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  1. Thanks for running this again. Looking forward to next season.
  2. Hillman is absolute garbage.
  3. Don't know how that didn't get overturned.
  4. i'm in for 4 on all sheets available
  5. Not my year in my big money keeper league. My 3 keepers were Jordy, Charles and CJ Anderson. Drafted Foster. I am cursed
  6. Paypal received. Thanks for running this again.
  7. Your inbox is full.
  8. How in the hell don't you run Lynch there? What an idiot.
  9. Doesn't look good at all.
  10. That is the rule. Messed that call up.
  11. paypal sent
  12. Didn't know you were doing 3 . If any left in the 3rd , I'll take them. If not I'll send $40 paypal
  13. I can live with that . The damn ref are taking away from all of these games. Its sad that they are becoming bigger than the game.NFL is definitely not what is used to be.
  14. So it wasn't rigged last week because you got the call, but this week it's a different story. LMAO