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  1. I've got a few leagues with several managers not returning, so I'm recruiting replacements early. The rosters below are just two teams available. Some basic facts: Dynasty league played on MyFantasyLeague. 0.5 ppr Single QB. I can send bylaws if there is interest in the teams. Please do not reply to this post if interested. Send an email to: ffchamporbust@gmail.com Team Dynamos 1 Cousins, Kirk Dalton, Andy Lauletta, Kyle Taylor, Tyrod Clement, Corey Coleman, Tevin Fournette, Leonard Riddick, Theo Turbin, Robert Edelman, Julian Evans, Mike Garcon, Pierre Hilton, T.Y. Jones, Julio Matthews, Rishard Meredith, Cameron Pettis, Dante Samuel, Curtis Stills, Kenny Everett, Gerald Herndon, Chris Jarwin, Blake Paul, Niles 23 Injured Reserve Ajayi, Jay Henry, Hunter Seferian-Jenkins, Austin JAC TE (I) 20.50 9 3 Total Players on IR Taxi Squad St. Brown, Equanimeous Fumagalli, Troy 2 Total Players on Taxi Squad Future draft picks: 2019 2.03, 3.03, 4.03, 5.03 3.11 from Existence is Pain Team Dynamos 2 Flacco, Joe Ryan, Matt Wentz, Carson Abdullah, Ameer Blount, LeGarrette Howard, Jordan Ivory, Chris Jones, Ronald Murray, Latavius Peterson, Adrian Diggs, Stefon Hopkins, DeAndre Hurns, Allen Marshall, Brandon Nelson, Jordy Patterson, Cordarrelle Thomas, Michael Williams, Chad Doyle, Jack Gesicki, Mike 20 Total Players Injured Reserve Lynch, Marshawn Richardson, Paul Williams, Terrance 3 Total Players on IR Taxi Squad Moore, J'Mon Thomas, Ian 2 Total Players on Taxi Squad Future draft picks: 2019 4.07, 5.07 2019 2.02 from Blouses Team Hail 1 Bortles, Blake Brady, Tom Bridgewater, Teddy Manning, Eli Ryan, Matt Collins, Alex Cook, Dalvin Lynch, Marshawn Martin, Doug Murray, Latavius Powell, Bilal Richard, Jalen Turbin, Robert Washington, DeAndre Anderson, Robby Beasley, Cole Brown, Antonio Brown, John Garcon, Pierre Matthews, Rishard Thomas, Demaryius Williams, Terrance Cook, Jared Gathers, Rico Gronkowski, Rob 25 Total Players Taxi Squad Allen, Josh Andrews, Mark 2 Total Players on Taxi Squad Future draft picks: 2019 1.11, 2.11, 3.11, 4.11, 5.11 Team Goal 1 Rivers, Philip Stafford, Matthew Allen, Javorius Blount, LeGarrette Carson, Chris Crowell, Isaiah Jackson, Justin McGuire, Elijah McNichols, Jeremy Miller, Lamar Samuels, Jaylen Scott, Boston Crabtree, Michael Fountain, Daurice Hill, Tyreek Jones, Marvin Tate, Golden Taylor, Trent Watkins, Sammy Gates, Antonio Graham, Jimmy Bryant, Matt Tucker, Justin Bills, Buffalo Def Packers, Green Bay GBP Def 25 Total Players Injured Reserve Grant, Corey Cain, Deon 2 Total Players on IR Taxi Squad Watson, Justin Fumagalli, Troy 2 Total Players on Taxi Squa Future draft picks: 2019 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Team Zone 1 Foles, Nick Newton, Cam Stafford, Matthew Bell, Le'Veon Bibbs, Kapri Kamara, Alvin Perine, Samaje Powell, Bilal Richard, Jalen Bourne, Kendrick Cole, Keelan Marshall, Brandon Nelson, Jordy Robinson, Allen Sanders, Emmanuel Stills, Kenny White, Kevin Green, Virgil Watson, Ben 19 Total Players Injured Reserve Wilson, Albert Dissly, Will 2 Total Players on IR Taxi Squad Barrett, J.T. Berrios, Braxton St. Brown, Equanimeous 3 Total Players on Taxi Squad Future draft picks: 2019 4.03, 5.03 2019 4.07 from Smashdowns Team All-Star 1 Brady, Tom Fitzpatrick, Ryan Watson, Deshaun Ajayi, Jay Bell, Le'Veon Booker, Devontae Lynch, Marshawn Ridley, Stevan Scarbrough, Bo Thompson, Chris Williams, Kerwynn Amendola, Danny Baldwin, Doug Berrios, Braxton Fitzgerald, Larry Fuller, Will Ginn Jr. Ridley, Calvin Ross, John Scott, Jaleel Smith, Torrey Sutton, Courtland Dickson, Ed Ertz, Zach Graham, Jimmy Hooper, Austin James, Jesse 27 Total Players Taxi Squad Edmonds, Chase Smith, Tre'Quan St. Brown, Equanimeous 3 Total Players on Taxi Squad Future draft picks: 2019 1.01, 2.01, 3.01, 4.01, 5.01
  2. Looking for any dynasty ppr leagues being held on myfantasyleague. Email me at ffchamporbust@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. MyFantasyLeague 12-team dynasty ppr startup

    We still have 6 spots to fill. Email me at ffchamporbust@gmail.com
  4. Like the subject says, I'm organizing a 12-team ppr dynasty startup on myfantasyleague.com I'm still setting up the league, but I wanted to begin looking for managers now. Here's the basics: $50 per year league dues Veteran draft is held first, then rookie Email slow-style draft 12 teams 25 roster spots 3 IR 3 Taxi No kicker, no defense No conferences, no divisions Top 6 teams go to playoffs GroupMe will be required for all owners to communicate for chat and trade talk That's the basics. I'll have bylaws completed by the weekend. Please email ffchamporbust@gmail.com if interested. The only thing I absolutely, positively, 100% stress that is mandatory for this league is you have to be an involved owner. Thanks and hope to hear from people soon!
  5. $25 Yahoo redraft no IDP Leaguesafe.

    One more owner needed. Drafts Sept 3
  6. I have a $50 dynasty .5 ppr league hosted on myfantasyleague.com. We had a manager bail in the second round and we need someone to replace them ASAP! If you take over the team, you'll have the 4th pick and you're team already consists of Julio Jones and L. McCoy. Right now the draft is paused on this team's pick. Hence why I need someone willing to take it over. Please respond to ffchamporbust@gmail.com.
  7. $25 Yahoo redraft no IDP Leaguesafe.

    Still couple more spots. Draft was pushed back to Sept 3. ffchamporbust@gmail.com
  8. $25 Yahoo redraft no IDP Leaguesafe.

    Draft is tomorrow. We still need to fill this league. Email me at ffchamporbust@gmail.com with the subject Yahoo
  9. $25 Yahoo redraft no IDP Leaguesafe.

    We draft Sunday and we have a bunch of spots available. Email me with the subject Yahoo if interested.
  10. $50 MyFantasyLeague startup dynasty 12-team

    Got several spots left. Need owners ASAP.
  11. $25 Yahoo redraft no IDP Leaguesafe.

    5 spots left. Need owners ASAP.
  12. $25 Yahoo redraft no IDP Leaguesafe.

    Still recruiting