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  1. Hello! I am starting a new dynasty league this year and in need of 4 owners to join! We already have 8 ready to go to make the 12 teams. I am currently in the process of finalizing all of the rules and settings in MFL, and can send invites shortly to new owners. I will have wtitten the PDF of all league rules and guidelines which will be sent to all owners. The information I can offer for interested owners as of right now is: Full dynasty league 25 man rosters – keep everyone forever 12 teams 3 divisions Hosted on MFL $56 buy-in. ($50 for league entry and $6 for MFL hosting fees) Monies will be managed through leaguesafe Live startup draft in the Phoenix area in which all owners must be present (Early May after NFL draft) League entry fees must be paid before drafting Starting line-ups will be 1 QB 1 SUPERFLEX 3 WR 2 RB 1 TE 2 FLEX 1 DST Scoring will be: 4 pts per passing TD 6 pts per rushing/receiving TD .25 pts per carry .5 PPR for RB’s and WR’s 1.0 PPR for TE’s (TIGHT END PREMIUM) (Additional minor scoring details will be laid out in MFL page and PDF of league rules and guidelines) There will be a Slack channel for the league that every owner must join (to encourage league communication and trading) Slack is free to join and has a free app. Additional information and details will be provided to new approved owners once they are approved and join the league. I am obviously open to any questions and will give any information to help decide if this is a league you want to join. Thanks guys! Looking forward to starting a new group of awesome fantasy players in the PHX area! Let me know!