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  1. Help me Trade a QB

    You need to find someone that needs a QB. QB 's are hard to trade because everyone usually has a good one.
  2. I have Edelman in the Sunday night game, but he is questionable. My other options are: Shephard @ chi Gage @ dallas Campbell vs min All early games. Who do I start?
  3. Lineup Adjustments

    So who is the better play this week. Slayton or Miller?
  4. Standard scoring, no ppr. 5 pt bonus over 300 yds passing, 100 yds rushing, or 100 yds receiving. Starters: QB Ryan RB CMC WR Adams, Krupp, Chark Flex Ekeler, Taylor, Mostert, Hunt TE Hurst K Succop Bench L. Murray, Peterson. Slayton, Big Ben, A. Miller, Thompson, J, Robinson, MVS, Barber I like Slayton and Miller, but not sure if I should put them or anyone else into my starting lineup. Any adjustments needed?
  5. Flex and WR

    Standard scoring, .5 ppr, 5 pt bonus over 100 yds rushing or receiving. players also get pts for return yds WR Hill Lockett Edelman Flex Conner Bench Thompson, Barber, Akers, Shepard, Gage, Campbell Do I make any changes?
  6. Trade for Amari Cooper

    I am not a Cooper fan, but it is a fair trade. I would actually try to package Gordon and Diggs/Shephard for a better WR
  7. WDIS at RB

    Standard scoring. No ppr Hunt vs Cinci Peterson at GB
  8. Would you do this trade???

    I like that trade.
  9. Flex j. Taylor or A. Miller?

    I would take my chances with Taylor
  10. Trade Advice involving Julio

    I would do the first deal. I like Ekeler alot. I had him last year and he was 2nd in fantasy points till Gordon came back. Now Gordon is gone. It's better in a ppr because he was getting more receiving stats then rushing. I drafted him in both my leagues. I think he can finish in the top 5. We all have our predictions, so it just comes down to your opinion on the players
  11. Ekeler, Conner/Carson, Taylor, Gordon
  12. Carson vs Conner

    Thanks for the input. It is 1/2 pt per. Drafted last night and got Conner. He was the one i ended up preferring. Carson was taken 3 picks before me, so it made it easy.
  13. I have the 2nd pick in a draft today. Standard scoring. We get 5 bonus points over 100 yards rushing or receiving. I am targeting one of these RB's but can't decide which one. They both had some injuries last year. Any thoughts?