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  1. The eggs in the same basket approach

    This is the kind of bad luck you can do nothing about. Me and one other team ran away with the top 2 seeds in my keeper league. Both of us set the new record for points in a season by a ton (old record was 1370, this season I scored 188 and he scored 1700). He got bounced this week. He was without Gordon and James White, Thielen and Ebron combined for 8 points. I will hopefully win (I'm up 25 and have Lutz, he has Mark Ingram) but it was a lucky victory. I had by far my lowest score of the year, but my opponent had Miller, Chubb, Lockett and Gronk combine for 19.
  2. The eggs in the same basket approach

    It's actually pretty funny how this whole trade worked out. Part of the reason I made this trade is I was 4-0 and playing the only other 4-0 team in my division week 5. This was the only time I was going to play that team all year, and I really thought at the time this game could determine the division champ (and first round bye). I was scared because the Chiefs were playing the Jags, so I shopped around Hunt and DJ was the best offer I got. I accepted the trade, and ended up winning big anyways. The guy who got Hunt off of me actually expressed regret after that week (DJ scored 19 week 5, Hunt scored 14.5) but I didn't want to trade back. That next week is when Hunt went on his massive run, and DJ continued to just be a low-end RB1, high-end RB2. The other owner kept texting me to thank me for giving him the firepower he needed to compete. I ended up winning 1st overall seed and total points without Hunt, so it didn't hurt me. I kept telling myself that hopefully DJ has a big week in the playoffs so it all would work out in the end. Of course, Hunt goes on to be suspended, so I essentially got a low-end RB1 for free. On top of that, the guy who traded for Hunt didn't have Ware. When I saw this I decided it would be for the best to pick up my RB handcuffs and since I had James Conner I picked up Samuels. So it turns out that next week, I'm going to be playing the guy who I made the trade with in the finals. He's shorthanded, he's without Hunt and will probably be without Keenan Allen or Tyler Boyd. He will be a big underdog, so this trade probably won me the championship in the most indirect route ever.
  3. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    There is no possible way you have this much drama in your leagues. Either you are making all of these issues up, or you have the worst luck of anyone I've ever known
  4. Happened a few years ago in my league. I forget the exact circumstances, but I'm pretty sure a Brees TD pass was ruled a lateral and a team that had won by less than a point ended up winning. This happened Championship week and it was after I put in the matchups, so I had to call someone to tell them that instead of playing for the championship, they were now playing for 3rd place. That was a fun phone call to make
  5. The eggs in the same basket approach

    I agree during the regular season, but come playoffs when it's one-and-done, I want to diversify. I'm not going to downgrade, but if I can get an equal player from another team rather than start 3 players from the same team, I'm going to do it.
  6. The eggs in the same basket approach

