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  1. I need 1 RB and 1 WR. No ppr. Hyde vs TEN Lynch vs DAL Agholor vs NYG Hogan vs PIT Richardson vs LAR
  2. I need 1-WR, and 2-flex, no ppr McKinnon vs CIN Lynch vs Dallas Morris vs OAK Smith vs OAK Ajayai vs NYG Evans vs ATL Fun chess vs GB
  3. Hyde @ Houston Drake vs NE No ppr.
  4. Need Help with starters.

    Thanks. Anyone else.
  5. I need 1RB, 2 WR, and 3 flex from the following (no ppr): Lynch vs NYG Morris or Smith vs Wash Darkwa vs OAK Drake vs DEN Ajayi vs SEA McKinnon vs ATL J. Williams vs TB Evans vs GB Hill vs NYJ Diggs vs ATL Funchess vs NO Ginn vs CAR
  6. Choose WR

    Green, Anderson, Crowder.
  7. Jordy dropped

    They say Rodgers could be back week 15, So if you have a spot, I would consider it , just because of that possibility.
  8. Pick 2 of these RBs

    Williams- Baltimore is not a high scoring offense, so the game will be close and he will be getting the carries with Jones and Monty out. Burkehead- He is the next best option, and he had good volume last week. It is the Pats , so it could change in a few weeks, but you should be safe for this week.
  9. Should I make this trade?

    I don't play in any leagues with defense, so not sure how many points they get, but out of those choices I would take Ertz and Agohlor. You don't need Cam. You are improving your TE to one of the top TE's, and getting a good backup WR.
  10. 0-4 Need help

    You just have some guys under performing right now. I am there with you. In one of my leagues, my first 3 picks were: Evans, Ajayi, Lynch. I Funchess has another good week, and Gore can have a good game vs 49ers, you can package them for an upgrade RB2. Don't trade Bell, unless someone is willing to really overpay( give you 2 studs). Never sell a player low.( ex: Mike Evans right now). If Graham can get healthy, then you can trade one of your TE's. I am not a fan of Cooper, so if he has a good game, see what you can get for him. You need to probably stream another QB. Be active with the waiver wire. Good luck.
  11. If Hyde doesn't play, I would go with Allen over Abdullah. I have the same dilemma. My options are: Lynch @ Denver Gore @ Seattle Rodgers vs NYG J. Allen vs Pitt Pryor @ KC Who is my best back up options?