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  1. Diggs for White

    Try Tate for White, ortry Tate and Collins for a better RB. Brady said himself that he wants more White. If it does s a ppr, that increases White’s value.
  2. Start/ Sit

    Thanks everyone. That’s how I had my line up already set. Just needs a second opinion.
  3. Start/ Sit

    Standard no ppr. I need to start 2 RB’s Ingram vs Wash R. Freeman vs Jets Carson vs Rams and 1 WR Shepard vs Carolina Nelson vs Chargers
  4. What do you think of this trade?

    You gave a little to much, but it won’t hurt your team
  5. Trade Freeman for

    Do it before he changes his mind. Drop Cole.
  6. Oh My!!!

    Do it
  7. You have the risk of not having Bell for the whole season. He plans to come back after the week seven bye. But he only needs to play six games to become a free agent after this year. So he may stop playing after week 13. Which would screw you up for the playoffs.
  8. Don't know which trade to do

    Take the Kielce trade.
  9. Breida Trade Help

  10. Received a trade offer

    I don’t like that trade. You are good at WR. I would look to upgrade your RB2. Find someone that has a top RB but no other good RB’s, and offer them 2 of your RB’s (besides Hunt) to upgrade.
  11. I would look to trade Le’Veon Bell. He may be back after the week seven bye. But he only has to play six games to be a free agent this summer. So he may stop playing after week 13. I would look the package him with another player maybe Robinson or Godwin to prove you’re running back. Also you could look to trade Coleman(possibly to the Freeman owner or trade for Freeman) and maybe another player to improve your running backs as well. Running back is where you need the most help.
  12. Big trade

    I would try to do a trade for just Gurley without giving up Thomas. I am not a big fan of OBJ, and I think Evans numbers will drop and be inconsistent without Fitz. Try OBJ and 1 of your RB’s which might not do it. If not add a 3rd player( anyone besides Thomas or Hopkins. Gurley is worth it.
  13. Desean Jackson trade value?

    I am not sure how his trade value, but I would try to trade him ( or any other Bucs WR) asap. I think with Fitz out the numbers will drop.
  14. Multi-Player trade for AB

    Like Twatt said, AB owner won’t do it. Try Cousins, Hyde, and J. Brown for AB, and Wilson. If he is okay with his QB, you can try Hyde and J.Brown for AB. If he prefers fuller over J. Brown, you can give him Fuller instead. If he prefers Freeman over Hyde you can switch them also. This might get it done.