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  1. This is a ESPN redraft league. It'll be points head to head. I really love fantasy baseball think this will be a great league. We're going with a live snake draft. Check out the link below for the scoring, it's the normal scoring types, but I also threw in bonuses for things like perfect games/no hitters/game winning RBI's, etc.. There's a limit of 8 starts a week for Starting Pitchers. If you go over the 8 start cap I'll remove the starter from your lineup that started after the 8th one. Will use LeagueSafe for the money (paid out with majority approval), due a week before the draft. Message me on here or email if you're interested or have questions. If we get 12 people, the payout would be 1st - $400 2nd - $150 3rd - $50, but if we end up with only 10 people then it would be 1st - $350 2nd - $100 3rd $50.