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  1. Vampire league suggestions

    I'm not going to make anyone be the vampire. I'll let people choose if they'd like to be or not, and do a dice roll between whoever volunteers.
  2. Vampire league suggestions

    Matthew Berry has been talking about the Vampire League he is in this year and I'm looking to start one next year. For anyone not familiar with this, it's a league where one guy (the vampire) doesn't draft at all. After the other 9 or 11 teams draft (depending on if it's a 10 or 12 team league), the vampire selects his roster off of the waiver wire. Every week, if the vampire wins his game, he gets to trade one of his starting players for a player from his opponent's starting lineup at the same position (so if the vampire wins, he could trade one of his rbs for a starting rb off of the other team). Since he can only trade for players his opponent starts that week, his opponent has the option of leaving his best players on the bench, taking a loss and thus limiting the players the vampire can choose. I think this sounds like a lot of fun, but he has two rules I'm not sure if I would institute. One is that the teams that draft can't do any add/drops all year. The other is that he doesn't allow any trades other than the vampire/losing team trades. Instead of not allowing the teams that draft to do add/drops, I think I would change it so that the vampire can do as many add/drops as he wants on Wednesday, then the rest of the league goes through waivers on Thursday. So they can still make moves, but the vampire has first dibs on everyone. I think I would also allow trades. For one thing, I always want to encourage owners to stay as active as possible. Second, it could help out the vampire. Let's say the Vampire owns Mahomes and AJ Green. The week he plays the guy who owns (and starts) Matt Ryan and Michael Thomas, Mahomes has the bye and he picks up Eli Manning to start. If the Vampire wins that week, he could trade Eli for Matt Ryan, which would make the other team much weaker but doesn't help the vampire at all (he already has a great QB in Mahomes). So he'd probably trade Green for Thomas, even though the upgrade isn't as big. If you do allow trades, he could trade Eli for Ryan, then flip Matt Ryan for an upgrade elsewhere. Does anyone already play in a league like this? What are you rules? Would you change them if you could?
  3. Have anyone of you ever seen a team this hot?

    I've seen teams get hot before. And I've seen teams with longer winning streaks before. But I've never seen a team finish with high points 4 weeks in a row (barely missing out on the 5th week), while outscoring the league average by over 50% (league average is 99 points, he's averaging over 150).
  4. Have anyone of you ever seen a team this hot?

