check. S.Davis will again split carries, if he makes it to the fourth quarter. Play Caddy - who will not do great this week - but will at least play four quarters.