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  1. This happens to every fantasy owner each year. Your team scores the 2nd or 3rd most amount of points, but unfortunately you lose your matchup because you faced the #1 scoring team that week. Requesting feedback on this idea. The league operates on a "points" system. Week by week, if you win your matchup, you earn 1 point. In addition, the top 4 teams also earn extra points (#1 scorer - 1 extra point, #2 - 0.75 points, #3 - 0.5 points, #4 - 0.25 points). Therefore, each week you can earn up to 2 points. For example, if your team was the #2 scoring team, but lost to the #1 scoring team, you still earned 0.75 points. Playoffs are decided by the teams who have earned the most "points" To summarize: 1) you earn one point for winning the matchup 2) top 4 teams are awarded extra points. Thoughts?
  2. This year, my friends and I are finally making the transition to Dynasty league instead of standard. Would love to hear some ideas on a few different aspects of running a dynasty league. 1) what is the best roster setting? Keeper - how many players should each team be allowed to keep at the end of the year? 2) IDP - like it, love it, or hate it? 3) other notes I should be aware of?