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  1. Tight End Help

    PPR league Ian Thomas vs New Orleans Cameron Brate at Baltimore
  2. Waiver Wire Pick Up?

    Who do you pick up for PPR? Please rank if you can Justin Jackson LAC @ KC Derrick Henry @ NYG Damien Williams vs LAC Elijah McGuire vs HOU Kenneth Dixon vs TB
  3. Choose one of the 3...

    Do I pick up Chris Thompson for Cameron brate or a defense ? I have Cameron brate and Jordan reed then chargers and chiefs.
  4. Choose one of the 3...

    Probably pick up ware now for sure ?
  5. Choose one of the 3...

    One point PPR. Which one of the following would you drop? Chris Thompson (back, healthy and PPR killer) Gus Edwards ( 2 great games but Collins is coming back ) Josh Adams ( now the lead back)
  6. Worth David Johnson?

    Do I bank on the Rbs I have then? I feel Chris Thompson in PPR if he i s healthy is startable and same with McCoy if he can get it going/. I just figure I got Thielen as a lock then I think Boyd will bounce back or JuJu will be solid going forward in the offense. Its a 2 RB, 2WR and Flex league
  7. Worth David Johnson?

    Yea he has Amendola, Fitz, Dorsett, Gabriel and Westbrook. Turned me down last week when I offered McCoy, Ebron and Juju for DJ and OJ Howard. Lucky they didn't take that. I took Bernard just in case he gets reps like he did when those few weeks before injury and usually does well in PPR. I am trying to get Rashad Penny or Derrick Henry on Waivers.
  8. Worth David Johnson?

    Trying to get David Johnson in a 12 Team PPR league. David Johnson for LeSean McCoy (trying to bank on his big game) and Tyler Boyd or JuJu Smith-Schuster.... too much for DJ? I have : RB: Kamara, McCoy, Nick Chubb, Gio Bernard, Elijah McGuire, Chris Thompson WR: Thielen, JuJu, Boyd, Valdez-Scantling
  9. Take risk on Bell??

    Idon't have Ingram and I just wanted to upgrade at RB since I have 3 solid WRs and only need 2.
  10. Take risk on Bell??

    No I knew you guys are right. Just didn't make sense and more frustrated no one else is in the mood to trade in the league. Trying to get David Johnson for Smith-Schuster (possibly one of those other RBs I have_) because he needs a WR badly and I need a RB.
  11. Take risk on Bell??

    No you're probably right. Just me and wishful thinking. I am just trying to find a trade but this is my only opportunity since everyone else is stubborn. Fine by me if he sits out and some of the rumors are true and he's looking at the Colts!
  12. Take risk on Bell??

    Yes Boyd has been legit and Chubb is now a RB1. After this week I will have Schuster and Thielen as my two WR so won't need Boyd. RB will be the risk but I have Kamara in #1. Yea I will be risking #2 and #3 on McGuire (who they say could start taking the lead back role since Crowell isn't running away with it), McCoy (yea he has sucked this year and it's the Bills but it is McCoy and has the potential in PPR), Thompson (if he is healthy he can have the potential in PPR), then who knows with Gio. I can go pick up Ito Smith, Sproles/Adams/Smallwood, Chris Carson, Frank Gore as well.
  13. Take risk on Bell??

    12 Team PPR League- Do I trade Nick Chubb and Tyler Boyd for Le'Veon Bell? I currently have: QB: Brees, Ryan RB: Kamara, McCoy, Chris Thompson, Chubb, Gio Bernard, Elijah McGuire WR: Thielen, Smith-Schuster, Tyler Boyd and Valdez-Scantling TE: Ebron
  14. Trade for D.Johnson

    I am trying to get DJ as well. Tough to give up Evans though. I say take it if you like Edelman and Lockett to fill in. I am trying to get DJ by trading JuJu, Chubb and Ebron for DJ, Larry Fitz and OJ Howard. Thoughts?
  15. Take the tradE?

    12 Team PPR I would get: David Johnson (I keep seeing to trade for after new OC) Larry Fitz (New OC said he wants to revitalize his career) OJ Howard I would give up: Chubb (rookie and do I trust him?) JuJu Smith-Schuster (Brown and Conner taking away his looks) Ebron (Doyle is back and taking away his looks)( I have RB: LeSean McCoy, Kamara, Chris Thompson, Elijah McGuire WR: Thielen, Tyler Boyd and DJ Moore