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  1. Bye week QB

    I have Wilson on a bye. I have Stafford on my bench but he might not play. What is my the best 1 week full in from these waiver wire options K. Allen @ Atl Fitzpatrick @ Buf Brissett vs Jax( if he plays) Foles @ Indy Darnold @ Wash Rudolph @ Clev Trubisky @ Lar
  2. WR Help

    No ppr. J. Brown @ Clev or D. Parker @ Indy
  3. I wouldn't trade him. He is your only good WR.
  4. Zeke Trade Offer!

    The dilemma for me would be If you don't trade, you are weak at WR. If you do trade, you are weak at RB. Zeke will be more consistent than anyone on his team. He would have to blow me away with a offer. I would look to package Drake( coming off a big game) with a WR to upgrade at WR.
  5. Would you accept this trade?!?

    Yes! Hurry before he changes his mind.
  6. Zeke Trade Offer!

    I would want Hill and another player, not Freeman. Post his roster, so we can see who he has.
  7. Lineup help ROS

    What are your starting requirements. You could move 1 of your RB, for a WR, or package a RB with a WR to upgrade at WR. Look for someone that is strong at WR and weak at RB.
  8. Lineup Advice

    Standard Scoring. No PPR. I need 1 RB , 1 WR, 1 QB Samuels vs LAR Ekeler @ Oak( thurs) J. Brown @ Clev D. Parker@ Indy Wilson @ SF Stafford @ Chi
  9. WDIS

  10. Ditto. Adams and Diggs
  11. WDIS

    Standard league. No PPR. I need 2 RB , 2 flex, and 1 WR Chubb @ Den Mack @ Pitt Michel @ Balt Lindsay vs Clev Samuels vs Indy Tate vs Dal Moore vs Ten Slayton vs Dal Pascal @ Pitt
  12. You are getting the best player/ RB and a better QB. Do it before they change their mind.
  13. Standard scoring. No PPR.I need 1 of the following. Michel @ Balt Ekeler vs GB Samuels vs Indy J. Brown vs Wash