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  1. Flex help who to start?

    I would go Coleman here. Pat's D is still struggling and I think he has the most upside.
  2. WDIS at RB

    I'm planning on playing both anyway as RB2 and Flex, just hesitant and who to replace Fournette as my RB1 this week @B5TACKIN
  3. WDIS at RB

    So I know there are a lot of post about Fournette being out, but my situation is a little different. It looks like Fournette will be out, and I do have Chris Ivory, but I also have Murray and Henry for the Titans (wasn't planning on starting either one based on time share and surprisingly strong Browns run D) so wondering if I should just stick with Ivory or gamble on Murray or Henry. Planning on starting Ingram and Kamara either way Standard league, not PPR
  4. Keenan or Hogan?

    I have the opportunity to trade for Keenan Allen or Chris Hogan, which would you take? Hogan's been surprisingly good this year so far and has outproduced Allen so far, but Allen is the clear WR1 for the Chargers. What are your thoughts?
  5. RB2 and Flex Help

    Bumping. Anyone have any thoughts?
  6. Trade discussion......M.Thomas vs S.Diggs

    Thomas is great, but Diggs has been doing very well and I feel like you'd be giving up too much here.
  7. Especially in a keeper league I'd keep Hunt. Green will get more production than Gronk as well (and that's coming from a Pats fan even). Don't think it's worth it
  8. QB & TE Help

    I'd go Palmer and Bennet here. Siemian seemed to be a flash in the pan and I'm not a huge fan of Bennet but think he has more upside than Griffin.
  9. If Kelce don’t go...

    Dickson has the most upside as he's still the fill in for Olsen and has done well so far.
  10. Please rank these RBs ROS

    I'd put Mixon below Kamara and possibly below McKinnon depending on how he handles starting for the Vikings. I'm not on the Mixon train, the backfield is still way too crowded for my liking.
  11. Did you have two posts? I think I replied to your other one.
  12. Rodgers or Watson this week?

    So in general I would never sit Rodgers, but Watson wouldn't be a bad start at all. The Texans shouldn't need to throw like they have been, but that doesn't mean they won't. I think it's likely they will rack up the score whether or not they need to so if you have reservations on Rodger's matchup, I wouldn't bat an eye at starting Watson.
  13. Coop or Buck Allen at FLEX

    Yeah Allen is definitely safer. I wouldn't trust Cooper until he proves he can be a worthwhile fantasy player.
  14. Would you do this trade?

    With McKinnon still unproven in my book at this point I think that trade would leave you a little weak on RBs. I like Garcon and you could do a lot worse than Gabriel
  15. Standard flex help!

    I'd honestly probably go Kamara. Newton is back playing at a high level but Benjamin hasn't been overly involved. Kamara gets a bump with no more AP too.