    In 2004, one guy in my league Payton Manning and two other Colts (it was some combination of Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne or Dallas Clark, I forget which 2). This was the year that Manning set the single-season passing TD record and this owner crushed us all during the regular season. We kept warning him that the Colts played the Ravens week 15 and it was risky to have that many players from one team going up against that defense. We offered him trades but he was going to ride it out. Well, Week 15 Manning scored 13 points, Edge scored 14, Wayne scored 12 points and Clark scored 1.5 and the guy got killed. Didn't even make the finals This year I started off the year with Hunt, Hill and Kelce. I remembered that guy and traded Hunt for David Johnson around week 5 and Hill for Antonio Brown a few weeks ago. Considering no matter what I get from DJ will be more than I would have gotten from Hunt this week and Hill had a bad game, I'm thinking I made the right move
  7. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    How many teams in recent history have supported 2 top fantasy wrs? I'm not trying to prove a point, I'm legitimately asking. If you think JuJu is going to move into that top tier, would you drop Brown down a tier?
  8. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    I wouldn't say you are wrong for this. It's just, personally, if I were drafting I'd rather take all of those guys I listed in the top tier before him.
  9. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    TDs are pretty random for WRS, so for WRs I tend to ignore those. I mean, Julio went 7 games without one, but now has 5 in the last 6 games. And in those first 7 games, he was still getting a ton of receptions and yards. AJ averages 14 games a season over his career, but he's averaging 11 over his last 3 years. And this year and in 2016, the games he missed were at the end of the year so he's not helping you at all during the end of the fantasy football season or in the playoffs. I might be more forgiving of the missed games if the occurred in the beginning or middle of the season and then he comes back strong. But in 2 of the last 3 years, I've spent my playoff runs trying to juggle my roster to cover for him. Plus he's 30. It's not like he's really old, but old enough where these recent injuries concern me. And I'll admit, that since I've owned him in those 2 years where he missed all of the games that I'm biased. I'd rather pass on him and be proven wrong if he has a big game than take him and have him miss games again.
  10. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    Personally, I'd bump Tyreek and OBJ down to the top of tier 2. Tyreek scares me, he seems too big play dependent. I have OBJ in a keeper league and he worries me. It just seems like there's always something going on with him, whether it's his health or he's having a meltdown. I would not put Green in the tier 2. I used to have him in my keeper league and I drafted him as my WR1 in my other league this year and can honestly say I will never draft him again. He misses too many games. As of now, I have top three tiers at RB and two at WR that I would use to prioritize my draft (I'd go RB tier 1, RB tier 2, WR tier 1, WR tier 2, RB tier 3). After that, as far as RB tier 4 and WR tier 3, I don't really rank them like that because that's the time where I would start drafting based on team need.
  11. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    Conner scares me. Pitt spent the entire offseason and preseason thinking Bell would come back. Hell, I bet Pitt (regardless of if they'll admit it or not) spent the entire first half of the season thinking he'll come back. How much of Conner's usage had to do with not having enough time to come up with a different plan. I think he'll be ok next year, but I would put him in the 3rd tier. Might seem like it's splitting hairs, but here's why it makes a big difference in my mind. That top tier I'm taking with the first 3 picks. That second tier, I'm more than likely taking with picks 4-6, but I would argue if you want to take a top WR in that range instead. That third tier (Fournette, Chubb, Mixon, Conner), I'm definitely taking a WR over them.
  12. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    I agree with tiers 1 and 2 (but I might put DJ in that tier 2). Then I'd go take one of the top wrs before I take any of the rbs in tier 3. That said, I see a big letdown for Lindsay next year. I forget the exact numbers, but Lindsay is at the top of the league in yards before contact and towards the bottom in yards after contact. He might have a good year, but I don't see him living up to his draft position.
  13. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    This is why personally I want the 2nd pick next year. Then you take whoever is left and don't have to second guess youself. This year I had the #4th overall pick. I ended up with Zeke, but if I had the 3rd pick I would have taken DJ over him. Last year I had the option of either the 1st or 2nd pick. I chose 1st and took DJ. Had I taken 2nd, I would have ended up with Bell.
  14. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    I'd put McCaffery in that 2nd tier. The way I see it now, you have Barkley/Gurley/Zeke as the top 3. Then you have McCaffery, Kamara, Gordon and maybe Bell (depending on where he signs) in the 2nd tier. Then a pretty big drop off. So my point is my favorite draft spot would be the #3 spot (where I could get whoever is left and have an earlier 2nd round pick), then #2, then #1 followed by #6 and working my way up.
  15. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    Right, I'm speaking as of now, but the only way I see this changing is one of those guys getting hurt and falling down the rankings. They are so far ahead of everyone else I don't see how anyone could join that tier. I don't trust Bell, regardless of where he signs. I don't know how that year off will affect him. Hunt might have joined them, but not now. Kamara is close, but I'd but him at the top of the next tier.
  16. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    I usually see it as tiers at the top of the draft. This year Bell/Gurley were in that top tier, then DJ/Zeke. You could make an argument for either Bell or Gurley at 1st overall, then DJ or Zeke at 3rd. Next year I think that top tier will be Gurley/Zeke/Barkley and you could pick any one of them 1st overall. Personally, I'd rather have the 3rd pick, get whoever is left and pick sooner in the 2nd round.
  17. High Stakes League?

    I tend to be more cautious in my "higher-stakes" league. The higher the money involved, the more stressed out I become, so I take less risk. Let me put it this way. In my regular league I waited at QB and took Luck and was fine with that decision. If I was a "high-stakes" league, I would have taken a different QB and not taken the health risk with Luck
  18. High Stakes League?

