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  1. This is my first year to use the Huddle in-season tools. I've noticed that the huddle weekly point prediction (rankings) can be drastically different than say "FantasyPros" or CBS Sports. This is PPR. Anyone have experience on Huddle's predictions vs those of FantasyPros, CBS Sports, ESPN, etc.??? What is the most reliable source of rankings for those of us who can't spend time doing the research? Thanks!
  2. This is exactly what I was going to say. You have good wr2's but no wr1. upgrade at receiver.
  3. Fair Trade? Mixon, Mcaffrey for Mccoy, Freeman

    Just to clarify, it isn't my trade. Our league abuses the veto. I typically think that it if both parties are happy with the trade, it should go through. However, if someone decides to give up this year and start building for next year, another team will benefit from that. If the beneficiary happens to already have the strongest team in the league, they become unbeatable and it removes the competitive spirit of the league. But is that a justifiable reason to veto? and how do you get the whole league to agree one way or the other without people carrying out the rest of the season performing spiteful vetoes due to the perceived wrong that was done to them?
  4. Fair Trade? Mixon, Mcaffrey for Mccoy, Freeman

    2 keepers each in lieu of 1st and 2nd round draft picks. Not sure what differentiates keeper vs dynasty?
  5. 10 team PPR keeper league (2 keepers each in lieu of 1st and 2nd round draft picks) This trade was made and vetoed. Joe Mixon + Christian McAffrey for Lesean Mccoy + Devonta Freeman Is this a fair trade? If the team getting mccoy and freeman will become virtually unbeatable in the league for THIS YEAR does it play in to veto or not? This is a relatively new league (4th year, 1st year as keeper league) and the commish whips veto votes for "league fairness" when he isn't involved in the trade, but has different feelings when it is his team coming out on the fresh end of a big trade.