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  1. I like Williams. With Rodgers not 100% and a decent pass D in Carolina, they should rely on the run
  2. RB: Kareem Hunt or Alfred Morris

    I'd pick Hunt
  3. QBHELP?

    I completely agree, Seattle isn't the same team. Goff will have a great game. Winston hasn't impressed lately
  4. Stafford or Carr

    plus Lions o line is banged up pretty good
  5. RB decision

    I think I'd stick with Hunt,Howard, and Freeman
  6. Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers?

    I'd go Brees, not sure Rodgers is 100%. both teams might heavily rely on the run.
  7. Last week, Ryan was horrible to watch last week, and TB defense is horrible. The Chargers D scares me a little knowing Smith has been gotten to by weaker teams
  8. Stafford or Carr

    Carr has the better matchup, but has been horrible. Stafford had been pretty steady.
  9. D/ST question

    Saints, the jets are horrible.
  10. Rogers or Rivers

    Definitely Rivers, not sure if Rodgers is 100%.
  11. TE help

    Non PPR
  12. TE help

    Rudolph is doubtful, and there’s not a lot left, who would you take for this week. Witten, Davis, Lewis, Njoku, James, Watson. I sort of like Witten and Watson’s matchups. Who do you think.
  13. Qb help

    With Kamara going down every point counts, Stafford with his hand injury or Carr. Both have pretty solid matchups
  14. pick 3 RBs

    Thanks, forgot about McKinnon till right before the game. I played him, it paid off. I also liked using both saints RBs, changed my mind at the last minute