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  1. The QB aspect of this is pretty much a wash absent an injury. Watson has been even with Mahomes or better the last few weeks. You are essentially trading Diggs for Kelce and Ridley. I would do it and trade Burton for another wideout or RB.
  2. Trade Advice

    I am leaning no. Brees is good, but Breida gives me good depth at rb, and Rivers isn't that far behind Brees from week to week.
  3. Trade Advice

    I have been offered Brees and a 4th round pick next year for Breida and a 6th round pick next year. I have Kamara, Cook, Breida, Lat Murray, and R Freeman. No bonuses for yardage. My Qbs are Rivers and Flacco. What say you?
  4. Who to keep - PPR

    I would keep DJ and OBJ only, and go with best available after that. From the list of notables, the 4th pick is better than Diggs or McKinnon IMO, and one of them could easily come back to you in the 4th round especially with that Team 3 dude in the mix.
  5. Carson & Evans for Michael Thomas

    I would do that.
  6. Keeper help

    Thanks. That is how I am leaning. I have until August.
  7. Keeper help

    I get 2 keepers. PPR. Kamara, David Johnson, Deshaun Watson, Rob Gronkowski. I know Kamara is pretty much a no brainer. Really just torn between DJ and Watson.
  8. Up in Smoke

    Check this out - First Gronk and JuJu get suspended for my first round of the playoffs. No worries, I got Jimmy Graham on my bench to slot in for Gronk. Of course Graham gets me a goose egg. Then Kamara goes down on the first drive after a hot start. As soon as Cooks catches one ball tonight, I am toast.
  9. Flex Help

    1 pt. PPR. Got Mixon, Gordon and JuJu. Need one.
  10. Am I out of line?

    If it had just been the Snead for Murray trade, I would not have said anything, but the other two made me do a double take. The thing is, even though the guy off loading is not going to make the playoffs, it's a keeper league, so he loses at least 2 players that anyone with any sense would keep for next season and gets nothing in return. I am just out. All my players are on the bench from here on out, and they will not get a dime out of me. I have 3 other leagues without that kind of nonsense.
  11. Am I out of line?

    I was just making sure I was not missing something and being a jerk for no reason. Fortunately, I am in 3 other leagues with none of this nonsense.
  12. Am I out of line?

    I am in several leagues. In one of them, a team out of the running is off loading star players for nothing. Lev Bell for Riddick, Fournette for Damien Williams, and D. Murray for Willie Snead. The first two to the same team, the third to the league commissioner. This is a keeper league, BTW. Me and another guy (he is in first place) are threatening to drop out if the trades go through. As luck would have it, me and the other guy complaining are against each other this week, and we have both put all our players on the bench, so nobody will win. The commissioner's response is vote against it if you don't like it (two votes will not kill the trades), but don't complain. I have not put up any cash at this point. Am I out of line, or are these trades just beyond fair.?
  13. Need a QB.. Awful trade offers

    Why not drop the two you have and grab Goff and McCown?
  14. Snead or Amendola?

    1 point ppr. Thanks. I would go Murray and D Thomas in yours. Standard scoring makes Murray a better flex play imo.