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  1. Trent Dilfer

    Veteran QBs, just don't get no love but they produce
  2. Depressed Value

    yeah, i'll trade for slumping players. i'm definitely not the type to overpay for someone that got off to a good start. I'm curious to see what the price of Willie Parker is right now? but I'm picky as to who to target for any stupid reason I see. Like Heap I wouldn't mind if the price wasn't high. But I wouldn't go out of my way for him. I'd rather go for Mason since Wright seems to lock onto a WR (Marcus Robinson few years back). Jamal Lewis is another Raven I'd want. I can't erase 2000 yds from my mind, he'll produce, I have no worries about him. Culpepper I'd worry about. He's still a pretty good QB despite all the turnovers. Minnesota just needs to whip up on the division. So he might come around. I had him in 2003 where he set the NFL record for fumbles. He still was good, but no where near what he could be (2004). This might be another 2003 I think.
  3. Did Theezman and Crew

    "the situation dictates that a talented player should make a big play" over my head, doesn't make sense, he said it like 3x a player makes a big play whenever they can, i don't think they hold back for the right moment!
  4. NFC North Power Houses

    this division will be decided by who wins the divisional matchups. right now to the last game. Vikes couldn't ask for a better scenario as for starting 0-2. They are only 1 game out of first. GB and Minny had their loses against AFC teams today which isn't as bad for tiebreakers. Still like the Vikes to win this division, but I'm worried. They haven't had a divisional opponent yet. Like the Bears next cause their defense might be the best at year end.
  5. the first to get the axe

    oh please be Tice! If Zygi knows best. Spend some money on some real coaching
  6. Moss!

    you guys have to admit that 2-pt conversion attempt by Moss last week was pretty lame. no attempt at all. Who knows what's going on in his head. that's the kind of play you get with this non-motivated punk of a player. he doesn't try sometimes. he looks all emotional sometimes. put some pressure on him and he does stupid things and says stupid things. i could bate Randy Moss to say something stupid in an interview. and that is why you don't throw to him at the end of the game. you just don't know what you're going to get. he's not a gamer. his head is not on straight. his concentration is missing here and there. he's not a complete receiver to this day. cause he isn't a leader. he doesn't work hard at it. So yeah the Vikes are missing him, he demanded the coverage. But I'd much rather see the Vikes build a strong team. I would much rather have all those defensive players on my team than Randy Moss. He's not worth the money cause he's just a headache. He abandons his teammates at the end of the game. How can you keep a guy like that? Better to get some players, some draft picks.
  7. Moss!

    the Vikes were smart to get rid of him. he's going to cost too much very soon. He's a whiney little lady dog when his team is losing or if the ball isn't thrown to him every play. he doesn't try every play. he's a cancer. no team wins with him in the long run. the way I look at it is any team that has Randy Moss is light years away from the teamwork and professionalism that the NE Patriots are at. It's a team game and this guy isn't a team player. Have fun Raiders!
  8. S.Davis

    watched that game. he had this one run where he sat there for a few minutes after being tackled with a ired look on his face. really thought he was injured or something? He didn't grab his knee or anything. He just sat there looking pissed at whatever happened. He gets up and plays later in the game. Announcers didn't say what it was or anything, but it was wierd. point is, not sure if this guy is going to last a whole season
  9. This game is gonna be a SHOOTOUT.

    Magic 8-ball says, "Yes as I see it" there you have it folks
  10. Can I get opinions

    I watched the Bucs game and their defensive front gave Minnesota fits. They put pressure on the QB without blitzing all day. They allowed like 16 yards rushing. They have tons of speed. Just like the SB team used to. I think the Bucs are a surprise team this year. Their young offensive line didn't stick out at all. Cadillac shows some a nice burst. Cadillac didn't have a great game until that last run though, it was a last-ditch effort to stuff TB to get the ball back. Minnesota oline has some definite problems, but it's obvious that TB is strong up front. TB's cover 2 becomes lethal if the D-line plays like that every week. JP Losman is going to get picked 2-3 times, Bucs win
  11. Steeler #39 jersey on its way

    I bought a Brad Johnson jersey before the 98 season. I got like 4 games out of that jersey. Good news is Brad is back in Minnesota, but as a backup. So my jersey is quazi-good now
  12. Chris Brown at home vs Baltimore defense or Larry Johnson on road vs Oakland defense Oakland defense is lame so LJ could score on one of his 2 drives. Chris Brown has had a little success against Baltimore, but he splits carries just as well. What would you do? Maybe I should just go with Arnaz Battle instead with .5 rec points?
  13. Oh Priest owners. . .

    are they splitting the series between them again? I didn't think LJ would get many carries
  14. JJ Arrington

    Is Arizona playing with 3 OL and 6 WRs?
  15. Culpepper fumbles

    culpepper was getting a lot of pressure. online wasn't holding long enough for him. the cover 2 held his big arm in check. but really the Vikes got burned by the zebras. Wiggins had 2 TDs taken away by the stripes. First one was offensive holding and it was a horrible call. I didn't see a replay on the second one taken away. block in the back. Minny was there right there in the end and shot themselves in the foot. D looked light years better though, friggin light years