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  1. WR help

  2. WR help

    Starting Adams, need one more Sutton M. Williams Pettis Westbrook
  3. Trade advice

    Definitely a stronger team with trade.
  4. Strengthening up my WR's

    Hold your RBs, receivers are deeper and emerge more often than RBs.
  5. 2 part drafting question

    I agree totally with this maybe Fournette than Gordon not that it matters with back to back picks
  6. I know he won’t be available for this season, we do have an IR slot. I have 2 picks in the 3rd none in the 6th, and 2 in the 12th. I figured 8-11 would probably work in my favor. It’s not uncommon for majority of RBs to be off by round 10.
  7. 12 team keeper, standard scoring. RB heavy. Where would you grab Guice to stash him away for next year? Or do you let him slide?
  8. stick with your picks. Barber will lose his starting position this year. Watson is not going too keep his production up that he showed last year. Burkehead shares a backfield with too many mouths to feed
  9. Need Trade Advice, Please Help!

    definitely make the move. Barring injury, it seems like a no brainer. I'm not completely sold on Collins. I feel we've seen the low of Jones. He should definitely have more production this year.
  10. Detroit or Houston

    I find it doesn’t matter, you can stream Defenses. Most of the time you can land a great defense early on because nobody looks at what other defenses are doing. If I had to pick, Houston.
  11. #1 pick. Keep or trade for #11.

    Stay at 1 unless there is more value coming with it.
  12. Keep Gurley or Hill?

    This right here.
  13. Who to keep - PPR

    I play the same set up in a 12 man league, I think you’d be ok keeping four, however with most throwing back I’d keep D.J. and OBJ and see what falls your way.
  14. Dynasty keeper help

    Hard to say, I like Ingram. However chances are, he won’t be in NO next year. It’s a gamble. Watkins is injury prone, unproven QB, and some solid other mouths to feed.