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  1. 2 keeper league...who to keep?

    This again sounds just like my league. I actually hate the format, but it's a 12 team league and at least half the league has no idea what they are doing, so I just won my 2nd straight title and 5th in the last 10 years. Under our keeper rules, if a player doesn't have a ADP in the top 24, you are wasting that keeper pick. Our league only awards 4pts per passing td and 1 pt every 25 passing yards, so most years you could argue that there isn't a single QB worth keeping. Yet this year 3 qbs were kept (Brady, Rodgers and Wentz). Someone kept Larry Fitzgerald this year even though he had an ADP in the 4th round, then they wonder why they always finish at the bottom
  2. 2 keeper league...who to keep?

    My keeper league is the exact same format. Personally, I'd keep AB and Julio. Because of the format, if you don't keep 1 guy with an ADP in the top 10 and another within the top 20 you are starting behind the 8 ball. It's still early and a ton can change, but CBS has Julio and AB going at picks 11/12. DJ isn't until 15, Chubb is 28 and Kittle is 32. The other key factor is age. AB is 30 and Julio is 29 but WRs can last a lot longer than RBs. Larry Fitzgerald is 35 and on the right team would be a high-end wr2. So you are hoping that you could get a minimum of 4-5 more years from both. DJ is 27 so he only has a few more years until you have to worry about him falling off.
  3. Eliminated Owner No Longer Cares, But Making A Trade

    Actually, this brings up a fun topic. Let's try guessing Lone Star's next question. I'll go with this one. One owner in my league is sleeping with a 2nd owner's wife. The 2nd owner just found out and is demanded the first owner trade him his best players as punishment. Should I allow this trade to go through, since the 1st owner obviously should be punished, or veto the trade since the affair didn't take place within the confines of the league?
  4. Eliminated Owner No Longer Cares, But Making A Trade

    Good point, but I'm typing a sentence here or there. This guy, every single day, comes up with these long, elaborate situations that he's obviously making up, then spend the time typing it out and creating a poll.
  5. Eliminated Owner No Longer Cares, But Making A Trade

    How bored are you that you have enough free time to come up with all of the BS made up scenarios all of the time?
  6. The eggs in the same basket approach

    This is the kind of bad luck you can do nothing about. Me and one other team ran away with the top 2 seeds in my keeper league. Both of us set the new record for points in a season by a ton (old record was 1370, this season I scored 188 and he scored 1700). He got bounced this week. He was without Gordon and James White, Thielen and Ebron combined for 8 points. I will hopefully win (I'm up 25 and have Lutz, he has Mark Ingram) but it was a lucky victory. I had by far my lowest score of the year, but my opponent had Miller, Chubb, Lockett and Gronk combine for 19.
  7. The eggs in the same basket approach

    It's actually pretty funny how this whole trade worked out. Part of the reason I made this trade is I was 4-0 and playing the only other 4-0 team in my division week 5. This was the only time I was going to play that team all year, and I really thought at the time this game could determine the division champ (and first round bye). I was scared because the Chiefs were playing the Jags, so I shopped around Hunt and DJ was the best offer I got. I accepted the trade, and ended up winning big anyways. The guy who got Hunt off of me actually expressed regret after that week (DJ scored 19 week 5, Hunt scored 14.5) but I didn't want to trade back. That next week is when Hunt went on his massive run, and DJ continued to just be a low-end RB1, high-end RB2. The other owner kept texting me to thank me for giving him the firepower he needed to compete. I ended up winning 1st overall seed and total points without Hunt, so it didn't hurt me. I kept telling myself that hopefully DJ has a big week in the playoffs so it all would work out in the end. Of course, Hunt goes on to be suspended, so I essentially got a low-end RB1 for free. On top of that, the guy who traded for Hunt didn't have Ware. When I saw this I decided it would be for the best to pick up my RB handcuffs and since I had James Conner I picked up Samuels. So it turns out that next week, I'm going to be playing the guy who I made the trade with in the finals. He's shorthanded, he's without Hunt and will probably be without Keenan Allen or Tyler Boyd. He will be a big underdog, so this trade probably won me the championship in the most indirect route ever.
  8. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    There is no possible way you have this much drama in your leagues. Either you are making all of these issues up, or you have the worst luck of anyone I've ever known
  9. Happened a few years ago in my league. I forget the exact circumstances, but I'm pretty sure a Brees TD pass was ruled a lateral and a team that had won by less than a point ended up winning. This happened Championship week and it was after I put in the matchups, so I had to call someone to tell them that instead of playing for the championship, they were now playing for 3rd place. That was a fun phone call to make
  10. The eggs in the same basket approach

    I agree during the regular season, but come playoffs when it's one-and-done, I want to diversify. I'm not going to downgrade, but if I can get an equal player from another team rather than start 3 players from the same team, I'm going to do it.
  11. The eggs in the same basket approach

    In 2004, one guy in my league Payton Manning and two other Colts (it was some combination of Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne or Dallas Clark, I forget which 2). This was the year that Manning set the single-season passing TD record and this owner crushed us all during the regular season. We kept warning him that the Colts played the Ravens week 15 and it was risky to have that many players from one team going up against that defense. We offered him trades but he was going to ride it out. Well, Week 15 Manning scored 13 points, Edge scored 14, Wayne scored 12 points and Clark scored 1.5 and the guy got killed. Didn't even make the finals This year I started off the year with Hunt, Hill and Kelce. I remembered that guy and traded Hunt for David Johnson around week 5 and Hill for Antonio Brown a few weeks ago. Considering no matter what I get from DJ will be more than I would have gotten from Hunt this week and Hill had a bad game, I'm thinking I made the right move
  12. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    How many teams in recent history have supported 2 top fantasy wrs? I'm not trying to prove a point, I'm legitimately asking. If you think JuJu is going to move into that top tier, would you drop Brown down a tier?
  13. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    I wouldn't say you are wrong for this. It's just, personally, if I were drafting I'd rather take all of those guys I listed in the top tier before him.
  14. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    TDs are pretty random for WRS, so for WRs I tend to ignore those. I mean, Julio went 7 games without one, but now has 5 in the last 6 games. And in those first 7 games, he was still getting a ton of receptions and yards. AJ averages 14 games a season over his career, but he's averaging 11 over his last 3 years. And this year and in 2016, the games he missed were at the end of the year so he's not helping you at all during the end of the fantasy football season or in the playoffs. I might be more forgiving of the missed games if the occurred in the beginning or middle of the season and then he comes back strong. But in 2 of the last 3 years, I've spent my playoff runs trying to juggle my roster to cover for him. Plus he's 30. It's not like he's really old, but old enough where these recent injuries concern me. And I'll admit, that since I've owned him in those 2 years where he missed all of the games that I'm biased. I'd rather pass on him and be proven wrong if he has a big game than take him and have him miss games again.
  15. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    Personally, I'd bump Tyreek and OBJ down to the top of tier 2. Tyreek scares me, he seems too big play dependent. I have OBJ in a keeper league and he worries me. It just seems like there's always something going on with him, whether it's his health or he's having a meltdown. I would not put Green in the tier 2. I used to have him in my keeper league and I drafted him as my WR1 in my other league this year and can honestly say I will never draft him again. He misses too many games. As of now, I have top three tiers at RB and two at WR that I would use to prioritize my draft (I'd go RB tier 1, RB tier 2, WR tier 1, WR tier 2, RB tier 3). After that, as far as RB tier 4 and WR tier 3, I don't really rank them like that because that's the time where I would start drafting based on team need.