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  1. I've got a free 14 team Yahoo Sports Keeper League, that has some spots open. It's an Auto-Pick Draft, Head to Head Match Ups. Follow the link if you're interested, if you're not and you don't mind feel free to share the link with anyone that you would know that is interested. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1095582/invitation?key=46e9d12d85356009&ikey=508d0e0807dc4973
  2. My name is Mikey Lewis and I'm looking for some owners to join my Yahoo Sports Football league. It's an auto-pick draft, my schedule is way too crazy for a live draft. It's fun, head to head competition, here's the link if there is interest https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1095582/invitation?key=46e9d12d85356009&ikey=508d0e0807dc4973
  3. Looking for a league

    I have a free Yahoo Sports Auto-Draft league if you are interested. Need a replacement owner, the draft is set for Monday.
  4. Looking for Owners

    If you're just looking to have some competitive fun, I have a free Yahoo Sports 14 team Auto-Draft League, that needs a replacement owner. Are you interested? mikeylewis870@yahoo.com
  5. football league

    Would you be interested in joining my league. It's a free Yahoo Sports 14 team Auto-Draft League, we are drafting on Monday and I just had someone e-mail me and say that they wanted out. Would be glad to have you, if you're interested. E-mail me back at mikeylewis870@yahoo.com, if you are. Thanks.
  6. I have a FREE Yahoo Sports AUTO-DRAFT league. And I am looking for a replacement owner. We are a fun competitive league and we are drafting on Monday. Dude, just contacted me yesterday and said he wanted out. So if anyone is interested e-mail me at mikeylewis870@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  7. I'm searching for a ESPN League

    Hey, I'm looking to replace an owner on my Yahoo Sports league, it is an auto-draft and we are drafting on Monday. We are real competitive, we love trash talking and I personally love to wheel and deal with my team. Reply me back if you are interested.
  8. Hey Brax, I just e-mailed the invite to your g-mail account, I hoped it worked for you. Contact me back at mikeylewis870@yahoo.com, if it doesn't work. Only one spot left and I've got like 60 other invites out there circulating. Thanks for the interest.
  9. I've got a free Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football League, it's an auto-draft league, because we are all too busy to do a live draft. Originally I had 10 people, but one guy dropped out, so I got 2 more to join in, but I need an even number to draft. Follow the link if you are interested. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/31831/invitation?key=6a5c14cef757622b&ikey=62c8c1c9a5fb8d10
  10. Free Yahoo Keeper League

    Is this a live draft league or an auto-pick?