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  1. Cooper kupp

    In my 10 team dynasty, 2qb, 1ppr....I've been offered kupp for 2nd overall pick in 19 (i have 1st overall as well) along with me giving up ito Smith. What would you do?
  2. So in my 2qb, ppr dynasty league I've been offered Julio and Duke Johnson for the Seahawks backs (all 3), Wendell Smallwood and the 3rd overall pick next year (i currently hold the 1st overall pick as well but no other picks besides an early 4th). My receivers include cooks and Ridley and Allen Robinson, Goodwin as well (hit or miss). Rb I'm still with Kareem hunt with backups, Crowell with backups, Miami rbs (no Gore), the 49ers (including McKinnon) and ito Smith. I need advice! Haha
  3. 3rd wr

    in my 2qb, 1ppr dynasty league....i have r. wilson, brees and bridgewater, keenum and kelly and tannehill as my qbs. at wr my starting 3 are keenan, cooks and watkins. i'm not high on watkins. i was offered marquise goodwin and a 3rd for keenum and kelly. i think ggodwin has big upside, but hate to lose a qb. thoughts?
  4. Amari

    In my 2qb, ppr, dynasty.....thinking of trading Cooper, deangelo Henderson and a 3rd in 19, for devante Parker, rashaad penny, and a 2nd in 19. Thoughts?
  5. Trading Beckham

    In my 10 team, 2qb, ppr dynasty league....i was offered Amari Cooper, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, Jameis Winston and the 17th pick this year in the rookie draft, for Beckham, Andy Dalton, and 9th pick. I need advice please!
  6. Trade help please!

    So I've been offered a trade in my, 2qb,ppr,idp dynasty league. I would be giving up Gronk, Melvin Ingram and Ryan shazier,along with my 2019 2nd round pick. I've finished top 2 the last couple years and am currently in first place, so typically my picks won't be very high each round. In return, I'd receive Andy Dalton, Wendell Smallwood, Jordan Matthews, Cameron brate, and a 2018 3rd. The 3rd however comes from the worst team in the league and will likely be the 21st pick next year. Seems like i should make the trade, but i wanna hear from others opinions first.
  7. Trading for aj green

    Yeah, i thought about the age myself. Agreed on Crowder, he's no slouch. Actually omitted Cameron Meredith on my original post also, huge upside potential there. I absolutely love Hunt's potential with the chiefs, don't think I'm gonna make the trade. Thanks for the input
  8. Dynasty Advice - Draft Value

    All of those offers are terrible. They are Low balling you. I personally traded away the 2nd pick of this rookie draft ( aka fournette, Mccaffrey or mixon), for picks 6 And 14 this year. And depending on where you pick could honestly consider snatching perine at 2 to lock down Washington's backfield.
  9. Trading for aj green

    10 team, 2qb, 1ppr league.....So, i spent the 14th pick in the rookie draft in my dynasty league to snatch kareem hunt. I have ware and West already. Otherwise i have Joe Williams and Matt breida in San Fran, Anderson and Booker in Denver, Powell forte and McGuire for the jets, gillislee Burkhead Lewis (no James white) in New England. It's a two qb league, and i ended up with Glennon and trubisky, Tannehill and Moore, lynch Siemian and Kelly in Denver. Not great, but decent. Receivers I'm stacked at 1 and 2 with OBJ and Mike Evans. Gronk for tight end with Allen behind him just in case. At wr3, i run into a bit of a drop....Jamison Crowder who's definitely an up and coming star, Marvin Jones who's decent, and Kenny stills who's "eh". I have an offer on the table to move the chiefs backs including hunt, Marvin Jones, and a second round pick next year, for aj green. I need input! Haha. Help me out?
  10. 1st pick trade

    Actually I'm decent....Beckham,Evans,Crowder, Gronk, Ingram, ware and West, Anderson and Booker, the entire patriots backfield, . made a lot of trades. Haha
  11. 1st pick trade

    I have 1st pick this year in my dynasty- 2qb, 1 ppr, 10 man league. I also have the 11th, 18th, 30th picks. Tannehill, Glennon, Hoyer, Siemian and lynch, all on my squad. Figure I'll snag trubisky at 18. Question is, do i trade 1st pick for the 6 and 14 picks, hold on to it and grab Mccaffrey or fournette, or trade 1st and 30th and Tannehill, for Andrew luck and the 23rd pick? Choices,choices. Haha. Help me out! We have our rookie draft tomorrow!