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  1. Still looking for some active owners to fill this one out.
  2. Message me for additional details - 10 Teams (2 conferences of 5 teams) Roster size: 9 starters, 13 bench players, 2 injured reserve spots Starters: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX, K, DSPTs Scoring - Offense: Passing Yards, 25 yards per point Passing Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions, -1 Rushing Yards, 10 yards per point Rushing Touchdowns, 6 Reception Yards, 10 yards per point Reception Touchdowns, 6 2-Point Conversions, 2 Fumbles Lost, -1 Offensive Fumble Return TD, 6 Kickers Field Goals 0-39 Yards, 3 Field Goals 40-49 Yards, 4 Field Goals 50+ Yards, 5 Point After Attempt Made, 1 Defense/Special Teams Block Kick, 2 Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns, 6 Sack, 2 Interception, 3 Fumble Force, 2 Defensive Touchdown, 6 Safety, 2 There are no fractional points.
  3. If you can PM me your email address I'll get you a link with all the rules and regulations. Thanks.
  4. I'm looking for active owners (NFL draftniks are a plus). This is one of the best fantasy formats that I have been involved in. $25 a year for dues. If you're interested in learning more, message me and I will get you the details. Thanks.