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  1. 0-4 Need help

    You just have some guys under performing right now. I am there with you. In one of my leagues, my first 3 picks were: Evans, Ajayi, Lynch. I Funchess has another good week, and Gore can have a good game vs 49ers, you can package them for an upgrade RB2. Don't trade Bell, unless someone is willing to really overpay( give you 2 studs). Never sell a player low.( ex: Mike Evans right now). If Graham can get healthy, then you can trade one of your TE's. I am not a fan of Cooper, so if he has a good game, see what you can get for him. You need to probably stream another QB. Be active with the waiver wire. Good luck.
  2. If Hyde doesn't play, I would go with Allen over Abdullah. I have the same dilemma. My options are: Lynch @ Denver Gore @ Seattle Rodgers vs NYG J. Allen vs Pitt Pryor @ KC Who is my best back up options?
  3. Hogan for Rob Kelly?

    Keep Hogan
  4. Which WR to trade away?

    Get rid of Hilton before week 4 games. Indy has the hardest schedule the rest of the season for WR's. His playoff schedule is brutal. @ Buff, Denver, @ Balt.
  5. PPR Trade Help. WHIR

    Take Ajayi out of the trade and put in CJ. Not sure about anything else without seeing his roster.
  6. I would do that trade. I am not a big Hilton fan, but I would prefer him over Powell. I would do it before tomorrow's games. His value will start increasing now that Brissett is starting.
  7. I think your team is set. But like the previous post, if you can get Evans, I would do it. Offer Martin/Rodgers. If he declines, add Henry or Snead. If he still declines offer Martin/Rodgers/Bryant but get a second player in return like White or Crowder. I would also look to add McFadden. The NFL just filed an emergency stay on Ezekiel Elliot case. If it is approved Elliot could be suspended by week 4. You can read the article on NFL.com I think you have a very good team, so I would take a look at your players playoff matchups. If you have some bad matchups. Look for players that have the best matchups.
  8. Lynch, Hilton, Cohen

    Definitely Lynch vs Jets
  9. Make the trade. AB is a definite upgrade over Dez. I like Hunt this year, so I see Hunt vs Bell as a wash.
  10. Too many rbs

    You can get more for Zeke. Zeke was just traded for AB in my league last week.
  11. Take it before they change their mind.
  12. I think it is a much closer than others. I think Hunt will finish as one of the top running backs. I think the are a team that will play good defense and run the ball. I also think with Kielce and Hill there for defenses to worry about, Hunt will be open for a lot of dump off passes out of the backfield. I think Hunt is the best RB on your roster. Hunt has a better playoff schedule ( all home games).