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  1. Trade for Wilson?

    I'd go Carr and Allen as well
  2. Zeke and DJ and a 1st for Bell and Howard

    We started in Bells first year so no one really knew what to expect of him. And the other two were waiver adds the years they went off so they are kept in the last rounds. We never did anything to make up for that so these players never re-enter the pool. Dumb i know, but I work with what ive got.
  3. This is a keeper league, players are kept in the round they were picked the previous year. I have a slim chance to make the playoffs this year and was presented this trade by our reigning champ: I give: Bell (3rd round keeper) and Jordan Howard (16th round keeper) I get: Elliot (1st round) and DJ (16th Round) and a first round pick I'd be dumb not to take this right? Elliot basically becomes a 16th round keeper because I'd still have another 1st round pick to use and DJ will likely still be DJ next year. TIA
  4. Bell for Howard and Adams?

    Thanks y'all, I appreciate the input.
  5. Bell for Howard and Adams?

    10 team, .5 ppr keeper league I have a trade offer on the table I give up Levon Bell (3rd round Keeper) For Jordan Howard (16th round) AND Devonte Adams (15th round) Rest of my team: QB: Newton and Smith RB: Ajayi, Martin, Carson, Coleman, and Stewart WR: M. Thomas, Cooper, J.J. Nelson, Bryant TE: J. James, Graham Personally i think it's too early to make this trade as i feel Bell will only get better, but my decision making has been pretty bad this season and would love some input. I would need to drop a player as well. TIA
  6. Its that time: Rate my Team

    Double bump
  7. Its that time: Rate my Team

  8. How did I do? 10 team ppr

    Really like your starting lineup and RB bench. Looks like you'll need some depth at WR.
  9. Its that time: Rate my Team

    This is a 10 Team, .5 PPR, keeper league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 Def We keep 4 players at previous years draft position or a late round pick if picked up off waivers. This years keepers: Bell (3rd round) Cooper (5th round) Ajayi (15th Round) M. Thomas (16th Round) Team: QB - Cam Newton RB - Bell, Ajayi, T. Coleman, J. Stewart, D. Martin, J. Charles WR - M. Thomas, A. Cooper, D. Bryant, C. Coleman, C. Davis, Z. Jones TE - J. Graham K - D. Bailey Def - NY Giants I like the team this year. Please let me know what y'all think. I'll try and answer any questions in return. TIA
  10. Who to pick at #1 PPR?

  11. Mike Evans Trade

    I usually say the team getting the better player wins the trade. So I'll say the team getting Evans. But i do think its close.
  12. Better Keeper: Amari Cooper or Kelvin Benjamin

    Thanks y'all. I think I'll go with Cooper. Appreciate the input!
  13. I'm in a 10 team keeper league, half point PPR and allowed 4 keepers each year I'm curious o opinions of who would be a better keeper at wide reciever I could keep Amari Cooper for a 5th round pick OR Kelvin Benjamin for a 13th round pick. I like both but both were somewhat spotty when it came to points last year. My 3 current keepers are Levon Bell (3rd Round), Jay Ajayi (15th Round), and Michael Thomas (16th Round the WR in NO) TIA for any input
  14. Forte and Stafford for M. Ryan and D. Johnson?

    Ha sorry, no. Duke Johnson. Really just in there as an extra.
  15. Forte and Stafford for M. Ryan and D. Johnson?

    .5 ppr 1 flex Bell and ajayi are my starters WR - Bryant, Benjamin, Cooper, crowder, Thomas I'll be extremely thin at rb, but with the 2 I have and the wrs I think I'd be set