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  1. In need of replacement owners for 2018 season. 2 in a salary cap league, 1 in a keeper league. You can check out the league at and register there if interested. the leagues are free and have been around over 10 years.
  2. We are in need of a replacement owner in our salary cap league. Free, IDP, H2H. You can check the league out at the League is CFL5. If interested fill out the registration at that site.
  3. Looking for a new active, free league

    I have an opening in one of our salary cap leagues. check out to register if interested.
  4. I run 6 leagues, the oldest since 2003. I am in need of a few replacement owners. you can check out the leagues at The league come in 2 formats Keeper & Salary cap. The leagues are Free, IDP, and H2H. If you are interested you can register at the site mentioned.