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  1. New Survivor Pool

    48 entries so far, deadline to join is this Sunday 10/22/17 @ 1 pm
  2. New Survivor Pool

    Got 28 entries so far. Had 57 entries the first time around so depending how many people want back in could potential grow by Sunday deadline for people join.
  3. Survivor Pool I am running just finished due to massive upsets. So I started a new survivor pool. $20 per entry. http://www.runyourpool.com/join/pool_info.cfm?id=80262&p=eagles Deadline to join and payment is Sunday 10/22/17 @ 1 pm
  4. 63 entries still accepting entries who pick and pay by Sunday 9/10 @ 1 pm
  5. The reason for paypal / venmo as opposed to leaguesafe is because this started out as a pool with friends/coworkers but despite my efforts in recruiting could only get 12 people including me. So this year I opened up recruiting more to anyone and switch to runyourpool to allow multiple entries. Besides leaguesafe is only safe if you have majority or unamious approval before payout. So if you win you need 51% to approve the payout or everyone to approve the payout before you get your money. Which can be a little daunting task to get that many people on the same page when it's a high number of people. Especially if most of them get knocked out early on and have moved on. This way I can pay the winner within 24-48 hrs given my schedule if not immediately.The pool I ran last year for proof is http://hupsurvivorpo...l.cbssports.com