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  1. Greetings, all! I'm the commissioner of a league that's dying. We've played for six years now, but it's gotten to the point where some of the members don't update their rosters after the first few weeks, and only about half of the league actively participates throughout the season. Those of us that still participate have decided we want to create a new league by getting rid of the non-participants and merging with another league out there that's in a similar situation. If you're interested, DM me or reply below so that we can make arrangements. We're a group of 5 enthusiastic non-a$$hole 30-somethings who live spread across the east coast and just want to enjoy fantasy football in a fun, competitive environment. Trash talk? Definitely. Terrible puns? Of course. I mean, really bad puns. Consider yourself warned. We use a traditional ESPN redraft league with a $20 buy-in, non-PPR, but If you're passionate about a different rule set or league structure, we're pretty open. We just want to enjoy fantasy football again. Cheers, -Ben