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  1. I won my championship in one league. Now I am in the championship this week in another league. Who do I start at QB? Wilson vs Ari Jackson vs Clev Allen vs Mia Foles @ Wash We get 5 pt bonus over 300 yds passing and 100 yds rushing
  2. Finished in tie in Yahoo - who wins?

    Depends on league settings. In my league most bench pts wins during the regular season, and home team for playoffs ( because they don’t give me an option for bench pts for the playoffs)
  3. You both have good chances. Yesterday I was up by 23 pts, but he still had Hill and Kelce. They gave him a combined 13 pts so I ended up winning the Championship
  4. Chamipinship lineup

    Thanks. Anyone else
  5. No ppr. Standard scoring. We get pts for return yards. Do I make any changes? QB. Prescott RB Cook RB Cohen Flex. Edwards WR. Hopkins WR JuJu WR. Foster TE. Ebron K. Tucker Bench RB Michel White J Williams Jackson Brieda WR Samuel Patterson QB Allen
  6. Playoff help Pick 2

    Brees, White
  7. Help with playoff lineup

    Chubb and Lindsay. Those are tough choices because Mixon is good and he gets more touches than Lindsay. Woods at wr, Philly secondary is terrible and the Rams will be ready to put up some points after getting shut out by Chicago last week.
  8. No ppr. Standard scoring. 1 QB: Wilson @ SF Jackson vs TB Allen vs Det 2 RB: Ingram @ Car Samuels vs NE Howard vs GB Wilson vs Sea 1 WR: Boyd vs Oak Samuel vs NO
  9. WDIS Playoffs

    Thanks. Anyone else.
  10. WDIS Playoffs

    No ppr. I need 1 QB Winston @ Bal Wentz @ LAR Allen vs Det Leaning towards Allen. Winston has a bad match up and I don’t trust Philly. Need 3 RB Michel @ Pitt Cohen vs GB Cook vs Mia Edward vs TB Jackson @ K.C. ( if Gordon and Ekeler are out) Need 1 WR Samuel vs NO Patterson @ Pitt We get pts for return yds.
  11. Chubb for sure. I would leave Evans on the bench. Jackson if he plays. After that is a toss up. Ware is probably the safest play. Michel has some upside if they can get the running game back on track, he was putting up some good numbers a few weeks ago. Johnson could be hit or miss.