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  1. Chad Johnson

    Yea, I heard he had a laminated list of all the CBs who will cover him in his locker. Tillman's next?
  2. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    And that's why I took Porter.
  3. I'll be changing the channel

    I'm surprised, I would have thought that they'd go buy one rim each. You figure between one family, they would have enough for a whole car.
  4. I'll be changing the channel

    Well when all the NFL commercials endorse something called the Bush-Clinton Relief Fund, it kinda loses some credibility. It was like that movie with Rodman and Van Damme.
  5. Holmes down

    Oh I meant Roaf, but yeah, Parker can't hold LJ's jock at this point.
  6. Holmes down

    Willie who?
  7. Holmes down

    ...and a TD.
  8. Holmes down

    And without missing a step, LJ for 11 yards.
  9. Larry Johnson Arrested!

    She must have drafted Priest.
  10. Trotter Ejected

    He should have punched Blank.
  11. Lightning in a bottle...

    I'd trade him if I had some extra RB room. I'd probably wait until next week to be sure, but with that TEN defense he seems like another Quentin Griffin.
  12. Denver fans

    Reggie Bush?
  13. MFFL Online Draft Sucked

    In all my drafts, I just went to 'Top Performers' and they were all ranked right there for you based on last year, assuming the point system was set up.
  14. MFFL Online Draft Sucked

    I've had 6 drafts this season on MFL and had no problems. If you put in your scoring system, doesn't it rank everyone for you in 'Top Performers'?
  15. 16 Players Suspended: LT, Moss, C-Pepp, Wayne, etc

    Must have been that big steroid\tupperware\orgy that a lot of the players were invited to.