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  1. Which started it all........

    I thought it was collusion if there was a premeditated agreement between owners to do that. If its individual owners doing it (one owner has no idea the other owners did the same)...its not collusion. Than again, Im not in the legal profession. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Ricky Williams interview

    LiL10(s)ArEaJoKe, that was quite an eye opener. Scary but educational...does it somewhere say where you got the info? I'd appreciate the reference/link to pass on to others or just for future reference. Thanks!
  3. b. griese d. davis c. dillon l. evens e. parker d. bennett
  4. Cancelling out your opponent's QB points

    I'm a newbie to the that being said... I like seeing the voter results. That just tells it all without all the banter (Although banter has more entertaining value) And 2 cents more... Isnt this like the classic debates of which drafting strategies are better? Every one has, or should have a strategy going into the draft. BUT, it all could change once it starts. Same discussion here in that week 1, looking at a team you are playing against, maybe you do subconciously pick a WR to attempt to twart his QB efforts, but as a strategy, can it be used every week? What if he has two decent QBs on his roster, and you go thru all that analysis, and he just put the Trent Green out there to dupe you. IE He changes lineups 1 minute before game time to Brees? Now commence the newbie pounding...