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  1. #1 pick. Keep or trade for #11.

    Stay at 1 unless there is more value coming with it.
  2. Keep Gurley or Hill?

    This right here.
  3. Who to keep - PPR

    I play the same set up in a 12 man league, I think you’d be ok keeping four, however with most throwing back I’d keep D.J. and OBJ and see what falls your way.
  4. Dynasty keeper help

    Hard to say, I like Ingram. However chances are, he won’t be in NO next year. It’s a gamble. Watkins is injury prone, unproven QB, and some solid other mouths to feed.
  5. trade pics

    Horrible trade in redraft league, not only will the remainder of your lineup be weak,your bench will be weak also. You’ll need a few late round picks to be major contributors. That’s highly unlikely. Do yourself a favor, mock draft mock draft a team then give away those picks for one extra 1st rounder. See how happy you are with those results. Don’t forget most people don’t draft Def and K as early as they do in mocks.
  6. Diggs or Juju - Need Keeper Opinions

    Juju all day
  7. I agree with this, Adams, Guice, Evans

    I’d lean towards letting Bell go, keep Gurley and Kamara. Bells isn’t guaranteed to play all season, the picks will definitely help. What’s the set up of your league? I’m assuming keep 2, how long can you keep a player?
  9. Keeper list

    Howard definitely
  10. I like Williams. With Rodgers not 100% and a decent pass D in Carolina, they should rely on the run
  11. RB: Kareem Hunt or Alfred Morris

    I'd pick Hunt
  12. QBHELP?

    I completely agree, Seattle isn't the same team. Goff will have a great game. Winston hasn't impressed lately
  13. Stafford or Carr

    plus Lions o line is banged up pretty good
  14. RB decision

    I think I'd stick with Hunt,Howard, and Freeman