    That's the thing. His opponents haven't even mattered because he finished 2nd in points the first week and 1st the last 4 weeks in a row. I've seen longer undefeated streaks, but this guy is just crushing everyone. His average weekly score is 50% higher than everyone else in the league besides me.
  5. I've probably been playing fantasy football for close to 20 years and have never seen a team as hot as one in my league this year. Have any of you ever seen a team start off like this? It's a 12 team keeper league. Not only did he start off 5-0, but he finished 2nd in points scored week one and 1st in points the last 4 weeks in a row. We use a lower scoring system (only .5ppr, 4pts per passing td, only 1 pt every 25 passing yards) so scoring is generally lower in this league. I have the 2nd best team in the league, the bottom 10 teams in this league is averaging 99 points per game. I'm averaging 140 points per game but I still lose ground every week because he is averaging 155. I'm 40% better than the average team in this league but still lose ground every week! I have probably the best team I've ever had and need to make a move to avoid finishing 2nd. Has anyone ever seen a team this much more dominant over everyone else? In case any of you are wondering, his roster is Deshaun Watson, Gurley, Gordon, Thielen, Golladay, Ebron and either Robert Woods or James White at flex. I have Cam (or Goff depending on matchup), David Johnson, Peterson, Tyreek HIll, and either James Conner, Matt Breida or Alfred Morris at Flex.
  6. I'm wondering how you guys would handle this situation. Sorry for having such a long post but I want to make sure you guys have the information you need to give me an opinion. 12 team keeper league with very simple keeper rules. You keep two players as long as you want. It doesn't matter where you drafted them, so value doesn't come into account. You simply keep your best two players. You can trade players for draft picks in this league. So usually once teams start falling out of it, they start offering everyone on their roster except for their best two players in exchange for draft picks. One occasion, teams have traded their best player for draft picks then trade for a different keeper before the draft. It makes a lot of sense to do this, because you can get a lot more during the season than before the draft. For example, last year during the season I had to give up 3rd and 4th round picks for Carlos Hyde, but before the draft I traded McCaffery to the same team before the draft in exchange for his 5th round pick. So he got a much better keeper and had better draft picks. I honestly don't know why more teams don't take this approach. Anyways, one team in my league is going to be 0-5 after this week and his only two good players are Antonio Brown and Jordan Howard. I sent him an email and told him I wanted to trade draft picks for Jordan Howard. I said that he'd be giving up one of his keepers, but he'd be able to get a better keeper than Howard in exchange for a lower draft pick next year. Worst case scenario, I'd be willing to trade him back Howard cheap before the draft. So in reality, He'd get an extra 2nd round pick in exhange for renting Howard for 10 weeks. I told him to let me know what round pick he'd want in exchange. I never heard back from him, but the next day he posted on the website that he'd be willing to trade either Brown (who I didn't think he'd be willing to trade) and Howard. He said he'd either want other keepers or a first round pick in exchange for either. I understood, figured it made sense to see what the market was for them instead of immediately accepting my offer. I offered him my 1st and 2nd round picks for both. Told him that I should finish in the top two if I make the trade, so the 2nd round pick would be no later that 14th overall. I also told him I'd be willing to sweeten the deal with a middle round pick if that's what it took to get it done. He rejected the offer with no counteroffer. I thought maybe he was sticking to his guns and insisted on 1st round picks for either. So I offered him a first round pick for Brown. I also told him I'd be willing to throw in a later round pick just to get it done. The trades been sitting there for days with no response. I emailed him yesterday asking if he gave my offer any consideration and I never heard back from him. I don't get it. I understand him not accepting my original offer, but he said he wanted a first round pick in exchange for him. That's what I offered, I thought he'd accept it. I understand if maybe he's emailing owners saying he was offered a first round pick and wanted to see if he could get anyone to give up more, but I'd think he'd do that on the message board. Am I only here, or would you guys be kind of frustrated if you were in my shoes? There are other teams out there I'd trade draft picks for, but I can't afford to make those trades along with this one, and this is the best trade for me. So now I'm kind of handcuffed until he lets me know what's going on
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. The commissioner texted me today and said everyone finally paid and I'll get my money tomorrow. I suggest a new rule for next year. Everyone needs to pay three weeks before the draft. If you aren't paid by the deadline, you are out and we'll find a replacement. It won't be super easy to find replacements, I'm just hoping the fear of getting kicked out will be enough to motivate to pay.
  8. I got screwed in the league I run before. Most of the people paid up front, but there were a few that didn't pay until the season ended. I didn't care because we charge for transactions so I needed to collect after the season anyways. One guy was always a pain to collect from but eventually he'd pay me. Then one year he kept putting me off and eventually stopped answering my calls. I ended up paying his portion out of my pocket.
  9. He told me to put it towards his entry fee next year, but I think he is severely underestimating how much he won. He won $550 and the entry fee is only $170 so I assume he doesn't realize how much he won.
  10. So far everyone I've told said the same thing, keep the brothers winnings. I just feel bad because technically the guy I'm stiffing wasn't responsible for the other league. But if it is his friends who owe, he can press them to pay. If if they aren't his friends, he has to know someone else in the league who can press on the deadbeat owners. I had a situation in my league years ago where one owner refused to pay after the season. He refused to take my calls or return texts. I ended up paying what he owed out of my own pocket because the league winners expected what was promised to them and as commissioner I owed them what was promised. I'm just disappointed that neither of these brothers are stepping up to resolve this.
  11. I’ve never encountered this in my twenty years of playing fantasy sports, so I’d like to get some feedback on this. Sorry for the long explanation, but feel you would need to know all the details to make a judgement I’ve run my league for 15 years now and there is a set of brothers in the league (I’ll call them Mike and Bob). I’ve known Mike for 25 years, he used to be a friend back in my bar days but now I only see him at the draft and maybe one other time a year. I’ve only known Bob for 3 years since he joined my league. Draft day is the only time I ever have contact with him. Both brothers are also in my 11-year-old keeper league and Mike is the commissioner. This league uses an online draft and I don’t know a single other owner in the league, but I’ve been told that most of them are Bob’s friends. After last year, Mike said that he was done running the league because he kept having issues with people not paying on time. Because it’s an online draft and we don’t meet up, he has to rely on people mailing him checks and he said that he’s sick of having to hound the same people every year to get them to pay. I told him I was willing to take over as commissioner (this is my only keeper league and I really like the format) but wanted the names of the problem owners. I was going to tell these owners they needed to pay in full a few weeks before the draft and if they didn’t pay in time I would find replacement owners. He told me that he changed his mind and he would stay on as commissioner. He was mostly just venting and that even though he hates having to bug people to pay, everyone ends up paying him so it’s not a big deal. So anyways, this year I was the big winner of the league. I won the championship, total points and 5 high weeks. The entry fee was $100 and I ended up winning $650. Two weeks after the season, Mike sends an email to the entire league. He said half the owners never paid and he’s sick of chasing them down. It’s now the responsibility of the owners who still owe to contact him and arrange payment. He also said that he isn’t going to pay any of the winners until everyone has paid. I waited a couple days and emailed Mike and asked how many still owe and he said all of them. One of the 6 owners emailed him and send he would mail a check but he never even heard back from the other owners. He said most of the guys who owe are Bob’s friends but him and Bob got in a fight and aren’t speaking to one another. He asked me to text Bob and tell him to text his friends and tell them to pay. I texted Bob and he said he would try texting people to let them know but this is all his brother’s fault since he didn’t make them pay up front. I also personally emailed all of the owners who owe and politely asked them to pay so the winners could get paid. I haven’t heard from Mike, Bob or any of the other owners since. So as it currently stands, 6 of the 12 teams never paid. But 3 of those six that won ended up winning at least $100 so their winnings cover their entry fees, so basically three owners still owe. The commissioner isn’t really doing anything about it because he blames his brother since they are his friends. The brother is blaming the commissioner for allowing them to play without paying. And only me and one other owner are actually owed any money (the rest of the winners won just enough to cover the entry fees) so none of the other owners who did pay care. And I’m out $650. By my math, the commissioner collected from 9 of the 12 teams once you included those who won enough to cover their fees, so he should pay me $487 (75% of what I won). That to me is non-negiotiable. In my opinion, he should pay the rest of what he owes me out of his own pocket since he is the one who dropped the ball and didn’t collect, but I know he will never agree to that. Here's where my ethics question comes into play. Bob finished second in my league and won $550. Is it wrong for me to hold his winnings from my league as ransom until I get paid from the other league. On one hand, I feel bad doing this because the leagues are totally separate and he’s not the commissioner of that league. On the other hand, it’s (from what I was told) mostly his friends who haven’t paid. Right now, he has no incentive to make those guys pay since he’s not getting any of the money. But if it means that he doesn’t get his money he has more incentive to push them to pay. And it’s not my fault that the other league was run poorly so why should I be the one that gets screwed in the end? What do you guys think?
  12. Is this collusion?

