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  1. the first to get the axe

    Tice - but I wouldn't be surprised to see Billick on that short list....
  2. Opening Sunday!

    #72 Ed "Too Tall" Jones
  3. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    If a longtime Huddler but newbie poster is allowed to participate, I'd like to take the Rams
  4. San Antonio Saints

    Yesterday on ESPN, Mike Lupica said that the NFL should make an announcment now to award a future Superbowl to New Orleans. Am I the only one who has a hard time imagining the Superdome being used as a venue for entertainment in the future? I can't imagine people celebrating there after all that has happened in the past week. My heart goes out to everyone down there. What they have gone through and continue to go through is unimaginable to me. I have a tough time accepting that some of the funds that should be used to help these people would go towards repairing the Superdome instead. But I may just be a majority of one on this topic....
  5. Best draft pick you've gotten

    Mike Anderson in the 12th round of a 15 round 12 team draft. This was the week before he was named the starter. Tatum Bell went in the 2nd round
  6. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Dorsey Levens at 11.06 because the guy heard a rumor that the Eagles were bringing him in for a workout and "he was always a fantasy machine!" - Same guy took Trent Dilfer when McNair and Favre were still on the board. I'm happy to take his money!
  7. Draft Poll II

    Mine keeps getting scheduled earlier and earlier - pretty soon we will be having it in April......
  8. What is the most disgusting.....

    Wendell Davis - Bears Receiver - Veteran's stadium - popped both ACL's - I can still picture that one.