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  1. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    With Fournette out, who for Flex: Ivory Jordy Nelson M. Jones Jr. Crabtree
  2. Flex help

    I agree with your thoughts, if Mixon doesn't play then go Bernard, but if Mixon plays I'd go Westbrook (unless you have someone better)
  3. Josh Gordon or tate

    That's a tough one, but I think Tate has a slightly better matchup so I'd lean that way
  4. So I had Fournette as my lock in Flex, but it looks like he probably won't play I now need a new Flex. Who would you start from the following: Ivory (picked him up as soon as getting the notification that Fournette is questionable since he's expected to benefit most) Jordy Nelson (with Rodgers back he actually could have a good game for the first time in forever) M. Jones Jr. (Pretty decent matchup against Chicago) Crabtree (been fairly consistent when he plays, and decent matchup against Dallas) I have a close game and it's playoffs so wanted to get some input, let me know what you think!
  5. I agree, he's had a rough couple of weeks but is still the best option. I wouldn't trust Crowell regardless of matchup, and Shepard has Geno Smith at QB.
  6. Based on targets alone, Westbrook has the higher floor and is likely to at least get 4-5 points in standard scoring, and more if you are PPR. He's averaged 8 targets the last two weeks, whereas Davis ran fewer routes last week and was outsnapped by the likes of Decker. If you can pick someone up that is better, go for it, otherwise Westbrook is the more polished turd out of the two.
  7. WDIS Rudolph or Olsen?

    Well Olsen is no longer expected to play so that makes it pretty easy. Even if Olsen does play I wouldn't start him until seeing him play a full game and stay healthy. Rudolph is a really solid TE too, even though he's been a bit off and on. For reference I planned to start Doyle over Olsen even when he was expected to play.
  8. Which Cards RB if AP is out?

    Williams would probably take on the lead role, but I wouldn't expect him to do much with it. Foster would probably be involved to an extent too. That said, if your only other option is Henry, you could roll the dice and hope Williams gets you a TD. Otherwise Henry has a low floor, but still a higher floor than Williams I'd say, with Williams having the less likely chance to have a higher ceiling.
  9. To be honest I'm not a fan of either. Davis was expected to take on a larger role and be more involved but that hasn't really happened. Westbrook has had a lot of targets the last couple of games though, and so out of the two I'd say is likely to continue that trend, though probably still not turning those targets into a ton of yards.
  10. Is Theo Riddick Worth Starting as RB2

    Riddick isn't exactly going to be a feature back or anything even with getting the start. He's not done the greatest in the snaps he's had and is facing a touch defense. If anything it's probably going to be more of a committee (which it is to a good extent even with Abdullah).
  11. Who would you start at flex position?

    I'd have to go Gordon here. Cleveland does have a rather strong run D, but he should still see plenty of volume and has a very high floor.
  12. START 2 out the 3

    I would go Hunt and Jones here. Hunt has definitely slowed down, but has a solid matchup against the Jets. Jones does have a tough matchup, but Gordon as you said has been gone a long time and isn't exactly getting a solid QB, not to mention he won't have been able to work up any sort of QB chemistry. Gordon is definitely a roll of the dice, but keep in mind that Jones lit up Min D last week despite being projected to have a quiet game.
  13. WR help - Sanders with Paxton? Whir

    I agree, Davis should have a large Target share and Sanders is iffy even without taking the QB change into account
  14. Olsen or Doyle?

    Olsen is active this week, but after being out so long not sure if I should wait a week. I also have Doyle with a nice matchup and he's been pretty good. Which would you start?