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  1. AJ green? Start/sit

    I have AJ and am playing him, he can go off at anytime. It doesn’t matter the match up.
  2. Stafford or Bortles?

  3. L Murray or McKinnon

    Help, L Murray or McKinnon tonight in a Standard League
  4. I have L Murray or McKinnon against GB tonight in a Standard League, will it be McKinnon again? Help please
  5. QB Decision

  6. QB in Standard

    Who should I play? Wilson or Rodgers in a Standard League. Thanks
  7. Running Back Help in Standard League

    Sorry, this is a standard league, I need 2 running backs from: Hunt L Murray Coleman McKinnon Thanks
  8. Who do I start? Need 2: Hunt T Coleman L Murray Mckinnon thanks
  9. Running Back Help

    In a standard league, should I go Hunt or Coleman for rb
  10. Need 2 RB’s

    I need 2 rb’s in a standard league: Hunt T Coleman Mckinnon L Murray What do you think, thanks.
  11. RB Help

    Nope, your lineup looks good.
  12. Which RB to Use

    Thank you
  13. Which RB to Use

    Coleman, L. Murray, or McKinnon today. Thanks
  14. I have McKinnon and Murray as rb's in lineup with Coleman on the bench. Should I swap out Murray for Coleman? Thanks