    Ok, I see why you were saying that now. I meant personally among my friends. Correct, on here random joes could care less.
  19. Making a statement by benching

    It really sucks when something shady happens like this. A few years ago in a baseball league, one guy went to China for work. While he was over there, he had a couple guys in his starting lineup get injured and the following week he still had them in his starting lineup. Well, the commish needed that guy to win in order to make the playoffs. Surprisingly, there was a "glitch" on the website where everyone's starting lineups were taken down and everyone needed to put in their starting lineups again. Since the guy in China couldn't be reached, the commish just set his lineup for him, taking out the injured players. Needless to say, most people quit the league the following year.
  20. High Stakes League?

    I guess I have a better group of fantasy football friends than you do. Because we go all out to beat one another in the leagues we are in together, but are really good at giving advice and helping each other in the league where we aren't
  21. Making a statement by benching

    I had something kind of similar happen in my baseball league a few years ago. It was a winner-take-all league and I made the finals. Since it's baseball, we could make weekly transactions and I noticed that a team that was eliminated the first week of the playoffs was still doing add/drops. I questioned why he was making moves when he was eliminated and the commissioner (the only person in the league that I knew) said that technically that guy was still competing to win the game that determined 7th and 8th place. I pointed out that this made no sense to me because it was a money league and me and one other guy were competing for a couple hundred dollars and one guy is picking up guys that could determine our game because he was "competing for 7th place". Besides, he was the only guy who lost who was still making lineup changes so he was guaranteed to win based on the fact that the guy he was playing already gave up. Anyways, the message board got pretty ugly between me and the people who defended the other guy (interestingly enough, he never responded to any of this). Everyone else felt like I was in the wrong. I won the league, took the money and never joined again. I would do the same thing if I were you. Go all out in hopes of winning, then quit the league and don't look back. One of two things is going on, either it's a poorly run league and stuff like this is going to happen again, or he is trying to pull something shady and he got caught. Regardless, there are enough other leagues out there where you shouldn't have to worry about either scenario happening.
  22. High Stakes League?

    All depends on your point of view and why you are wondering. Like, I know my $300 league wasn't a high stakes league, but to me it was, I managed it differently. I didn't take as many risks. So if you asked me if I was in a high-stakes league I would say no. But if I was asking for advice about this league, I told people this was my high-stakes league, hoping they would be more careful giving me advice.
  23. High Stakes League?

    Again, to each his own but for me this is totally true. I play in a few leagues (where the entry fees are all around $100. The way it works out, if I win the championship in any of the leagues I basically break out even for the year. If I win both, or win my division, high points, weekly high points, etc, that's profit. I play mostly for fun, so if I break out even for the year I'm thrilled. Any profit I make is just a bonus. For a few years, my friends talked me into playing in a $350 league. Now if I won that league, I won a couple thousand. If I won my other leagues, but lost in that one, I ended up in the negative for the year. That league was no fun for me. I ended up stressing over all the games and even the years I made the championship I didn't enjoy it because I was so stressed that week because so much money was riding on it. I dropped out of it and never looked back.
  24. High Stakes League?

    I think it depends on the individual. For example, most of my leagues have a buy-in of $100-$150. I used to be in one that had a buy-in of $300. I used to refer this as my high-stakes league. Granted, I know to a lot of people $300 isn't high-stakes, but because it had the highest buy-in of all my leagues, to me it was. A guy who makes $8 an hour might refer to a league with $100 as high-stakes, but a guy who makes $400k a year might look at a league with a $500 buy-in as a nothing league. It's all relative.
  25. This league has been around almost 20 years. The NFL has constantly tweaked it's rules, why wouldn't we? The scoring changes don't make fantasy football better or worse, but we try balancing out QB/RB/WR in terms of draft value. When it was a RB league, we increased WR scoring so they were drafted earlier. When it went to more of a passing league, we dropped the wr scoring. When we saw that qbs were being ignored in the draft, we increasing passing tds so they were drafted a little earlier. We probably made 6 real scoring changes in this league (increasing then decreasing wr points, going to .5ppr then 1ppr, going from 4pts per passing td to 6 and increasing PATs to 2). That's one scoring change every 3 years. All of these changes seemed like they worked out for the best, we haven't regretted a single one or reversed one.