    I talked about this with the commissioner and he agreed with me. He’s fine with me making the trade and he’s fine with me telling the other guy that I would give him first chance at Hunt next year and giving him the opportunity to match any offers I have for Hunt. But he’s uncomfortable with me agreeing up front to trade Hunt to him after the season because of the precedent it sets. I agree with him about this 100% and now just hope the Freeman owner sees that, regardless, this is a great deal for him to make.
  13. Is this collusion?

    We only get to keep two players and I'm keeping AJ Green and Beckham and would be trading Hunt and Freeman (just because WRs have longer shelf lives)
  14. Is this collusion?

    I see your point, but wasn't trying to be shady. My exact words were "I'd be looking for a 3rd round pick for either Hunt or Freeman next year". I worded it this way intentionally, partially because that's generally how much people are willing to give up in situations like this. But I mostly worded it this way because I was afraid it could be considered collusion if I agreed up front. I figured if I said "I'll trade him to you next year for a 3rd round pick" it could set a bad precedent. In this league, since you keep 2 players each year, the teams that are in last generally keep their best two players and then try trading away the rest of their roster for draft picks. So generally there are no real earthshaking trades that really change the balance of the league. But if teams start agreeing in advance to basically rent players for the remainder of the year in exchange for moving up in the draft the following year, more teams would probably be willing to deal their top players and you could see teams really tip the scales for the rest of the year.
  15. Is this collusion?

    I'm in a keeper league where you keep two players. Before keepers are due at the beginning of the season before the draft, you can trade draft picks in the upcoming draft for better keepers. During the season, you can also trade draft picks in next years draft for players this year. I offered a guy my first round pick next year for Devonte Freeman, which leaves him with only one good keeper option next year (Mark Ingram). I told him that I will have extra keeper options next year (AJ Green, Beckham, Hunt, Freeman if he accepts the trade) and will be dealing Hunt and Freeman before the draft. I said that realistically I'll be looking for a 3rd round pick for Hunt or Freeman. So I told him that if he made the trade and then dealt a 3rd round pick for either Hunt/Freeman or a better keeper option next year, he'd basically be upgrading his 3rd round pick to a 1st round pick at no cost to him. He wants me to put in writing that I'll trade him Hunt for my 3rd round pick next year. Would you consider this collusion? I don't feel bad implying that we could make this deal next year, but realistically figured I'd put Hunt and Freeman on the trade block before the draft, then give this guy final chance to beat any offers I get. I think it might be crossing the line to officially make a deal for next year, however. What do you guys think?