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  1. Kamara vs. Kittle and Chubb

    Kelce is better than Lindsay in your starting line up. You already have Thielen, I wouldn't want to start 2 WR's from the same team unless I had to. Once Diggs has good game, I would look to trade him.
  2. Kamara vs. Kittle and Chubb

    it seems like he really wants Kamara, so I would do if the deal was good enough. Just checking some stats from last year, Elliot had more to total yards. Receptions were closer than I thought . Elliot had 77, Kamara had 81. I would probably do Elliot and Kelce(103 rec. last year) for Kamara and Lindsay. Kelce would give you a better flex option than Linsay.
  3. Trade advice

    Do it before they change their mind. I would then package those players , or some players to upgrade maybe WR.
  4. PPR - Trade Kamara?

    Offer Kamara and Lindsay for Zeke and Cook. Kamara and Zeke are pretty even, but you are upgrading from Lindsay to Cook. He probably won't accept it, but it is worth a try if he wants Kamara that bad.
  5. Need WR trade help!

    It depends on the needs of the other teams. Find a team that needs a RB, and has a good WR.
  6. kick returners/ punt returners

    Mainly looking for offensive players who may also do some returns like Lockett. I had Jakeem Grant who did well last year. We draft 18 rounds so just wanted to check it out to see if there any more like Lockett. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know where I can find starters or depth charts for kick returners/ punt returners. We don't do defense, but we we get pts for player return yards. Thanks.