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  1. Gordon is my keeper in the 6th round. Standard league, no ppr. Assuming Johnson, Bell, and AB go with the first 3 picks. I am trying to decide between Julio, Beckham, McCoy, and Evans.
  2. Gordon and Montgomery. As long as Montgomery is the starter, he is on a team that defenses will be worried about the pass. It will give him running room, and will leave him with mismatches in the passing game.
  3. Go Zeke if he falls to you
  4. Go to fantasyfootballcalculator.com and do some mock drafts at different positions to see what position you prefer. I personally would probably take one of the top 3 picks so I could get one of the top 3 RB's.
  5. strategy

    And his roster. To see if there is a better trade.
  6. strategy

    Need to see your roster and starting requirements.
  7. I would go with Pryor. Cousins will be throwing a lot. 2nd option would be Montgomery. He will get both running and receiving yards.
  8. Do you keep them in the round you drafted them? What round is Moncrief?
  9. It is close but I like DJ. Both have good schedules, but DJ's playoff schedule is a little better. Pittsburgh plays Baltimore. NE, and @ Houston. Baltimore is always a tough game, and NE/ Houston both have a top defense.
  10. Tyreek Hill has the best value at round 15.
  11. I would go Lynch. They have one of the best offensive lines, and a good QB that defenses will need to stop. Fournette is a rookie and on a team that is not very good. Gronk is good, but Brady will spread it around with all the options he has.
  12. Sound like you really want a RB in the first, so just pick who you think is the next best RB. Peoples opinion will vary. I had AB in one of my leagues last year, and he did very well. I like the RB's that are available at that spot in the 2nd more than the WR's. As far as Lynch, I think he is the lead back in that offense. They have one of the best offensive lines in football, and a good QB that teams will have try to stop. In the end just trust your own decisions.
  13. Fantasyfootball calculator.com