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  1. Pick 2 RBs

    .5 PPR David Johnson Jordan Howard Carlos Hyde Need 2 to play. Also have Elliot but was going to start him regardless. TIA
  2. Brate or Uzomah?

    That's where I was leaning, appreciate it.
  3. Brate or Uzomah?

    .5 PPR Who would you snag off waivers to run this week?
  4. Offered a trade for AB

    I appreciate the input. I'm of the opinion that losing Brees would be the big blow here. I too like the security blanket of having both Brees and Ryan. But if I were to counter with Brees and Thielen for AB and Kittle, would it make it more intriguing? TE is my biggest weak spot
  5. Offered a trade for AB

    .5 PPR keeper league (final year) Biggest Steelers fan offered me Antonio Brown for Brees and Thielen. Over our chat I initially told him know, but asked to think about it for a day. The guy stockpiles Steelers. He has every season. He kept AB going into this year and has JuJu and Conner. I would still have Matt Ryan at qb but would be left to waiver fodder for his bye plus I favor Brees this week. Right now Thielen is rated higher (#2 WR vs AB's #20) and I'm really not in need of WRs (have Thomas and Adams as well). I just don't know what to do with this. Am I over thinking this and it's an obvious take because it's AB. Or do I stand pat with what I have? Thielen has obviously been great so far and it doesn't seem like he'll slow down anytime soon. Sorry for the length of this rambling. I just need to type out my thoughts. I appreciate any input.
  6. Brees or Ryan?

  7. Brees or Ryan?

    I have Thomas to pair with Brees so that's where I'm leaning.
  8. Conner for DJ?

    Had the same offered to me. Brought the question here and it was suggested to hold on. The coach has acknowledged the need to get DJ the ball more and in space. Plus he's been up against 2 very solid defenses. Conner will lose value later in the season so unless you absolutely need help now I'll say what was suggested to me. Don't do it.
  9. Conner for Johnson?

    Ok, thanks y'all. Just needed some level headedness in my thought process.
  10. Conner for Johnson?

    Someone offered me James Conner for David Johnson. It's a. 5 or league other RBS are Elliot, Howard, Peterson and Hyde. Am I freaking out too early on Johnson's lack of production for even considering this? TIA
  11. Rate my keeper team

    Thanks for the input! I could've gone Wilson or Newton instead of Brees but I went with the hope that a Thomas/Brees combo would be beneficial. I'm probably in the minority here but neither Wilson or Newton move the needle for me, I've had both in the past and they don't always pay dividends.
  12. Rate my keeper team

    I absolutely agree about the keeper rule. Unfortunately I was one of the few arguing for a (any) rule set that made it difficult to keep players more than 1 year. The same guy has had OBJ for 5 years as a 16th round pick for example. Crazy to me. As far as remain RBs go it was pretty much best of what's left. We all value RBs pretty highly so if one wasn't kept they were taken quickly. Honestly outside of byes I probably won't use them much anyway. I think it was more of a "how can I screw up the rest of the teams?" thought process and that's what I had. Thank you for your input!
  13. Rate my keeper team

    Thanks for the input! Any thoughts on the supporting cast?
  14. Rate my keeper team

    10 team .5 PPR keeper league heading into 5th and final year. We're allowed 4 keepers at the round they were drafted in the previous year(s). If claimed off waivers they cost a late round pick. No penalties for keeping players multiple years in a row. My real goal is to gauge how the rest of my draft went. I showed round picked in parenthesis. My plan this year was to add depth at RB and WR quickly and then fill in the rest of my roster before the end of the draft (novel concept, I know). I took K and Def in rounds I would never dream of in a normal draft but since I finished in the 11th I figured it was fine. Thank you for any insight. My keepers were: E. Elliot (1st) David Johnson (16th) M. Thomas (15th) D. Adams (14th) Draft: QB: D. Brees (5) M Ryan (11) RB: J. Howard (1) C. Hyde (4) A. Peterson (6) L. Blount (10) WR: A. Thielen (2) A. Cooper (3) S. Watkins (7) TE: J. Graham (4) K: J. Tucker (8) Def: Rams (9)
  15. Trade for Wilson?

    I'd go Carr and Allen as well